Make the right choice! Take your fleet into a new direction where the road is much safer, your drivers and cargo better protected, while you're saving green in your wallet and in our environment!   Welcome to HTS Systems Lock N Roll, LLC.  Hand Truck Transport Solutions   After years of refinement,  the new HTS Ultra-Rack is finally here!!   The Hand Truck Sentry System is a new hand truck safety rack that streamlines the process of loading, unloading and storing a hand truck aboard commercial delivery vehicles.   Saving a driver a minute or more during each delivery stop X 30 stops per day = a labor cost savings of 2.5 hours per week!  Any delivery driver who rushes back off-route in a hurry to retrieve their forgotten hand truck is no longer a safe driver, they instantly become a liability!  The HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System is a quick lock, safe transport tool that completely revolutionizes the loading, unloading and storage tasks of delivery drivers using hand trucks on route! The HTS is safer, faster and easier than any other hand truck retaining method. Your route drivers will become attached in 2-3 days and their hand trucks in 2-3 seconds!  Unmatched safety, rock solid design and the latest built-in ergonomics makes the new HTS Ultra-Rack a must-have!  Remember your hand truck every time!  Save Time, Fuel and Money!  We may be new... but we have earned the approval of company owners, fleet managers and route drivers from across the country!  Just call and ask any of our HTS Ultra-Rack customers! The HTS can solve all of your hand truck problems on route. Your hand truck is always ready when you need it and out of your way when you don't.  The HTS Ultra-Rack was designed to deliver.  It's Here!... the new HTS-20S Swing Mount is designed for commercial delivery vans!  Equip your Sprinter Vans and Ford Commercial vans with the rear mounting HTS-20S Ultra-Rack. The HTS-20S is faster, easier and safer than inside storage and loading. Increase your Ford or Sprinter van payload capacity, reduce delivery time and freight damage, order today!    Start increasing your driver's route productivity, reduce delivery time and your monthly fuel expenses!  Order the powered HTS Ultra-Rack System for your route trucks today!   Please contact our HTS Systems' customer service center so we may direct you to a Hand Truck Sentry System (HTS) distributor within your local area. We apologize for any delays with your orders, the market demand for the HTS Ultra-Rack has surpassed our vendor lead times. We will process your orders as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience.   Material Handling and Truck Accessory Distributors welcome, please contact our Scranton facility for HTS volume pricing and marketing material available to qualified distributors.  Limited distributorships available,  for more information call toll free:  1-866 388-2102.   THE HAND TRUCK SENTRY SYSTEM IS THE ROUTE DISTRIBUTION HAND TRUCK TRANSPORT SOLUTION!!

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 Equip your route delivery vehicles with the fuel, time, labor and money saving HTS Ultra-Rack NewHand Truck

 Sentry System for hand trucks! Lost, stolen and damaged hand trucks, wasted fuel and lost route time is now

 history! Prevent accidents, increase your payload requirements, worker productivity and route safety today!

  Save Fuel No Retrievals!     Save Fuel Less Idle Time!    Save Fuel Hold The Cold!    Save Fuel FaVT Hackney Beverage Bodies - Freightliner M2ster Deliveries


 Welcome to HTS Systems, manufacturer of the patented HTS Ultra Rack/Hand Truck Sentry System.

 The patented HTS Ultra-Rack® is the safest, fastest, easiest and most economical method for securing

 and transporting hand trucks aboard commercial delivery vehicles. The electronic powered Hand Truck

 Sentry® or (HTS) uses a cab dash (electrical) release system for quick access of the hand truck. The dash

 release switch includes an LED indicator light with alarm, to confirm the HTS Ultra-Rack® is safely locked.

 Your drivers will never drive-off without their hand trucks again!  Go Green and Save Green!

 The HTS Ultra-Rack is made in the United States and manufactured in an environmentally friendly solar powered facility.


 The HTS Ultra-Rack® uses automotive electronic latch technology similar to powered door locks with a  

 built-in warning system used on service utility trucks. The Food Service and Beverage Industry, Parcel and

 Freight Companies and Armored Car Fleets can now take advantage of: The World's Ultimate Logistics

 Advantage for Hand Trucks! If your route drivers use hand trucks to move merchandise and you're 

 looking for new and faster methods to save fuel, reduce costs, save and increase profits, then you need  

 our HTS Ultra-Rack/Hand Truck Sentry System today! Fleets can save thousands in fuel costs!


 Images courtesy of LT Verrastro Coors Distributing Scranton, PA - Freightliner Corporation Portland OR., VT Hackney and

 Kidron a Division of VT Specialized Vehicles Corporation Washington, NC. - Keystone Refinishing Madisonville, Pennsylvania

 Piece of Cake Rahway, NJ. - Dillon Floral Supply Dunmore PA. - Atlas Distributing Clarks Summit PA. - Willow Run Foods

  Ryder Truck Freightliner Columbia tractor

Ford F350 pick-up truck - Peice of Cake Rahway, NJ.

Ford E250 Delivery Van - HTS-20S Ultra-Rack

Rhino's Energy Drink  GMC C7500  Morgan Truck Body












              No vehicle is too small or too large for your HTS Ultra-Rack application!!HTS Ultra-Rack dash release switch with LED indicator light

HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System    hand truck lock  Banko North Beverage  Mack Truck MS250 cab-over

  The HTS safely transports most commercial delivery hand trucks.  Image courtesy of Banko Beverage, Miller Distributor - PA.     Image courtesy of Sherwood Freightliner Sterling - Dunmore, PA.

  Mack Truck MS250 cab-over Miller Lite beverage truck using the HTS-10T Tilt Mount Ultra-Rack, locking a Magliner commercial aluminum hand truck.

 "The Hand Truck Sentry System streamlines the process of loading, unloading and storing hand trucks aboard commercial delivery vehicles." 

   Joanne Hayes-Rines - EDITOR - Inventor's Digest - Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA - MAY 2006

 We may be new... but we have earned the approval of company owners, fleet managers and route drivers 

  from across the country. Just call and ask any of our HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System customers!  Freightliner M2  Deka Batteries  Morgan Truck Body

  Remember your hand truck every time, all the time!  

  Never waste fuel, route time or labor costs to retrieve hand trucks!

  The HTS Ultra-Rack automatically informs the driver when 

  their hand truck is not loaded properly and safely aboard!  

  You can find our HTS Ultra-Rack products on all types of delivery 

  trucks throughout the Northeast, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Alabama,

  Tennessee, Colorado, Arizona, California and Northwest to 

  Fairbanks, Alaska. After seven years on the road, 5-6 days per week

  and thousands of cycles later, our first installation units still look and

  operate like new! The HTS Ultra-Rack® is built tough and made to

  last! The electronic Hand Truck Sentry System® hand truck

  safety rack attaches to most route delivery vehicles and safely

  transports your hand trucks with more efficiency than ever before, 

  with faster and easier access! It's practically effortless access!


  Image courtesy of Deka Batteries - East Penn Manufacturing Company  

  Lyon Station, Pennsylvania and Freightliner Corporation - Portland, Oregon

 "We're very happy with the way our hand truck Ultra-Rack units are working, if not... you would have heard from us!"



   B&P Manufacturing - Deka Batteries

  Images courtesy of East Penn Manufacturing Co. Deka Batteries, Volvo Trucks and B&P Liberator battery hand trucks. HTS-10T Ultra-Rack with B&P Manufacturing Liberator battery hand truck.

  This new 2011 Volvo D13 is equipped with an HTS-10T Ultra-Rack front mount unit and the new HTS-KRA Keyless Remote Access. The KRA allows quick access using a keychain remote button.

  East Penn Manufacturing (Deka Battery) is constantly moving forward, innovating and exploring new vehicle designs, safety products and productivity enhancement devices to add to their fleet

  equipment. HTS Systems is proud to work with East Penn Manufacturing - Deka Battery over the past 4 years. Their proactive suggestions helped us to make design improvements to our products. 

      The HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System quickly pays for itself while it increases the efficiency, the safety and the profitability of your delivery system by:

  Reducing the time of each and every delivery stop by increasing the ease of access, storage and retrieval of the hand truck, consistently reducing labor costs.

  Reducing the liability of the company resulting from hand trucks falling from delivery vehicles during transportation, reducing insurance costs and protecting brand image.

  Reducing the likelihood of injuries to the route driver due to insecure or unsafe handling and retrieval actions, thereby preventing workmen’s compensation claims.

  Reducing the time lost by having to return to the previous delivery stop to retrieve the lost or forgotten hand truck, thereby lowering fuel expenses and labor costs.

  Reducing the damage to packages and other fragile merchandise due to loose hand trucks bouncing around within the cargo area, thereby lowering freight claims.

  Reducing bacterial or hazmat cross-contamination contact of product cargo, customer delivery locations thereby preventing illness, liability and insurance costs.

  Reducing costly temperature loss and fuel expenses by reducing open door time and total number of entries within refrigerated or cold plate food service truck bodies.

  Reducing the chance of hand truck theft or damage and merchandise theft from unattended or unlocked delivery vehicles, while providing a superior theft deterrent.

  Reducing the loss of valuable cargo space when transporting a hand truck within the vehicle interior, thereby increasing the vehicle's payload and storage efficiency.

  Reducing the total operating costs of each commercial delivery vehicle by enhancing ergonomics, safety and route productivity, thereby reducing time and liability!

  No matter what make or model of delivery truck you operate, there's an HTS Ultra-Rack unit ready for you! 

  Our fleet customers equip their HTS units on electric vehicles, pickup trucks, delivery vans, straight trucks, beverage trailers and large semi-tractors!

  Vehicles with hand trucks transported safely, readily accessible and without taking up valuable cargo space is a smart ergonomic and fiscal decision.

  Investing in safety and productivity fleet equipment can save delivery companies thousands of dollars annually and also protect your brand image!

  Buying a new delivery truck? Contact your truck sales representative; available at major truck body manufacturers and commercial leasing companies!

Coors Light Freightliner M2  GMC Truck  Navistar 4200

  Image courtesy of LT Verrastro, Inc. 375 North 7th Avenue Scranton, PA. 18503 P.L.C.B. ID 864 Coors Distributing, Freightliner Corporation, GMC Trucks and International Navistar.     10-2008

  "The HTS significantly improves the productivity and performance of our route operations and our hand trucks always come home!" 


  "I love this hand truck holder! I've had it for over two years and when I don't have my truck, I miss it!

    Jerry CHimil - route driver - LT Verrastro Importing MillerCoors Distributing - Scranton, Pennsylvania - customer 4 years - September 2010


 Durdach Bros. MillerCoors Distributors

  Image courtesy of Doug Billig Fleet Manager - Durdach Bros. Distributors - Paxinos, Pennsylvania and Keystone Refinishing - Madisonville, Pennsylvania - HTS-30D Direct Mount Ultra-Rack 06-11

  "The HTS hand truck rack works great! It's tough enough to survive a forklift collision! We've ordered more HTS-30D units and rear camera systems.

    Doug Billig - Fleet Supervisor 14 years - Durdach Bros. MILLerCOORS distributors - PAXINOS, Pennsylvania - customer 5 years - JUNE 2010

  Where and how a route driver transports a hand truck aboard a vehicle can make a huge impact on worker safety, route productivity and profitability.

  Now order the HTS with a customized B&P Liberator hand truck as apart of your new vehicle options list; incorporating both into your truck lease plan.

 Interstate Battery of Allentown Interstate Batteries Kenworth T300 route trucks

  Images courtesy of Richard Mummey - Interstate Battery of Allentown. Route drivers Rick Smith and Jeff Jones display their Kenworth delivery trucks equipped w/HTS-10T Ultra-Racks.   02-12

  "I encourage you to take a good look at it. These units save us time and effort daily. The nice part is the unit comes with a key remote the RSM can

    activate while approaching the vehicle." RICHARD MUMMEY - Interstate Battery of Allentown - Walnutport, Pennsylvania - CUSTOMER 4 YEARS - FEBRUARY 2012



  Images courtesy of Interstate Battery of Allentown - Ford E250 heavy duty cargo van with HTS-20SFE Ultra-Rack.  B&P Liberator battery hand truck locked safely aboard HTS-20SFE unit. 3-14



   Dodge RAM ProMaster cargo parcel delivery van with HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack unit securing B&P Liberator junior.  B&P Manufacturing's B&P Liberator junior convertible hand truck locked on.



   HTS Systems' HTS-20S Ultra-Rack trailer hitch receiver mounts to any standard class 3, 2" inch trailer hitch.  HTS-20S Ultra-Rack unit swings outward in seconds to clear driver-side rear door.



   Ford Transit 250 commercial parcel cargo delivery van with HTS-20SFT unit.  HTS Systems new trailer hitch receiver unit mounts to any standard class 3, 2" inch trailer hitch in just minutes.



  Ford Transit parcel delivery van equipped with HTS Systems' cargo van equipment hand truck carrier rack.     HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack hand truck carrier rack equipped on Ford Transit mini van.


 T. Verrastro Distributing Inc.- HTS Systems' Hand Truck Sentry

  Image courtesy of T. Verrastro Distributing, Inc. of West Hazelton, Pennsylvania - Fox Ledge Spring Water Company - Eclipse Fleet Service - Group Hesse Beverage Bodies                 07-21-2012

  "Your HTS hand truck carrier racks are the best thing out there, when we bought them; we knew it would take-off around the country!"  

    Thom Verrastro JR. - T Verrastro Distributing, Incorporated - West Hazelton Pennsylvania - CUSTOMER 5 YEARS - July 2012



  Images courtesy of Banko Beverage - HTS Systems' Ford E350 cargo van electric hand truck carrier rack.         B&P Manufacturing B&P Liberator beverage hand truck locked safely aboard van.


 Piece of Cake Frozen Specialties Ford F350  Ford F350 Diesel ice cream delivery truck 

  Images courtesy of Piece of Cake Frozen Specialties of Rahway, New Jersey.  9-2012   Ford F350 Super Duty pick-up trucks with HTS-10T Hand Truck Sentry System securing hand trucks.

  Ford F350 equipped with new HTS-APS09 Boss snow plow frame mounting bracket.     Piece of Cake Frozen Specialties of Rahway, NJ. has been an HTS Systems customer for over five years.

  "I ordered your Hand Truck Sentry strictly out of necessity, there was no location to store a hand truck safely aboard my smaller pick up trucks.

  "Once we used them we noticed we were saving time, effort and cargo space! Your products are GREAT, they’re easier and safer.”

  “I would recommend your HTS products to anyone!" Jim Binaris - OWNER - customer for over 5 years. - September 2012

   Ford Tranist Connect cargo van with HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack

  Images courtesy of Gibbons Ford Dickson City, PA. and Ford Motor Company - Ford Transit van.     HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack unit swings open beyond 90° and to 180° to allow full open door access.

  No matter how or where you store a hand truck inside a cargo van, it takes up valuable cargo space, damages product, requires physical effort and can cause work related injuries. Not Anymore



  HTS-20SFT maximizes cargo space in cargo vans, reduces product damage and decreases delivery time.  HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack is compatible with most commercial hand trucks models.



  Ford Transit Connect commercial min cargo van equipped with HTS Systems' HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack holding B&P hand truck.   B&P Liberator hand truck locked safe and secure aboard Transit.

  The HTS-20SFT unit offers numerous advantages for food service companies looking to reduce operating costs such as; route delivery time, fuel expenses, worker injuries, 

  product damage and freight claims. Food service companies using refrigerated vans in warmer southern climates and during the hot summer months will receive a super 

  payback benefit savings! Reducing cargo temperature loss means less fuel usage, less wear and tear and less maintenance. Fleets can save $25-$35 dollars of fuel per

  week, per van! The HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack application is a smart, safe and productive method and also looks great on the van! Route drivers can now stop shuffling and

  cross-handling their hand trucks above and around their cargo to access the vehicle or products. No more extracting the hand trucks to the ground to access a single

  box, no wasted route time, reduce labor costs, less physical effort, also prevent work related injuries. Our Hand Truck Sentry System models can pay for themselves in

  6-8 months and save fleets thousands! Route delivery time, cargo space, labor costs, freight claims, vehicle maintenance and equipment loss is Money!



  Images courtesy of UMH University of Missouri Health Care in Columbia, MO. - Ford Transit Connect mini parcel delivery vans equipped HTS-20SFT Ford Transit Ultra-Rack units.             11-2014

 StrongPak Stericycle Navistar DuraStar - Utilimaster Truck Body  Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodiy

 Image of StrongPak Stericycle Navistar DuraStar MaxxForce series with HTS-10T Tilt Mount Ultra-Rack. HTS-30D Direct Mount with HTS-VDM (Vertical Deck Mount) for 18-20" inch rear decks.

  HTS-10T Tilt Mount units installed by Utilimaster Corporation and distributed by IDG Industrial Distribution Group. HTS-VDM displayed on Johnson's Refrigerated Bodies cold plate freezer truck.


 Ryder Freightliner Cascadia with HTS-30DTF-2  B&P Liberator hand trucks locked aboard HTS-30DTF-2

  Images courtesy of Ryder Truck and McLane Distribution Services. HTS-30DTF-2 units with load lock bar carrier. B&P Liberator hand trucks, Magliner curb ramp and load lock bars secured.


 Ryder Truck Volvo with HTS-30DTF-2 unit.  B&P Liberator hand trucks / Magliner curb ramp / Kinedyne load locks

  Volvo Ryder Truck with HTS-30DTF-2 Ultra-Rack unit securing B&P Liberator hand trucks.       B&P Liberator hand trucks, Magliner ABS curb ramp and Kinedyne load lock bars safely locked.

 HTS-CC Cone Cradle traffic safety cone deployment system for deliveries.


 HTS Systems' HTS-CC Cone Cradle has been met with an incredible amount of excitement and enthusiasm by fleet professionals, truck body manufactures and route  

 delivery drivers. The HTS-CC is a safer, easier and faster method, requiring less physical effort, zero climbing, reduce liability and reduce bacterial cross-contamination.

 Route delivery drivers can now quickly zone-off a work area, create a safe perimeter, warn motorists and pedestrians and pack-up traffic safety cones in just seconds!

 Whether it's a road side delivery, parking lot delivery or loading dock delivery, the new HTS-CC Cone Cradle reduces accidents, collisions, worker injuries, property

 damage, corporate liability and insurance costs! Using the new HTS Cone Cradle with the Three Cone Safety Policy allows route drivers to get it done safer, faster and

 easier, especially in bad weather! The easier it is to accomplish the task, the more likely drivers will follow safety protocol. The driver can quickly-safely deploy three

 safety cones in under 12 seconds. A safe handy asset in bad weather! Travels safe and prevents bounce out from road potholes, bridge expansion joints, snow-plow spray

 force and aerodynamic vacuum. The HTS-CC is an all-weather and all-climate carrier. The HTS-CC makes safety cone deployment easier, faster and much safer.



 HTS Systems' new HTS-CC Cone Cradle traffic safety cone deployment system allows route delivery drivers to access and stow safety cones faster, easier and safer. Deploy cones in just seconds.

 The unit comes down and slightly outward to the operator, without extending beyond the box truck or trailer body. Which means drivers don’t have to stick their head

 under a wet or dirty truck or stick their back-side out into oncoming traffic. Operated by a very quick touch and feel action, it’s much safer, faster and easier access.

 Most importantly; no need to take your eyes off busy traffic flow when accessing or stowing safety cones! The new three cone policy, placing a safety cone at the rear  

 creates a safer work cushion when working off the back with ramps or liftgates; particularly in the dark. A second cone, mid-way on the driver-side alerts motorist that

 a delivery worker may suddenly appear. The third front cone prevents trucks from becoming boxed in, warns driver to re-load cones and reduces loading dock collisions

 from other rigs backing into warehouses and stores. The new Cone Cradle traffic safety cone carrier rack eliminates dangerous cab interior storage, physical climbing,

 fall injuries and bacterial cross-contamination in food areas. It automatically latches when the handle is pulled upward, it can also can receive a standard padlock for

 trailer drops and overnight hotel parking. It is rugged, weather resistant and zero-maintenance! The safest, fastest and easiest deployment and stowing method for safety 

 cones. Payback on our safety cone equipment is 4-6 months, installation time is approximately 8-10 minutes after the first unit. Last year we made significant 

 improvements to the Cone Cradle, without increasing the price! The attachment fasteners, linkage control bolts, pull pin and spring barrel are all made from stainless steel.

 The welded steel tubular frame is also e-coated on the inside to reduce internal corrosion and we use oil impregnated brass bushings on the moving linkage parts.


 YouTube Player YouTube demo video: http://youtu.be/iqZfe4Vrn2k HTS Systems’ new HTS-CC Cone Cradle traffic safety cone deployment system is world's safest, fastest and easiest!

 HTS-CC Cone Cradle traffic safety cone deployment system $ 210.00 each. Distributor and fleet pricing available, please contact our customer service for more information.

 Many food service, freight and delivery companies are implemeting new standard operating procedures (SOP's) using the HTS-CC Cone Cradle traffic safety cone deployment

 system, to reduce accidents, worker injuries, vehicle damage, liability, insurance claims and law suits. Three Traffic Cone Safety Policy example: SOP 6.4.4 Three Traffic

 Safety Cones Policy PDF (Delivery and pick-up safety protocols - for all box trucks and semi trailer route drivers) courtesy of JCM Manufacturing. Available for safety teams.


 Mitsubishi Fuso F180 Canter with HTS-10T Ultra-Rack  B&P Liberator hand truck aboard Mitsubishi Fuso F180

  Images of Mitsubishi Fuso Canter F180 chassis with Morgan Truck Body and B&P Liberator.    Mitsubishi Fuso F180 with HTS-10T Tilt Mount Hand Truck Sentry System locking B&P hand truck.


 Damian's Ice Cream - Pensacola, Florida  HTS Systems' HTS-VDM mounting bracket  Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream truck

  Images courtesy of Damian's Ice Cream and Morgan Corporation. HTS-VDM vertical deck mount bracket for rear landing platforms.  Häagen-Dazs Magnum Ice Cream truck with HTS-30D unit.

  Many food service refrigerated fleet customers understand how difficult it can be to reduce the open door time, the amount of times a driver must enter or work inside.

  The most crucial time event is the trip back to the vehicle, before departure. The last trip to the vehicle is the longest peroid of time because drivers check-in their delivery,

  often help stock coolers, rotate inventory, sign bills and wait for payments. During this 10-15 minute time period, most delivery truck reefer units will recover operating

  temperature and shut-off. The driver then approaches the freezer or refrigerated truck body, opens the rear or side door, the door seals often create a vacuum and cold

  air drops outward. The driver loads the sun warmed or building heated hand truck back into the cargo area, closes the door, forcing warm air into the recovered freezer.

  When the ambient is above 76° degrees, this prematurely activates the thermostats to recover cargo temperature for 5-8 minutes. Five minutes of reefer time X 20 stops

  per day equals 100 minutes or over 1.5 hours of reefer run time per day. Most truck refrigeration systems use about one gallon of fuel per hour. This translates to a fuel 

  savings of $5-6 dollars per day, $25-30 dollars per week or $100 per month! The HTS also reduces physical effort, injuries, hand truck reload trime. route time and labor!

  Our HTS Systems delivery vehicle equipment can quickly pay for itself in only 6-8 months and save food service delivery fleets thousands of dollars annually!!



 Ford F350 refrigerated pickup truck with HTS-20SF350  HTS Systems' HTS-20SF350 Swing Mount Ultra-Rack  Ford F350 Hand Truck Sentry System

  Images courtesy of South Side Seafood & Piece of Cake Frozen Specialties.    HTS-20SF350 Hitch Swing Mount Ultra-Rack.  B&P Liberator commercial hand truck locked safely aboard Ford F350.

  HTS-20SF350 tow hitch receiver swing mount is designed for the rear of commercial pickup trucks using refrigerated truck bodies. Designed for the rear of refrigerated

  food service delivery vehicles, this new HTS application saves cargo temperature, route time, valuable cargo space, prevents worker injuries, product damage and

  bacterial cross-contamination. The new HTS-20SF350 unit reduces reefer recovery run time, physical effort, thereby saving thousands in fuel and labor costs annually!

 The HTS Ultra-Rack saves a route driver a minute or more per delivery stop, that's about 2.5 hours per week!

  For one delivery vehicle over a 4 year time period = $4,800 dollars in labor + $400 in fuel savings + $300 in hand truck replacements = $5,500 dollars!

  It's simple; save a minute per stop X 30 stops per day = 600 mins. per month or 120 hours per year X $10 per hour = $1,200 dollars in annual savings!

  Include additional payload cargo area, less freight claims damage, less driver injuries, reduced DOT fines, reduced liability and insurance costs = $2,000

  every 4 years! Add it up, $5,500 dollars + $2,000 = $7,500 dollars per delivery vehicle over a 4 year time period! Save approximately $1,875 dollars

  every year, per delivery vehicle! Prevent a workmen's compensation injury claim or an expensive liability lawsuit and well... you get the point!

  Industry Overview Summary: Workmen's Compensation Ergonomics Cross-contamination Corporate Liability Insurance Costs Risk Management

  The average cost for an MRI scan is $1,500 dollars, the average Workmen's Compensation claim is $15,000 dollars and the average legal liability lawsuit

  settlement for businesses is $150,000 dollars! The HTS completely revolutionizes route safety and worker productivity, while reducing corporate risk!

  Reducing physical climbing, lifting and lowering can reduce back injuries, tripping and falls; thereby decreasing risk, worker injuries and insurance costs!

  Any driver who rushes back (off-route) in a hurry to retrieve their forgotten hand truck is no longer a safe driver, they instantly become a liability!

  Unsanitary and deplorable events often occur in alleys, service entrances and parking lots of night clubs and restaurants in the early morning hours.

  Hand trucks travel across filthy sidewalks, through mud puddles, near leaking dumpsters, public rest rooms, dirty coolers and oily loading dock areas.

  Manually lifting hand trucks aboard food service delivery vehicles increases the likelihood of transferring hazardous ground source bacteria from tires, 

  onto work uniforms and hands, onto food cartons. This cross-contamination increases the possibility of salmonella, E. coli and Listeria bacteria illness!

  Cross-contamination of bacteria, chemicals and dirt onto food products and sanitary medical supplies can be reduced when transporting hand trucks

  out and away from products. Hand trucks often transfer contaminates into food refrigeration vehicles or track out chemicals or spread disease from

  hazardous shipments. The HTS reduces hand truck tires and load plate surfaces from retransferring contaminates to customer locations and products.

  Reduce fuel consumption for refrigeration-freezer units by retaining temperature in food service trucks; reduce total entries and open-door time!

  Prevent warm hand trucks from acting as a heating element, prevent temperature loss, thermostat activation, saving reefer fuel in warmer climates!


  It’s nearly impossible to control the length of time or the number of times a refrigeration cargo door is opened during a delivery stop. Many refrigerated truck bodies have shut-off switches that

  prevent the reefer unit from running while the cargo door remains open. This option can save energy and can lower fuel costs; however it does not prevent expensive temperature loss. Often the

  final return trip back to the truck can be the most important when trying to retain cargo temperature! After the driver gets his delivery checked in, rotates and stocks their customer order, signs

  bill and receives payment. This time can average 10-15 minutes; ample time for most thermostat controls to recover their safe operating temperature and properly shut down. The driver then exits

  the building and must reload their hand truck aboard the vehicle. Opening the freezer door pulls the cold air outward and closing the door pushes the warmer air inward. This action results in major

  internal temperature loss! Refrigeration companies informed us that if the ambient temperature is 75-80° degrees or above, this would cause the reefer system thermostat to recover for

  approximately 5-8 minutes. Eliminating a 5-8 minute cycle time X 20 stops per day can save a minimum of 100 minutes of reefer time per day. Refrigeration manufacturers informed us that most

  refrigerated systems use a gallon of diesel fuel per hour. Preventing a fuel loss of 1.5 gallons per day X $4.25 per gallon can generate a savings of $6 dollars per day, $30 dollars per week or

  $120 per month, per delivery vehicle! Access and navigate the narrow aisle of freezers much safer, faster and easier when grabbing small orders. Save time, no moving or climbing over hand truck.

  Refrigerated truck body manufacturers using thermo cameras have discovered that metal hand trucks heat up quickly in warm weather and act as a heating element, triggering thermostat controls!

  What other investment could you possibly make in your company and truck fleet that will give you that large of a return and that type of protection?

  The Hand Truck Sentry is a hand truck safety rack, hand cart carrier, dolly cart rack or hand truck lock rack; whatever you call it, it's so much more!!

  The Hand Truck Sentry is the only material handling equipment and truck accessory that reduces route time, labor costs, climbing, injuries, workmen's

  compensation, product damage, freight claims, vehicle wear and liability. The only delivery tool that saves fuel, cargo space, hand trucks and money!

  The HTS is a hand truck safety rack that's safer, faster, easier; a one-handed method and patented solution that pays for itself over and over again!

  The ancient hand truck carrier racks of the past eventually fail and it usually occurs when the delivery truck is traveling. Often these types of failures

  result in catastrophic highway accidents, severe injuries and costly lawsuits and legal settlements.  http://www.handtrucksystems.com/press.htm

                                                                  VIDEO SOURCE: YOUTUBE.COM - DIRECT LINK CLICK HERE

  If you do not see a video cell above, click on the free download linkAdobe Flash Player version 10

Freightliner M2 Coors Light Mickey Beverage Trailer

  Images courtesy of LT Verrastro Coors Distributing Scranton, PA. - Keystone Refinishing & Sandblasting Madisonville, PA. - Freightliner Corporation OR. and Mickey Beverage Bodies NC.  4-07-10

  HTS-30D Direct Mount Ultra-Rack units with B&P Liberator and Wyse Carts beverage hand truck. M2 tractor with driver and helper HTS dash release switches and LED rear camera screen.

 HTS IDEC dash release switches and Brigade camera systems  HTS-30D Direct Mount Ultra-Racks 

 Safety and route productivity is a high priority for LT Verrastro Importing. Reducing accidents and saving route time with a rear camera system and HTS units has saved their business thousands.

 The HTS LED switch prevents the route driver from leaving their hand truck behind, saves route time, fuel, labor and prevents dangerous detachment.

 Pepsi Cola - Minges Bottling group - Ayden, North Carolina  Hackney Kidron VT SVC

  Images courtesy of Minges Bottling Group - Ayden, NC. and VT Specialized Vehicles Corporation - Washington, NC. Installation by VT Hackney Beverage and Kidron Refrigerated Truck Bodies 7-09

  Please contact your nearest VT Hackney Truck Body or Kidron Refrigerated Truck Body representative for pricing and installation locations. VT Hackney is an HTS Systems Ultra-Rack distributor.


 Sterling Acterra - Sterling Truck Freightliner Coporation  Mickey Beverage Bodies  B&P Manufacturing Liberator Hand Trucks

  Images courtesy of Durdach Bros. Distributing, Inc. Paxinos, Pennsylvania - Sterling Truck Corporation Portland, OR. - Mickey Beverage Bodies Highpoint, NC. and B&P Manufacturing Cadillac, MI.

  HTS-30D Direct Mount Ultra-Rack installation on this Molson Canadian Lager, Mickey Beverage Body was completed by Durdach Bros. Distributing fleet mechanics three years ago.             8-2010

  We can't stress enough; that if you're using rubber straps, bungee cords, cables, chains or any type of flexible tie-down method to secure your hand trucks aboard the

  exterior of your delivery trucks; PLEASE STOP IMMEDIATELY! We have seen the highway accidents, the property damage and the physical injuries. Your own insurance

  company can also verify and document our findings. It takes more time and it involves more lifting, reaching and climbing, if you don't have an HTS Ultra-Rack. If you don't,

  by all means, safely secure your hand truck within the cargo area. (as required by DOT safety regulations) Safety & Ergonomics in the Delivery Vehicle, an

  internet web site, public statement from Magline, Inc. manufacturer of Magliner hand trucks. "To avoid accidents and prevent damage to your hand truck, always make

  sure to fasten it securely inside your vehicle with a strap or other device." If you're storing the hand truck inside the vehicle, we couldn't agree more! It's a safety hazard

  and a DOT safety violation if you don't comply. Your driver could be cited and fined for not securing their hand truck! Many delivery companies are unaware of these vital

  Department of Transportation (inside storage) safety requirements. It's true the exterior of the delivery vehicle is a superior location, a more ergonomic method for storing

  and transporting your hand truck; if you do it safely! Make it a safer place out there for everyone, by ordering your new Hand Truck Sentry System today!


 Cold Motion - Cold Car Freezer Bodies Italy  HTS Ultra-Rack  UD Nissan Diesel Trucks 2300LP  General Truck Body

  Images courtesy of General Truck Body - Los Angeles, CA. - Rush Truck Centers - Fontana, CA. - UD Nissan Diesel America - Irving, Texas and Cold Car USA Freezer Truck Bodies - Italy    5-2009

  The UD Nissan fleet trucks shown above have the HTS-10T Tilt Mount Ultra-Rack (Hand Truck Sentry System) and Cold Car USA cold plate freezer body.

  Efficiency, productivity and safety is the mission of both Cold Car USA and HTS Systems. Deliveries get done safely, quickly and easily, every time!

  Truck chassis and body assemblers have chosen the HTS Ultra-Rack for completing their cold plate and freezer system applications. They realize that the HTS Ultra-Rack

  retains cold temperature, increases cargo space, fuel savings and worker (safety) productivity. The cold plate (freezer body) and HTS Ultra-Rack work very well together!

 Twisted Tea Kenworth beverage truck Kenworth T300 interior with HTS LED switch

  Images courtesy of LT Verrastro - Keystone Refinishing and US Truck Body of Streator, Illinois. Kenworth T300 cab interior with HTS LED IDEC hand truck release switch above camera screen.

  The new HTS-30DTF Tractor Frame Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System is now available for larger commercial semi-tractor trailer chassis models.

 Willow Run Foods Ryder Freightliner w/ HTS-30DTF  HTS-30DFT securing B&P Liberator commercial hand trucks 

  Images courtesy of Willow Run Foods Kirkwood, New York and Ryder Truck Syracuse, New York - HTS-30DTF      B&P Liberator hand trucks locked safely aboard Freightliner Columbia tractor.

 HTS-30DTF Tractor Frame HTS Ultra-Rack Willow Run Foods Ryder Freightliner HTS-30DTF allows full turning radius

  The HTS-30DTF Ultra-Rack allows food service fleets to transport hand trucks quickly and safely behind the semi-tractor chassis. B&P Liberator hand trucks locked safely aboard tractor frame.

 Ryder Truck Freightliner Columbia interior  Willow Run Foods Freightliner Columbia tractor

  Freightliner Columbia tractor cab interior - HTS LED release switches for driver and passenger side.     HTS-30DTF tractor frame safely secures both standard and cart convertible hand trucks.

  Willow Run Foods required a safe and reliable location to transport their hand trucks aboard their Ryder Freightliner equipment. Ryder Truck Leasing asked us if we could

  find a solution. This new HTS tractor chassis application allows one or two of our HTS-30D Direct Mount Ultra-Rack units to install on big rigs, without drilling or welding.

  The HTS-30DTF (tractor frame) attaches to the tractor chassis frame C channel quickly and easily; it can also be removed and re-installed on new leased fleet equipment.

  This tractor chassis design is for both day or sleeper cabs; allows full tolerance for any turning radius and user standing clearance between reefer trailers and tractor cab.

  Excellent application for delivery companies backhauling sealed loads, full trailers with zero equipment space and/or semi tractors that must drop-hook or travel bobtail.


 McLane Distribution Services - HTS Systems Hand Truck Sentry System by HTS Systems

  Photos courtesy of McLane Distribution Services and Ryder System of New York - HTS-30DTF-2 units.      Freightliner Cascadia day cab tractor w/ 30DTF-2 Hand Truck Sentry System.  9-2013

 Coca-Cola Ford F550 Heavy Duty chassis  Coca-Cola truck with HTS-30D Ultra-Rack

  Images courtesy of Eclipse Fleet Service and Coca-Cola United, Chattanooga, Tennessee.     Ford F550 Group Hesse Body equipped with HTS-30D Ultra-Rack - B&P Liberator hand truck secured.

  HTS-30D Ultra-Rack on Coca-Cola Ford F550 quick response merchandising truck allows additional cargo space, prevents product damage and increases route safety.        

 Hand Truck Sentry System - IDEC Switches  B&P Liberator locked aboard Coca-Cola Hesse Beverage Body

  Ford 20012 F550 cab interior with HTS LED IDEC hand truck release switch open-unlocked warning indicator.    B&P Liberator beverage hand truck locked aboard Coca-Cola delivery truck.


 Chevy Silverado pick up w/ HTS-10T Ultra-Rack Ford F150 pickup trucks w/ HTS-10T Ultra-Racks Tooling Concepts Ford F150 with HTS-10T

  Images courtesy of Joe and Matt Wilkins of Tooling Concepts of Elkhart Indiana. Chevy Silverado and Ford F150 pick-up trucks with HTS-10T units securing B&P Liberator hand trucks.  9-2011

  The HTS-10T Ultra-Rack is compatible with most pickup trucks, when using the proper HTS adapter plate kit. Everyone knows that cargo space is money; use it wisely!

  “We're very happy with your hand truck racks because they eliminate shaking and vibrating on the front of the vehicle. They're very easy to use and

    extremely reliable. They always release and open when you push the cab button and they do what you promised, no false claims" MATT Wilkins

  The new HTS-20S-TD Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System is now available for smallerelectric-battery powered utility mail-parcel delivery vehicles.

 Taylor-Dunn B-248 48V GT with HTS-20S-TD Taylor-Dunn B-248 48V GT mail delivery vehicle Taylor-Dunn B-248 cab interior

  Taylor-Dunn B-248 48V GT electric mail delivery vehicle with HTS-20S-TD professionally installed by TMH Toyota Material Handling of Hayward, California. HTS switch in cab interior.   07-2011


 HTS-20S-TD Swing Mount Ultra-Rack installed by TMH Taylor-Dunn delivery vehicle with HTS-20S-TD unit. B&P Liberator convertible hand truck locked in HTS-20S-TD

  HTS-20S-TD swings open 90 degrees to allow full access to rear cargo doors. HTS-20S-TD Swing Mount Ultra-Rack unit with B&P Liberator convertible senior hand truck locked safely aboard.

  Cargo space can be very limited on smaller delivery vehicles and tossing the hand truck in with packages or products can cause expensive damage to fragile shipments.

  Securing and transporting the hand truck safely on the exterior of the delivery vehicle reduces vehicle wear and tear, freight claims and costly work (driver) related injuries.

  Our fleet customer in California required a safer and more ergonomic method to transport their hand trucks on Taylor-Dunn vehicles, requiring less physical lifting height.

  HTS Systems created a miniature version the HTS-20S Swing Mount Ultra-Rack available for Ford E250 and Sprinter vans; TMH Toyota Material Handling installed.


 HTS-20S-TD Ultra-Rack for Taylor-Dunn electric vehicles. Taylor-Dunn ET-150-74 Electruck utility truck Toyota Material Handling of Hayward, CA.

  HTS Systems' HTS-20S-TD Ultra-Rack equipped on Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing Company ET-150-74 Electruck. HTS-20S-TD is compatible with the B-248 GT and ET-150-74 chassis TD models.


 HTS Systems HTS-20S-TD Hand Truck Sentry System HTS Systems' HTS-20S-TD sub assembly HTS Systems' HTS-20S-TD Taylor-Dunn Ultra-Rack

  HTS-20S-TD Swing Mount Ultra-Racks for B-248 GT.    HTS-20S-TD Taylor-Dunn sub mount assembly for ET-150-74 vehicles.         HTS-20S-TD Taylor-Dunn Ultra-Rack unit - complete kit.

 Keystone Light Beer - Mickey Beverage Bodies Seagram's Escapes beverage truck - B&P Liberator

  Keystone Light (Coors Brewing) Freightliner M2 Mickey Beverage Body with HTS-30D Ultra-Rack.    B&P Liberator beverage hand truck locked safely aboard Seagram's Escapes delivery truck.

 You’re using the Hand Truck Sentry System, the world’s most advanced hand truck retaining apparatus for

 delivery vehicles. Now… you can take it up a notch!     Add the new HTS-KRA Keyless Remote Access option!

 Interstate Battery of Allentown - Rick Smith route driver  Interstate Batteries of NEPA - Tim Mulhall - route driver  

  The HTS-KRA saves route time, fuel and prevents worker injury by reducing climbing and lifting at every delivery location. HTS-KRA keychain remote clips to a belt loop for quick and easy access.

 “The Hand Truck Sentry System makes my work day much easier and safer, it’s a more secure and faster method”

   Rick Smith - route driver 11 years - interstate battery of allentown - walnutport, pa. - september 2010 - customer 2 years

 “The HTS Keyless Remote Access is a valuable resource that allows me to save time and energy throughout my day!"

   Tim Mulhall - Route driver 2 years - Interstate Batteries of Northeast PA. - Clifford , PA - September 2010 - customer 4 years

  HTS-KRA Keyless Remote Access accessory   HTS-KRA Keyless Remote Access optional accessory  Unlock and release the hand truck with the push of a button.  HTS Ultra-Rack HTS-KRA keychain remote

  The new HTS-KRA Keyless Remote Access kit allows the route driver to quickly unlock and release their hand truck with the simple push of a button. The new HTS-KRA installs in just 15 minutes.

  It's ideal for route drivers who must first check their customer's inventory or confirm an order on site or for parcel drivers who discover a large outbound pick-up after carrying in a small delivery.

 Interstate Batteries Navistar and Mickey Battery Body  B&P Liberator battery hand trucks

  Images courtesy of Tom Oliver of Interstate Batteries of Northeast Pa. and Kevin May of Keystone Refinishing & Sandblasting. Remote Keyless Access now available for all HTS Ultra-Racks.   7-10

  Safety equipment is always a wise investment and it comes with a substantial payback return! Investing in safety equipment, such as a rear camera

  system or our new Hand Truck Sentry System will save your delivery company thousands of dollars annually! Most work accidents are preventable.

  The Freightliner M2 tractor shown below is 90 percent less likely to back into another vehicle, building or people. The driver and helper will never leave

  a hand truck behind, lose one off the back from theft or accidental fall. The two man team assigned to this route truck are more likely to return from

  their route quicker and safer; while saving thousands of dollars in labor, fuel and insurance costs. Yes... the payback is substantial!! $$$


 Peterbilt 335 Interstate Battery delivery truck  Peterbilt 335 Interstate Batteries truck

  Interstate Batteries of Pocono Mountains 335 Peterbilt route delivery truck w/ HTS-10T.  Magliner hand truck locked securely aboard Interstate Batteries Peterbilt delivery truck.       02-2013

  “Your hand truck rack is a time saver and a space saver; love it”

    Tom GENERY - interstate batteries ROUTE DELIVERY DRIVER - IBS of POCONO MOUNTAINS - Scranton, Pennsylvania  - FEBRUARY 2013

 ACDelco Batteries GMC 4500 cab-over   ACDelco Batteries Mickey Battery Bodies

  ACDelco Batteries GMC 4500 chassis route delivery truck with Mickey Battery Truck Body.      Images courtesy of B&I Auto Supply ACDelco Batteries distributor and B&P Manufacturing    11-10

  It's time to discover what the Beer, Soft Drink, Freight and Battery industry have known for years! Having your hand truck readily available on the

  exterior of the vehicle offers many ergonomic, productivity and safety advantages, as it provides a powerful list of payback benefits. Now you can do it

  safely! You're guaranteed to save route time, fuel, cargo space and reduce lifting, climbing and falls; thereby preventing worker compensation injuries!

  There are 15 excellent reasons to outfit and equip your delivery fleet with an HTS Ultra-Rack! The three most important benefits are safety, route time

  and fuel savings. The Hand Truck Sentry System is a tested and proven solution that surpasses ancient designs, unsafe methods and costly storage

  locations. Make the right choice! Take your fleet into a new direction where the road is much safer, your drivers and cargo better protected, while

  you're saving green in your wallet and in our environment! The HTS Ultra-Rack is safer, faster and easier than any other hand truck retaining method

  available. HTS Systems designed the HTS using automotive parts and manufactures the safest and most advanced hand truck securing systems in the

  commercial delivery industry! The HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System is the most reliable and the best hand truck safety rack in the world!

  We guarantee that your route drivers will become very attached to the HTS Ultra-Rack in 2-3 days and their hand trucks in 2-3 seconds! Very Fast!


  Kenworth T300 series beverage truck MillerCoors Brewing Company LLC. Mickey Beverage Bodies

  Images courtesy of United Beverage Company of NEPA - Pittston, PA. - Kenworth Truck Corporation PACCAR - Kirkland, WA. and MillerCoors Brewing Company LLC. - Milwaukee, WI.        5-2006

 "I like it...  because it's just faster and easier!" 

   Joe VOITEK - Route Driver - United Beverage Company OF NORTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA - July 2006

  Every month large companies will spend millions of dollars marketing their products, advertising and protecting their brand's positioning, identity and reputation. Just one accident resulting in a

  serious injury or death caused by negligence can damage the reputation and inadvertently change the confidence and opinion of the buyer towards the brand's name. This consumer perception may

  take years to overcome, even if the company is later found not negligent or liable for a highway accident! Adverse media exposure that focuses on a brand name vehicle can have dire consequences.

  When we visit with our HTS customers and their route drivers we discovered that most beverage distributors and food service employees are very protective as they proudly express their loyalty

  and the quality of their company's products and brands. Companies have long known that employee professionalism, attitude and appearance are extremely important to protect the brand's image.

  Providing new technology or equipment that allows route drivers to accomplish their tasks safer, faster and easier reduces daily stress and dramatically improves a driver's confidence and attitude.

  The Hand Truck Sentry System HTS Ultra-Rack is a quick lock, safe transport tool that completely revolutionizes the loading, unloading and storage tasks of delivery drivers using hand trucks!

  Some of our HTS Systems' fleet customers include: Carvel Ice Cream, Chevron Energy, Coca-Cola, Deka Batteries, FedEx Ground, Hawk Air Freight, Interstate Batteries, Pepsi Cola Bottling,

  Penske, MillerCoors Distributors, Morgan Corporation, Red Bull Energy Drink, Rhino's Energy Drink, Ryder, Sikorsky Aircraft, Stericycle StrongPak, Tooling Concepts and Utilimaster Corporation.

 Unmatched safety, a rock solid design and the latest built-in ergonomics makes the new HTS Ultra-Rack

  patented Hand Truck Sentry System a must-have!                                    Hino 338 model shown below requires the new High Position HTS adapter plate kit.

Johnson Refrigerated Bodies Carvel Ryder Freightliner M2 Hino 338 delivery truck  Morgan Truck Body

  Image courtesy of Carvel Ice Cream - Rich Products Corporation Buffalo, NY. and Ryder Truck - Miami, FL.  6-06  Image courtesy of TransEdge Truck Centers and Hawk Transport Courier Service.

 "The HTS Ultra-Rack has really helped our RSR’s on the Carvel units we have installed the Hand Truck Sentry System, it has made their jobs safer and

   the equipment is lasting longer due to less wear and tear." "We are very happy with the system as well as the excellent service and follow up."


 "Your dash switch kit design is well thought-out and installing your hand truck rack was very easy compared to some after-market or OEM products!"

   Dick Solta - Truck Mechanic and electrical Technician - TransEdge truck Centers - Allentown, Pennsylvania - February 2009


  Safe containment and security regarding hazardous medical or retail waste materials, productive delivery time and worker safety is very important to hazardous waste removal companies.

  Industrial chemicals, medical waste and retail hazmat are handled very carefully, with minimal contact, high regard for public health safety and environmental protection. The HTS Ultra-Rack

  eliminates the need to walk back to the rear or side of the box van, unlock, open, climb into, lower, climb down and secure the doors, just to access the hand truck. A driver equipped with a Hand

  Truck Sentry unit can be exiting the pick-up location, returning back to the truck with the customer's pick-up or cargo before a driver without an HTS has climbed down and relocked the cargo

  doors. Route drivers who make parcel package or hazmat pick-ups now have a better location to safely store their hand trucks and they can access and load it much safer and faster, reducing

  climbing and lifting. The drivers will never leave their hand trucks behind and it can not contact the hazardous materials when traveling. Hazardous materials, infectious waste, bacteria and disease

  can be easily transported from one customer location to another. Cross-contamination is always a concern with hazmat removal or food service companies; the HTS prevents cross contamination!

  Manually lifting hand trucks aboard food service delivery vehicles increases the likelihood of transferring hazardous ground source bacteria from tires, onto work uniforms and hands, onto food

  cartons. This cross-contamination increases the possibility of salmonella, E. coli and Listeria bacteria illness! Contaminated truck body floors, damaged containers and hand truck tires can transfer 

  harmful chemicals and bacteria, thereby contaminating the next pick-up location or physician's office. Hand trucks travel across filthy sidewalks, through mud puddles, near leaking dumpsters, public

  rest rooms, dirty cooler floors and oily loading dock areas. Cross-contamination of bacteria, chemicals and dirt onto food products and sanitary medical supplies can be reduced when transporting

  hand trucks out and away from cargo. The HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System reduces hand truck tires and load plate surface contact from transferring contaminates to customer locations

  and products. Any reduction in unsanitary contact, chemical intrusion or ground source bacteria cross-contamination protects the public health, reduces company liability and corporate risk!

 Your route drivers will save time, fuel and money during every delivery stop!  Freightliner M2 Business Class 2007 - Carvel Ice Cream using the HTS-10T

  unit professionally installed by Ryder. Hino Truck 338 Series with Morgan Truck Body and the HTS-10T Ultra-Rack safely securing Liberator commercial

  delivery hand truck. The HTS Ultra-Rack secures most commercial aluminum hand trucks. The Frozen Food Industry such as Carvel Ice Cream, Schwan's Food

  Service and Boar's Head Provisions use refrigerated box vans or cold-plate freezer systems that run more efficiently when the rear doors are opened less and closed more

  quickly. This results in using less fuel and route time! The HTS eliminates the need to reopen the cooler system to store the hand truck after the delivery!

  When the delivery task is over, there's no need to walk back to cargo area, reopen the door, climb up inside, secure the hand truck, close the cargo

  door and climb down. Instead... just slide your hand truck into the HTS, rock it to lock it and drive on. Nothing is easier, faster or safer!

  The driver can reduce loading time at each and every delivery stop, by opening the refrigerated door 10-30 times less per day. The HTS Ultra-Rack® also reduces the

  need to lift, over stretch, twist or climb! The HTS is a new hand truck invention that reduces workmen's compensation claims. HTS Ultra-Rack has the

  ability to reduce human error! The HTS Ultra-Rack quickly pays for itself and then it saves you thousands of dollars in operating and insurance costs!

  The HTS will install on the front of most truck chassis bumpers or the rear of Hackney, Mickey, Group Hesse, Cold Car, Carlsen Baltic, Sprinter and Ford.

Hino 338  HTS LED switch Hawk Air Freight Hino 338 TransEdge Truck Center

  Images courtesy of TransEdge Truck Centers - Allentown, Pennsylvania and Robert Hawk of Hawk Transport Courier Service LLC. - Dupont, Pennsylvania        Temperature 16°F   February 2009

  Hino Truck 338 series and HTS-10T Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System professionally installed by TransEdge Truck Centers Allentown, Pennsylvania.

  "A safe, secure, always accessible solution! I won't buy another truck without it" ROBERT HAWK - OWNER - Hawk Transport Courier - Dupont, Pa. - April 2012 


  Another Comparison Topic:

  When working out of a dry box van or refrigerated truck body (using an HTS) the safety, the savings and the payback can be substantial! Schwan's Foods (Freschetta Pizza), Kraft Foods (DiGiorno Pizza) and Carvel Ice

  Cream drivers appear to have similar delivery routines. We’ve been studying their work process and interviewing drivers about safe product handling and equipment choices. If the driver finds an empty dock door and

  he’s able to dock his truck, the driver may select a few options to transfer his goods. He may use his hand truck, platform dolly or grab a store u-boat or even a grocery cart. It appears the routine depends on amount

  of product and the store location. When the driver can’t dock, or he must delivery to a location without a loading dock, their hand truck is vital. Drivers hate to lower and lift their hand truck back into the cargo area.

  Many route drivers have been seriously injured when falling out of the cargo area while attempting to lower their hand truck to the ground. Often drivers become injured when lifting improperly when reloading their

  hand trucks aboard the rear of the truck. We observed one delivery driver making a pick-up as he walked to the rear of the delivery truck, unlatch and opened the rear cargo door, climb up onto the box van.

  The driver then had to lean dangerously over the edge of the door threshold to lower his hand truck five feet to the ground, then carefully climb down and secure the door closed; just to access his hand truck!

  Total time for this task was over one minute per stop, 30 minutes a day or 2.5 hours of labor per week!  If a driver doesn't have a hand truck, they hate wasting time and walking into the store to search for a cart.

  We asked one route driver what he thought about our HTS Ultra-Rack. He said, “I enjoy having my hand truck out of the way when I’m reloading my truck or when I’m building orders in the freezer. It’s great to have

  the hand truck closer to the ground where I need it! "I also don't miss the lifting and lower at every delivery stop."


  Many frozen foods delivery drivers pick their store orders, load them into their gray cargo (totes) tubs and load their tubs onto a hand truck or platform dolly. Most drivers hate using dollies if they’re parked on snow,

  ice or gravel parking lots. Some drivers will grab their dolly and push it with their body bent over, because at times they don’t want to lower and lift their heavier hand truck from the high freezer body. If they do have

  an HTS unit and a hand truck they usually select the hand truck to move their totes, instead of pushing the dolly hunched over. Workers can strain or injure their back this way. Training drivers to change their work

  behavior or alter their routine to increase safety and ergonomics isn’t easy! But when you do, risk managers and safety directors can quantify the benefits by creating a very profitable bottom-line!


Schwans Navistar 4300  B&P Liberator hand truck  Penske Trucks Freightliner M2  CF Foods Carvel Ice Cream

 Images courtesy of Freschetta Pizza - Schwan's Consumer Brands Marshall, Minnesota and Carvel Ice Cream - Celebration Foods, New Britain CT. and Penske Phoenix Central - Tempe AZ.    5-10

 "The HTS is safer and faster than rubber straps and it's stopped me from driving away without my hand truck numerous times over the years!"


 "We installed the HTS units on Carvel Ice Cream Freightliner M2 trucks and their route drivers like them!”

    richard Beata - service manager - Penske phoenix central - Penske truck leasing - tempe, arizona - April 2010


  Longford's Ice Cream  Sprinter Van  Carlsen Baltic Bodies  delivery van Einstein's Mobile Upfitters  Brooklyn, NY.  HTS-30D Longfords Ice Cream ColdCar USA

  Images courtesy of Longford's Ice Cream - Port Chester, New York and William Taylor of Einstein's Mobile Upfitters - Brooklyn, New York. Isuzu chassis ColdCar USA Cold Plate Bodies 4-2012

  HTS-30D Direct Mount HTS Ultra-Rack professional custom installation on this Carlsen Baltic Freezer Body - Sprinter van by Einstein's Mobile Upfitters.

  "We couldn't be happier with your HTS hand truck racks!"  Nolan West - Longford's Own-made ice cream - Port Chester, New York - March 2012

  "We demonstrate the HTS Ultra-Rack at truck shows together with the Eagle Ramp system and Adrian Steel's TRS shelving system, to show how the

    right combination of tools can maximize route efficiency, saving our customers time, fuel and money!"  

    William TAYLOR - Einstein's Mobile Upfitters - BROOKLYN, New York - truck Equipment professionals - NYC NORTHEASTERN HTS Systems DISTRIBUTOR - AUGUST 2008

 International Navistar - Morgan Truck Body  EXIDE Batteries 7600 Navistar Trucks 

  Images courtesy of Exide Technologies - EXIDE Batteries - International Navistar Trucks.   International 7600 Navistar - B&P Liberator commercial hand trucks.                                         11-2010

 FedEx Ground  Navistar delivery truck Sterling 360  Mickey Vending Body Phoenix Arizona

  Images courtesy of FedEx Ground Pittsburgh, PA. - Navistar Warrenville, IL. and Utilimaster Truck Bodies        July 2008   Image courtesy of Sterling Truck - Redford Township, Michigan 11-2006 

  Sterling 360 cab-over and Mickey Body vending design using the HTS-10T with a B&P Manufacturing Liberator hand truck HTS-10T Ultra-Rack unit professionally installed

  by Freightliner ▪ Sterling ▪ Western Star of Phoenix Arizona  (Temperature 101°F)

  "It was very easy to install your hand truck carrier on the new Sterling 360, the next one will go on even faster.

    José - Service Technician - Freightliner Sterling Western star of Arizona (FAZ) - Tolleson, AZ. - November 2006

                                                                   VIDEO SOURCE: YOUTUBE.COM - DIRECT LINK CLICK HERE

  If you do not see a video cell above, click on the free download link Adobe Flash Player version 10

"I probably do my routes 30 minutes quicker than before I had it. I had

  my doubts when I ordered but you have a great product and wish you

  the best on this!" The best thing is knowing that the dolly  isn't going to

  fall off the truck and potentially hurt or kill somebody behind you while

  you're going down the freeway at 65 miles per hour! 

  Steve Shea - Alpine BOTTLED WATER COMPANY - LITTLETON, CO. HTS Safety and Ergonomic Design- SEPTEMBER 2006


Ergonomics and Safety is the key to gaining higher worker

productivity, reduced labor expenses and liability issues.

The HTS Ultra-Rack is a new hand truck safety rack designed to increase worker safety by utilizing an ergonomic concept. Use less time and physical effort to accomplish the same task, by using a safer, easier and advanced technology.


                                                            police light-bar

  View twenty (20) accidents caused by unsecured

 hand trucks that cost delivery companies time and

 money $$$ hundreds of thousands $$$ of dollars! 


 Outfit your route delivery vehicles with the safest, 

 fastest and easiest safety rack system in the world!

The HTS Ultra-Rack can pay for itself in less than

 one year and then saves you $$$ thousands of $$$

 dollars each year! Guaranteed to save you money!


  Fact: On average, it takes approximately 0.5 to 1.5 (½ - 1½) minutes to unload and reload a hand truck aboard a commercial route truck, depending on the truck body type,

              door locks, deck height, securing method, cargo space, driver fitness and the hand truck weight and model. Unlocking padlocks, unlocking and reopening doors,  

             physical lifting and climbing and moving cargo to access is valuable time! Upon completing the delivery; the driver will loose additional time to reopen the cargo area

              to safely store hand truck aboard the vehicle. Many drivers toss their hand trucks on top of fragile products causing claims damage. When drivers must back track off

            route to retrieve a forgotten hand truck it usually takes about 20-30 minutes round trip. Hand truck retrievals can cost delivery companies thousands in fuel and labor!

             The average route driver will forget their hand truck 4-6 times per year. Most supervisors only hear about it once or twice, or when the hand truck is lost or stolen!

              Unloading and reloading the hand truck aboard vehicles with a hasp bar or a rubber strap hand truck carrier frame requires additional time and the use of both hands.

              When a driver works off the back of the truck and also docks to warehouse doors it is very common for him to remove the hand truck from vehicle to the loading dock

             area so that a pallet jack or forklift can enter. Often times the driver forgets to reload the hand truck aboard the cargo area before departure, leaving it miles behind!

          Opening a refrigerated truck body to reload hand trucks will draw cold air outward, closing the door forces warm air inward; causing unnecessary thermostat restarts.

  Fact: Unload and reload your hand truck in just 6-8 seconds when using the HTS Ultra-Rack on any model of route delivery vehicle! It takes only 3-4 seconds to access your

              hand truck and 3-4 seconds to safely store the hand truck aboard the route vehicle using one hand! Saving a driver a minute or more during each delivery stop X 30

           stops per day = equals a labor cost savings of 2.5 hours per week! Also... your drivers will never forget their hand trucks, waste valuable time, labor or expensive fuel

            when using the HTS Ultra-Rack! That's how the HTS Ultra-Rack is able to pay for itself in less time than most route delivery vehicles can wear out a new set of tires!

              Save thousands by retaining expensive cargo temperature when not reloading hand trucks aboard refrigerated bodies. Prevent recovered reefer units from restarting!


Huff Ice Cream Delivery Truck  Ryder Freightliner M2  Magliner Hand Truck Ryder Freightliner M2  Huff Ice Cream delivery truck

  Image courtesy of Huff Ice Cream - Sidney, New York, Freightliner Corporation - Portland, Oregon and Ryder Truck - Miami, Florida                                                                                 December 2008

  The HTS-10T shown with the new High Position HTS adapter plate designed for low bumpers, chassis frames or trucks equipped with low profile tires.

 "An example of functional engineering at its best!  John Huff - OWNER - Huff ICE Cream - Sidney, New York

 Easy & Fast Installation - Rust & Corrosion Resistant - Super Tough & Durable - Hand Truck Safety Rack

  The HTS Ultra-Rack is designed to transport the delivery industry's most popular commercial hand trucks and it can be mounted on nearly any type of

  delivery vehicle. The HTS Ultra-Rack adapter plate makes it possible for you to install your Hand Truck Sentry System Ultra-Rack unit on almost every

  medium and light truck chassis!  Contact your local Penske or Ryder service facility for professional installation and service on company leased Freightliner and Navistar trucks.

  Chevy Commercial Truck logo    Dodge Truck logo    Ford logo   Freightliner logo     Mitsubishi Fuso logo    GMC Trucks logo      Hino Trucks logo       Isuzu Trucks logo    Iveco Truck logo  Kenworth logo  UD Trucks logo

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           Ryder Truck    Penske Truck Leasing        PACCAR Corporation  Kenworth Peterbilt Trucks                Hackney Beverage Body    Kidron Refrigerated Truck Bodies

 Interstate Batteries Kenworth T300  Navistar  Harper Hand Trucks

  Images courtesy of Interstate Batteries of Atlantic City New Jersey - Egg Harbor Township - Dallas, Texas / Kenworth Trucks - Kirkland, WA and International Navistar - Warrenville, IL.       11-08

  HTS-10T Tilt Mount on 2006 Kenworth T300 and 4700 Navistar securing Harper commercial hand truck; installed by Interstate Batteries New Jersey.

  "The HTS units installed on both my Kenworth and Navistar trucks prevent my drivers from leaving the warehouse without their hand trucks, so now

     I don't have to waste expensive fuel and my valuable time to bring them one!"  

     Ray NORTON - Interstate Batteries - Atlantic City, New Jersey - October 2008 - HTS Ultra-Rack customer for 4 years.


Kenworth Dash   HTS Systems Dash Release Switch Interstate Batteries Kenworth T300  International Navistar 4700 Series

  Images courtesy of Interstate Batteries of Northeast Pennsylvania - Kenworth Corporation Kirkland, WA and International Navistar Corporation - Warrenville, Illinois                                  July 2006

  "You have an excellent product! I liked the HTS Ultra-Rack so much... I decided to outfit all my route trucks!"

    Tom Oliver - Interstate Batteries - Northeastern, Pennsylvania - August 2006 - HTS Ultra-Rack user for 4 years

  "We've had the Hand Truck Sentry System for almost four and half years; it has been extremely reliable and it reassures me.

    Shannon Crozier - route driver 5 years - Interstate Batteries of Northeast PA. - Clifford , PA - September 2010 - customer 4 years


 Interstate Batteries Ford F550 delivery truck  Ford F550 cab interior - HTS LED release switch

  Images courtesy of Interstate Batteries of Central New York - Syracuse, NY. - Ford F550 - HTS-10T Tilt Mount unit.   Ford F550 cab interior shown with HTS LED indicator release switch.    11-09

  "Thank you for the good service and a quality product!" dave & DEBBIE Lewis - owners - Interstate Batteries of Central New York - Syracuse, NY - February 2010


 Interstate Batteries Kenworth T300 dash  Interstate Battery of Allentown Kenworth T300

  Images courtesy of Interstate Battery of Allentown PA - Richard Mummey owner - Kenworth Truck Corporation Kirkland, WA - B&P Manufacturing Liberator Hand Trucks Cadillac, MI       9-2010

 “I’m always searching for new methods to save my route drivers time and that can save my business money”  

   Richard MuMMEY - INTERSTATE BATTERY OF ALLENTOWN, PA. - November 2008 - HTS Ultra-Rack customer 2 years

  The HTS Tilt Mount Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System offers many advantages over the older out-dated factory OEM hasp-bar and unsafe rubber strap carrier racks.

  The Hand Truck Sentry System eliminates the possibility of the driver leaving the hand truck miles behind; saving route time and fuel. The front OEM hasp-bar racks are

  not designed to accommodate hand truck models equipped with stair climbers or a nose plate extension. OEM hand truck racks allow hand trucks to tilt and lean outward

  and shift during vehicle movement. The Hand Truck Sentry System does not require padlocks to prevent theft or bungee cords to prevent leaning, vibration or movement.

  OEM and Aftermarket hand truck racks require two hands to off-load and reload the hand truck. You need only one hand to operate the HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry!

  Having an extra free hand to hold your paperwork or to allow the driver to firmly brace himself on slippery, ice or snow covered ground surfaces is extremely beneficial.


 Interstate Batteries Navistar and Kenworth T300  Interstate Batteries Kenworth T300  Harper Trucks

  Images courtesy of Flickr gallery  member Navymailman and Interstate Batteries distributor.  Kenworth T300 - Mickey Battery Body - Harper Hand Truck - OEM Safety First Hasp Rack     9-2009

 For Armored Car Vehicles:

  We are confident that we have a safety and ergonomic enhancement that can reduce the amount of times the vehicle vault is opened by 45% percent! Reduce the vault

  access by hundreds of times per week and also decrease the standard delivery (open-door) time, by hours per week; thereby increasing the armored personnel safety,

  the vault security, the route productivity; while reducing risk and company liability. We have observed many guards leaning and reaching with their torso inside the vehicle.

  The guard’s visibility momentarily obstructed, their back facing towards crowded sidewalks and parking lots, while focusing on lifting and handling their hand truck.

  The hand truck tires and load plate often transfer dirt, mud and snow into the cargo area, causing currency bags and valuable items to become wet or dirty.

  We have also been informed by armored guards who had injured themselves because they slipped on wet floors within the vehicle and fell onto their hand trucks.

  We are very confident that our HTS-10T units can increase armored personnel safety, vehicle vault security, route productivity, fuel economy and save armored car

  companies thousands of dollars per vehicle!

Miller Lite Beer Truck - Mack Truck MS250 - Banko Beverage2007 Ford F350  Piece of Cake Frozen Specialties - Rahway NJ - HTS-10T

  Images courtesy of Banko North Beverage Scranton, PA and Mack Trucks Allentown, Pennsylvania    8-2007   Image courtesy of Piece of Cake Frozen Specialties, Inc. - Rahway, New Jersey  7-07

  HTS-10T Tilt Mount installed on Mack Truck cab-over Miller Lite beverage truck. The HTS can save your company hours of labor per week! The HTS can

  save your drivers a minute or more per stop and reduce fuel waste! The HTS-10T can install on all sizes of delivery trucks from tractor trailer rigs to

  smaller Ford F350 pick-up trucks. If your delivery vehicle is smaller and it has a limited cargo capacity, then the HTS Ultra-Rack is perfect for you!

  "We appreciate how you stand behind your products, your customer support is always there for us, you're enthusiastic to resolve any issue.

    Our route drivers always use it and they never forget their hand trucks. You have a great product!"

    THOMAS LYNCH - Vice President - BANKO NORTH - MILLER BEER DISTRIBUTOR - MAY 2007 - HTS Ultra-Rack customer 4 years

  "Your device is working great! You guys have an outstanding product and my Dad loves it too!"

    James Biniaris - OWNER - PIECE OF CAKE - RAHWAY, New Jersey - APRIL 2008 - HTS Ultra-Rack customer 3 years

  "I've been using this hand cart system for a long time; LOVE IT! It's the best thing I've ever used!

    Joe Roedel - route driver - BANKO NORTH BEVERAGE COMPANY - Scranton, Pennsylvania - HTS customer 4 years - September 2010

  "I've had this for 5 years now; I absolutely love it! I haven't forgotten my hand cart since.

    Greg Davis - route driver - BANKO NORTH BEVERAGE COMPANY - Scranton, Pennsylvania - HTS customer 4 years - September 2010


Navistar Budweiser  Kenworth T600 Bud Light                                      Images courtesy of Navymailman - CA. and FormerWMDriver - FL. via flickr

  Images of older and out-dated OEM and Aftermarket hand truck racks for commercial route delivery vehicles and Schwan's Consumer Brands Freschetta Pizza 4300 Series Navistar with HTS-10T.


 Pepsi Cola Bottling Orlando FL - Hackney Beverage Bodies  Coors Light Mickey Beverage Bodies - B&P Liberator hand trucks 

  Pepsi Cola Bottling Orlando, FL - chains and wire cables securing hand trucks - Image courtesy of FormerWMDriver - flickr   Coors Light Mickey Beverage Bodies HTS-30D Direct Mount Ultra-Racks

  "That just looks annoying to deal with! I'm sure there's a better and safer way to carry these hand trucks."- Alan  "There is a better way... HTS" - Mike


 The new HTS-40DT Ultra-Rack allows you to secure your hand truck aboard most cargo trailers, prevents you 

 from leaving it behind, increases payload requirements and eliminates damage to your valuable cargo!

Haulmark Cargo Trailer  HTS-40DT Hand Truck Ultra-Rack  Ford F250 pick-up truck

  Images courtesy of Ford Motor Company - Dearborn Michigan, Haulmark Trailers - Bristol Indiana and William Chobey - Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania    New HTS-40DT trailer model.      4-22-09

  "I highly recommend the Hand Truck Sentry System for any cargo trailer used for flea markets or trade show applications!"


 Haulmark Trailers  HTS-40DT Ultra-Rack   Ford F250 pick up truck  HTS Ultra-Rack quick-connect

 The HTS-40DT Ultra-Rack installs on most enclosed cargo trailers. The 40DT Ultra-Rack works extremely well for flea markets and trade show events,

 where hand trucks are required to move merchandise and cargo. The HTS-40DT eliminates freight damage and provides additional cargo (floor) space.

 The HTS-40DT Ultra-Rack is compatible with most trailer models, Haulmark, Pace American, FeatherLite, Car Mate, American Hauler and Wells Cargo.

 Our new HTS-40DT adapter plate attaches to the inside cross member beneath the trailer frame and does not require holes in the trailer walls or floor.

 hand truck lock for cargo trailers - B&P Liberator Hand Trucks 

                                                                  VIDEO SOURCE: YOUTUBE.COM - DIRECT LINK CLICK HERE

 If you do not see a video cell above, click on the free download link Adobe Flash Player version 10
















  Equip all your commercial cargo delivery vans, for Ford and Sprinter van models! The HTS-20S Ultra-Rack

  speeds up route deliveries, saves valuable time, reduces physical effort and increases cargo space.

 Ford E250 commercial cargo van - HTS-20S Ultra-Rack HTS-20S Swing Mount Ultra-Rack - B&P Liberator hand truck

  Images courtesy of Dillon Floral Supply Company - Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania and B&P Manufacturing Company - Liberator Aluminum Hand Trucks - Cadillac, Michigan                                    9-2008

  The HTS-20S Swing Mount Ultra-Rack - Hand Truck Sentry System saves 12'-15' cubic feet of cargo space every day or 240 -300 cubic feet per month and reduces delivery time and damages!


Ford E350 Heavy Duty Cargo Van - Ryder Truck Leasing

 Images courtesy of Ryder Truck - Miami, Florida - Ford Motor Company Detroit, Michigan and

 B&P Manufacturing Liberator Hand Trucks - Cadillac, Michigan                                       8-2008

 The HTS-20S Ultra-Rack installs quickly and easily, it bolts directly to the existing holes in the

 van body. No drilling or special modifications required. The HTS Swing Mount Ultra-Rack

 swings outward to 90° with or without the hand truck in just 4 seconds to open and access

 the left-side rear door. Our HTS-20S sub-assembly is engineered and manufactured by

 Surco Products of Los Angeles, CA. over thirty years of vehicle accessory innovations.

                                                                 VIDEO SOURCE: YOUTUBE.COM - DIRECT LINK CLICK HERE

If you do not see a video cell above, click on the free download link Adobe Flash Player version 10


 van racks - Ford E350 cargo delivery van Save Time!  Save Cargo Space!  Save Fuel!  Increase Safety! Ryder Ford E350 delivery van - HTS-20 Ultra-Rack

 In the commercial van market for companies that deliver parcels, documents, paper and janitorial products, food vending and medical supplies there are no ideal methods to safely transport a hand

 truck, without tossing it into the vehicle. Current methods take-up valuable cargo space and decrease payload storage, damage product and require greater physical effort to stow the hand truck. 

 Parcel drivers constantly handle and shuffle their hand trucks within the van to gain access and to reach their cargo shelves and packages. A standard aluminum commercial hand truck transported

 inside the delivery van will  use up approximately 12' -15' cubic feet of valuable cargo space.  When a hand truck is transported inside a delivery van 5 days a week it translates to a payload loss of 

 240-300 cubic feet per month. Most parcel drivers move their hand truck out of their way continuously, actually handling it more than they use it for customer deliveries! It is dangerous and a DOT

 safety violation to transport a loose hand truck within the cab or cargo area, all equipment must be secured. The HTS Ultra-Rack is the most advanced hand truck securement system for commercial

 delivery vehicles in transit. The HTS-20S Swing Mount unit is designed for the rear of most delivery vans. The HTS-20S Swing Mount can solve nearly every issue associated with smaller delivery

 vans that transport hand trucks, saving our customers time, fuel, cargo space and profits! Maximize your cargo capacity and route productivity, reduce freight damage and prevent floor corrosion.

Freightliner M2 - East Penn Manufacturing - Deka Battery Daimler Chrysler - Dodge Sprinter Van - HTS-20S Swing Mount Ultra-Rack Kenworth Mickey Body Beer Truck - HTS30D Direct Mount Ultra-Rack

 HTS-10T Tilt Mount Ultra-Rack - Deka Battery - Freightliner M2     HTS-20S Swing Mount Ultra-Rack - Sprinter and Ford vans      HTS-30D Direct Mount Ultra-Rack - Mickey Beverage Body

 Designed for the front of medium and light duty delivery trucks.      HTS-20S fits most commercial cargo delivery vans.                   Installs on the rear of most beverage side-loader truck bodies.

 HTS-10T Tilt Mount $ 539.00   HTS-20S Swing Mount $ 969.00   HTS-30D Direct Mount $ 539.00   HTS-30DI Interior Mount $ 375.00

 HTS-10T Tilt Mount and HTS-30D Direct Mount units $539.00 each. Distributor and fleet pricing available, please contact our customer service for more information.

 Effective August 2013, HTS Systems has been able to reduce production and assembly costs and pass the savings directly to our distributors and their customers. Recently three of our main

 component suppliers have offered us exceptional volume pricing and with our new assembly operations, it now allows us to offer you the best HTS Ultra-Rack pricing ever! Now it's more affordable

 to outfit all your route trucks and delivery vans in your company fleet. As always, our HTS Systems' product safety, reliability and quality control will never be substituted for price.

 We hope with the present state of our economy that we can continue offering these outstanding new lower prices! Take advantage of the ultimate OEM and Aftermarket truck body and material

 handling equipment for hand trucks! Contact your local HTS Systems' distributor for more information on how to place your HTS Ultra-Rack order today!

Ryder Sprinter van hand truck rack - B&P Liberator hand truck  HTS-20S Ultra-Rack - B&P Liberator hand truck

 HTS-20S Ultra-Rack Swing Mount - Freightliner Sprinter van rack - B&P Liberator Hand Trucks   Images courtesy of Freightliner Corporation and Ryder Leased Trucks - Miami, Florida       9-2008

 Prevent your drivers from leaving without their hand trucks, confirm a secured attachment before departure, eliminate hand truck retrieval time, reduce fuel loss

 and labor costs. To sum up, you can stop the unnecessary shuffling and handling of your hand truck within the vehicle. Presently, your drivers are

 moving their hand truck more than they're using it! A standard commercial hand truck stored inside a delivery van will use up approximately 12-15 cubic feet of 

 valuable cargo space. Transporting a hand truck inside a delivery van 5 days a week is a payload loss of 240-300 cubic feet per month! Loose hand trucks

 that bounce or get thrown within the cargo area can often puncture or break open food or medical containers. The HTS also eliminates cargo-to-container contamination

 caused by hand trucks and reduces parcel damage and freight claims. The HTS Ultra-Rack was designed to deliver! The HTS pays for itself in 8-10 months, then

 saves thousands in operation costs! If you're looking for additional fuel and time savings, improved cargo and safety methods to prevent accidents; you've found it! Remove the HTS Swing Mount safety pin first.Swing the HTS-20S outward 90 degrees till holding pin latches.Release the HTS-20S Ultra-Rack holding pin to swing close

 The new HTS-20S Swing Mount Ultra-Rack opens to 90 degrees in 3-4 seconds to quickly access the left rear van door. Simply remove the safety pin, release the ramp pin and swing the HTS unit

 outward 90 degrees till the holding pin latches. To close release the holding pin and return the safety pin. The holding pin prevents the HTS-20S from accidentally swinging closed on an incline.

Mercedes Sprinter van with HTS-30DI Ultra-Rack B&P Liberator hand truck locked securely HTS-30DI unlock and release rod

Mercedes Sprinter van with new HTS-30DI Interior Mount Ultra-Rack unit.  08-11  B&P Liberator hand truck safely locked for transport.  Activate and unlock hand truck by contacting push rod.

The new HTS-30DI Interior Mount Ultra-Rack installs inside the vehicles cargo area safely secures commercial hand trucks during travel. Prevent damage to fragile cargo,

interior damage, broken windows, tripping, falls and worker injuries. Comply with DOT safety regulations, keeping all material handling equipment secured before travel.

The HTS-30DI unit is a vehicle cargo interior mounting application only and includes a manual release method. It does not include an electric dash kit or warning system.

HTS-30DI is an excellent application for parcel freight companies, vending delivery vans, armored trucks, medical supply, food service routes and professional contractors.

                                                                VIDEO SOURCE: YOUTUBE.COM - DIRECT LINK CLICK HERE

If you do not see a video cell above, click on the free download linkAdobe Flash Player version 10

                                                                             DOT FMVSS 206 compliance latches

No more retrieving or searching for lost, stolen or forgotten hand trucks! No more climbing, digging or searching within the cargo area for hand trucks!

Never again hang or lean over dangerous loading platforms to lower the hand truck from the vehicle or lift and twisting when reloading. No more unlocking, opening, closing and relocking doors and padlocks during pick-ups. The HTS can also eliminate hand truck throwing abuse caused by drivers; thus preventing hand truck damage and freight  claims! The HTS Ultra-Rack quickly pays for itself and then saves your company money! The Hand Truck Sentry System safely transports your hand trucks, reduces labor expenses, fuel costs and much more!


It's impossible to eliminate all route operating expenses, but HTS Systems can help you reduce most of the them. We can't give you cash, but the HTS can definitely help you save it! The HTS Ultra-Rack was designed to deliver! Today's conventional OEM hand truck carriers have many limitations and provide zero safety and productivity benefits. The OEM, Retro-fit and After-market carriers or transporting the hand truck in with the cargo can't offer the savings or safety. Your delivery drivers will never again waste fuel and route time to retrieve forgotten hand trucks! The HTS Ultra-Rack can save your delivery driver time, one to three minutes at each and every delivery stop. That means that the HTS could save your company 2-3 hours of labor per week! Our products also improve highway safety; thereby preventing accidents, injury, property damage and company liability! The HTS Ultra-Rack can help protect your company's image, marketing efforts and your wallet from a catastrophic highway accident and/or a news media - public relations nightmare!


View twenty (20) accidents caused by loose hand trucks; that cost route time and insurance companies hundreds of thousands $$$ of dollars $$$!

       What can the HTS Ultra-Rack do for your delivery operations?

       The Benefits Are Endless!


                                                Faster ROUTE Deliveries         

                                                REDUCE DRIVER INJURIES  

                          UPS delivery driver  hand truck                      Eliminate Fuel Loss                  

Protect Hand Trucks 

Improve Highway Safety       

INcrease Cargo Space   

REDUCE Freight DAMAGE             





STOP Replacement COSTS

                                               superior THEFT DETERRENT    

                                               Armored CAr SECURITY

                                               PREVENT DOT Violations          

                                               Enhance ERGONOMIC SAFETY

                                     REDUCE OpEN DOOR TIME


    If you do not see a video cell above, click on the free download link Adobe Flash Player version 10

    reduce work injury and workmen's compensation claims   lower fuel costs and waste     reduce route time and labor costs      lower freight claims and product damage      prevent lawsuits, legal settlements and protect company image              eliminate costly hand truck replacements and insurance claims               truck body repairs


 How the HTS Ultra-Rack works:                                                                       

 The vehicle arrives at the delivery location and the driver determines the hand truck is required. Prior to turning off the

 vehicle’s ignition, the driver activates the HTS release switch located in or under the interior cab dash. This action

 opens the HTS Ultra-Rack and releases the hand truck. The driver exits the vehicle, walks up to the HTS unit, moves 

 the hand truck to the upright position and then pulls the lower section of the hand truck out, removing it from the HTS 

 Ultra-Rack receiving chute. This quick and easy action be can accomplished almost effortlessly using only one hand.


 After the delivery or pick-up, the driver fully inserts the hand truck into the HTS receiving chute and moves the hand

 truck forward contacting the HTS Push-Bar. The driver then rocks the hand truck forward firmly to a complete locked

 position for safe travel. Again; this simple loading action can be done quickly and safely using only one hand!


 If the hand truck is not loaded aboard the vehicle or the HTS Ultra-Rack is not properly locked, the LED indicator light  

 and alarm will sound when the truck is started. The HTS warns the driver before departure eliminating lost, forgotten  

 and stolen hand trucks and retrieval time. The HTS saves fuel and time! The HTS also allows for more cargo capacity

 and eliminates hand truck contact, preventing damage and freight claims.

GMC 4500  Supreme Truck Body  Einstein's Mobile Upfitters

Image courtesy of Einstein's Mobile Upfitters - Brooklyn, NY.

HTS-10T Ultra-Rack - GMC 4500 - Supreme Truck Body Co.

Coca Cola - Freightliner M2 tractor - Soda Truck - HTS Ultra-Rack HTS-10TR locking Magliner hand truck  Press down on both Tilt latches to pivot the HTS away from hood.

 Images of the new Coke Red HTS-10TR Ultra-Rack units, special color request from Coca Cola for their delivery trucks in Northeast region USA.  11-07    Tilt the HTS-10T forward in just seconds.

 Coca Cola - 2008 Freightliner M2 Business Class tractor with our new Coke Red HTS-10T securing Magliner truck.

 International Navistar 4300 - B&P Liberator commercial hand truck Rhino's Energy Drink - GMC 3700 series - Atlas Distributors - Clarks Summit, PA

 The HTS Ultra-Rack is compatible with the industries most popular commercial aluminum hand trucks and many tubular steel hand truck designs. Please call our customer service center to learn

 more about deck platforms and hand truck accessories that may conflict with the HTS Ultra-Rack. Hand trucks equipped with deck plates can not be transported on front mounted HTS-10T Ultra-

 Rack units. Federal and State DOT safety and visibility regulations prohibit blocking the driver's view. Most hand trucks attached to front mounted HTS-10T Ultra-Rack units will rise above the

 vehicle grill and hood line. The vehicle driver must be able to see safely through and around the hand truck frame, so as not to obstruct road visibility.


 B&P Manufacturing/Liberator/Challenger                  Magliner/Gemini/Liftkar                  Wyse Industrial Carts                   New Age Industrial     

 Wesco/Cobra/Spartan/Mighty-Lite                            Harper Hand Trucks                         Morse Metal Products                Cascade

 Lockwood Manufacturing                                            Honeyman Hand Trucks                    Fairbanks                                     Yee Shiuann

 Gleason/Milwaukee/Dayton Hand Trucks                   RWM Casters Company                    Dutro                                           Ta Yeou

 Hamilton Caster/Ultra-Lite                                          Vestil Manufacturing                         Daisy                                               Qingdao Gaotain/Hank Trucks

 Valley Craft/Dura-Lite                                                Akro-Mils                                           Shunhe Products                        Yewe Yih Enterprises

 Carmeccanica/Italy                                                     Purcel Enterprises/Grizzly                LiftRite                                         Lien Chief


Ford E250 van  HTS-20S Swing Mount  B&P Manufacturing Liberator hand truck  HTS-20S Ultra-Rack  B&P Manufacturing Liberator  The HTS-20S swings outward 90 degrees to clear rear door.

The new HTS-20S unit swings outward in just 3-4 seconds to quickly access the left side secondary door. The HTS-20S also swings open to 90° degrees with or without the hand truck locked aboard.

                                                                 VIDEO SOURCE: YOUTUBE.COM - DIRECT LINK CLICK HERE

If you do not see a video cell above, click on the free download link Adobe Flash Player version 10



  Thank you for visiting us during the National Truck Equipment Association Work Truck Show at

  the World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. To our new HTS fleet customers we would like to say,   

 "Thank you visiting us and for purchasing our new HTS Ultra-Rack units." To our new HTS

  distributors and HTS Ultra-Rack installation facilities we would like to say, "Welcome aboard!"

When designing the HTS Ultra-Rack we carefully tested and selected from the top rated automotive latch and electrical component suppliers in the country, which have performed in the truck and heavy equipment 

markets for more than (10) ten years! Proudly Manufactured and Assembled in the United States of America!


Veteran Owned Business Beverage Delivery Hand Truck HTS Systems customer service department View HTS Systems videos on YouTube  Visit HTS Systems on Facebook LinkedIn HTS Systems business page  USA flag Fleet Manager and Route Driver Approved.

 Have a Question? Please call our HTS Systems customer service center Monday to Friday 9:am -5:pm EST. Our friendly customer service department 

 can help you find your regional HTS Ultra-Rack distributor and answer your HTS questions quickly. Please call or e-mail us at:   

 customerservice@handtrucksystems.com  Please call Toll Free: 1-866 388-2102 or Ph. (570) 342-2102  Fax: (570) 347-3878

 Ready to order your new HTS Ultra-Rack? Give us a call and we'll be happy to direct you to your nearest HTS distributor.

 We apologize for any delays with your orders, the market demand for the HTS Ultra-Rack has surpassed some of our vendor lead times.

 We will process your orders as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience.  Material Handling and Truck Accessory Distributors welcome.

 Please contact our Scranton PA office for HTS Ultra-Rack quantity pricing and marketing material available to qualified distributors.

 The Hand Truck Sentry System is now available at major truck body manufacturers and can be ordered with most commercial truck leasing plans.

 Beverage fleet customers and battery distributors please contact your preferred side-loader truck body manufacturer for more product information.

 Visit our flickr gallery - HTS Systems gallery to view a variety of commercial delivery vehicles equipped with the new HTS: www.flickr.com/photos/handtrucksentry

 Like us on Facebook by clicking on the link above, to check out recent photos, new friends and upcoming trade show events.


 Look for our new HTS Ultra-Rack distributor and OEM Truck Body Manufacturer locator page, coming soon!




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