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 Make the right choice! Take your fleet into a new direction where the road is much safer, your drivers and cargo better protected, while you're saving green in your wallet and in our environment!   Welcome to HTS Systems Lock N Roll, LLC.  Hand Truck Transport Solutions   After years of refinement,  the new HTS Ultra-Rack is finally here!!   The Hand Truck Sentry System streamlines the process of loading, unloading and storing a hand truck aboard commercial delivery vehicles.   Saving a driver a minute or more during each delivery stop X 30 stops per day = a labor cost savings of 2.5 hours per week!  Any delivery driver who rushes back off-route in a hurry to retrieve their forgotten hand truck is no longer a safe driver, they instantly become a liability!  Unmatched safety, rock solid design and the latest built-in ergonomics makes the new HTS Ultra-Rack a must-have!  Remember your hand truck every time!  Save Time, Fuel and Money!  We may be new... but we have earned the approval of company owners, fleet managers and route driver from across the country!  Just call and ask any of our HTS Ultra-Rack customers!  Contact your nearest Hackney Beverage Body or Kidron Refrigerated Truck Body representative for pricing and installation locations. The HTS can solve all of your hand truck problems on route. Your hand truck is always ready when you need it and out of your way when you don't.  The HTS Ultra-Rack was designed to deliver.  It's Here!... the new HTS-20S Swing Mount is designed for commercial delivery vans!  Equip your Sprinter Vans and Ford Commercial vans with the rear mounting HTS-20S Ultra-Rack. The HTS-20S is faster, easier and safer than inside storage and loading. Increase your Ford or Sprinter van payload capacity, reduce delivery time and freight damage, order today!    Start increasing your driver's route productivity, reduce delivery time and your monthly fuel expenses!  Order the powered HTS Ultra-Rack System for your route trucks today!   Please contact our HTS Systems' customer service center so we may direct you to a Hand Truck Sentry System (HTS) distributor within your local area. We apologize for any delays with your orders, the market demand for the HTS Ultra-Rack has surpassed our vendor lead times. We will process your orders as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience.   Material Handling and Truck Accessory Distributors welcome, please contact our Scranton facility for HTS volume pricing and marketing material available to qualified distributors.  Limited distributorships available,  for more information call toll free:  1-866 388-2102.   THE HAND TRUCK SENTRY SYSTEM IS THE ROUTE DISTRIBUTION HAND TRUCK TRANSPORT SOLUTION!!

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Adam Graves and Robert HawkHino 338  Air Freight  Hawk Transport Courier Service  Dupont PA.

  Images courtesy of TransEdge Truck Centers - Allentown, PA. and Robert Hawk of Hawk Transport Courier Service LLC. - Dupont, PA.                                                                                         2-2009

  Adam Graves of TransEdge Truck Center - Mack Trucks and Robert Hawk of Hawk Transport Courier Service. Hino Truck 338 series and HTS Ultra-Rack

  installed by TransEdge Truck Center Allentown PA. B&P Manufacturing's Liberator commercial hand truck locked aboard the HTS-10T Ultra-Rack unit.


  FedEx Navistar delivery truck  Mitsubishi Fuso F180 Canter with Hand Truck Sentry System

   Images courtesy of FedEx Ground - Pittsburgh, PA, Navistar Corporation - Warrenville, IL. and Morgan Truck Body - Morgantown, PA. 8-08   Image courtesy of Freightliner of Arizona     11-2006


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