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WARNING! ACCIDENT AHEAD!  DANGER ROLLOVER ACCIDENT - Vehicle overturned 2 miles - be prepared for possible delays - VEHICLE FIRE - Hand truck falls from delivery truck and ignites gas tank on mini van, children inside!  Fire Emergency vehicles on scene - Exit interstate and follow 10 mile detour - Beverage truck causes accident!  Delivery truck looses hand truck on highway. Interstate highway closed for 6 miles.  Hand truck falls from delivery vehicle and injures driver!    Welcome to HTS Systems Lock N Roll, LLC.  Hand Truck Transport Solutions   After years of refinement,  the new HTS Ultra-Rack is finally here!!   The Hand Truck Sentry System streamlines the process of loading, unloading and storing a hand truck aboard commercial delivery vehicles.   Saving a driver a minute or more during each delivery stop X 30 stops per day = a labor cost savings of 2.5 hours per week!  Unmatched safety, rock solid design and the latest built-in ergonomics makes the new HTS Ultra-Rack a must-have!  Remember your hand truck every time!  Save Time, Fuel and Money!  We may be new... but we have earned the approval of fleet managers and route driver from across the country.  The HTS can solve all of your hand truck problems on route. Your hand truck is always ready when you need it and out of your way when you don't.  The HTS Ultra-Rack was designed to deliver.  It's Here!... the new HTS-20S Swing Mount is designed for commercial delivery vans!  Equip your Sprinter Vans and Ford Commercial vans with the rear mounting HTS-20S Ultra-Rack. The HTS-20S is faster, easier and safer than inside storage and loading. Increase your Ford or Sprinter van payload capacity, reduce delivery time and freight damage, order today!    Start increasing your driver's route productivity, reduce delivery time and your monthly fuel expenses!  Order the powered HTS Ultra-Rack System for your route trucks today!   Please contact our HTS Systems' customer service center so we may direct you to a Hand Truck Sentry System (HTS) distributor within your local area. We apologize for any delays with your orders, the market demand for the HTS Ultra-Rack has surpassed our vendor lead times. We will process your orders as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience.   Material Handling and Truck Accessory Distributors welcome, please contact our Scranton facility for HTS volume pricing and marketing material available to qualified distributors.  Limited distributorships available,  for more information call toll free:  1-866 388-2102.   THE HAND TRUCK SENTRY SYSTEM IS THE ROUTE DISTRIBUTION HAND TRUCK TRANSPORT SOLUTION!!

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  Did you know that hand trucks fall from delivery vehicles every day?

 Millions of dollars are lost due to accidents, injuries and lawsuits!!





   ROAD HAZARDS Vrumble's Rambling Biker Blog

  We’ve all encountered items in the roadway which can pose a threat to vehicles, but when you ride a bike

  you notice them more – even when you’re not on the bike.  Aside from the standard tire tread and road kill,

  I’d like to hear what items readers have encountered on our highways and byways. 

  Please leave a comment with your observations and let’s see what’s out there.


   In my daily commute I’ve encountered some substantial obstacles, and I think it says a lot about our society

  as a whole that someone would lose items in the road and not stop to clear away the debris.  Not properly

  securing cargo shows a pronounced ignorance and disrespect for other drivers and leaving it in the road

  once it’s dislodged itself should earn the driver a heavy fine. 


    I’ve seen a huge, old boxy television which fell off the back of a pick-up truck; an upright vacuum cleaner;

  I constantly see shoes in the road; trash where someone let a bag of garbage blow out of the back of their

  truck and scatter all over the road, a set of hand-trucks that fell off the back of a Coca-Cola truck,

  hubcaps, lumber, an over-turned 18-wheeler full of M&M’s (boxes, bags, and spilled candy all over the

  interstate), full pieces of vinyl siding that fell off a truck on a small hill, tail lights and other pieces from

  autos that crashed and wasn’t cleaned up properly, and I’m sure there are lots of other things that slip my

  mind at present.                                             Source:



Courier Times

    Family seeks info about wreck


   On Sunday, Nov. 27, at 12:40 p.m., my pregnant sister, brother-in-law, and 2-year-old nephew were involved in a four-vehicle

   crash on Interstate 70 westbound near mile marker 149 at Richmond, Ind. A dolly (hand truck) fell off a truck, the car in front

   of them slammed on the brakes, they tried to stop and hit the first car, and two other cars hit them from behind. My sister was

   26 weeks pregnant. The accident caused a tear in her placenta which resulted in her going into labor. She delivered a two-pound

   premature baby boy the next day. So far, the baby is stable in NICU.


    We are praying for the best and taking it one day at a time. The dolly has no markings and the truck carrying it fled the scene.

   If anyone has any information about the accident or knows of the truck the dolly fell from, our family would greatly appreciate

   that information. You can reach me at 208-661-6217 or at

   You can reach me at (208) 661-6217.

   John Krill,

   Champaign, Ill.





    Athens Banner-Herald

    Athens, Georgia

   The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office reported the following incident:

  police light-bar

   THEFT: On June 7, Deputy Richard Vaughn met with a driver for FedEx in the parking lot of Tanger Outlets in Commerce.

   The driver said she placed her hand truck on the back of the truck and while moving to a new location the hand truck fell out.

   Before she could turn around to get the item, a white SUV stopped and a white woman with blond hair grabbed the hand truck and 

   drove off.


  Beverage Industry

  Carts and hand trucks bend to meet ergonomic concerns

   Delivery equipment helps create a safer working environment.

   By Jennifer Haderspeck  

   May 15, 2013


  According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs),

  or ergonomic injuries, are one of the most common injuries route delivery drivers encounter and accounted for

  33 percent of all workplace injuries and illnesses requiring days away from work for all occupations in 2011.

  Of these injuries, heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, such as beverage delivery drivers, had the greatest

  median days away from work for the MSD injury category, OSHA stated in its November 2012 report,

 “Nonfatal Occupational Injuries and Illnesses Requiring Days Away From Work, 2011.” More than one-third of

  MSDs for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers were back injuries, and more than 16 percent were shoulder

  injuries, it reports. To prevent such injuries, create a safer working environment and save companies money

  from workers’ compensation claims, the carts and hand trucks industry has worked to develop more

  ergonomic methods of beverage delivery.



   HTS Systems offers its HTS Ultra-Rack/Hand Truck Sentry System, which allows the user to mount the hand truck on the outside

   of the delivery vehicle for easier storage and retrieval.  (Image courtesy of HTS Systems)


   Falls are another common cause of injury in beverage delivery, notes Carl Boettcher, national accounts

  manager for HTS Systems Lock N Roll LLC, Scranton, Pa. “Drivers have fallen off and out of their box

  truck onto their hand truck,” he says. “These types of fall injuries can be extremely dangerous, painful and

  costly. Fall injury accidents from 4 to 5 feet can cost companies over $25,000 in surgery, doctor visits,

  insurance costs and wages.” To reduce the number of times a driver needs to climb into and out of a

  truck to load or unload a hand truck before or after use, HTS offers its HTS Ultra Rack/Hand Truck Sentry

  System, which allows the user to mount the hand truck on the outside of the delivery vehicle for easier

  storage and retrieval, he says. This also saves space inside of the delivery vehicle and prevents the

  driver from forgetting the hand truck by alerting him or her when the hand truck is absent or not properly

  mounted, he adds.



    Date: 2012-08-12, 6:43PM CDT

    Lost Hand truck (Irving)

   Lost hand truck (dolly). in Irving, TX somewhere on w walnut hill in, between N Macarthur and N Belt Line.

    Has disk brake system, Core-Mark sticker, handle is wrapped with tape and it has a tall extension.


   PostingID: 3201479702


   flickr from Yahoo!   Comments and Faves

    FormerWMDriver pro (4 months ago) Looks great, the hand truck looks very secure back there.


   Coca-Cola Ford F550 with Group Hesse Beverage Body  Seagram's Escapes Mickey Beverage Body

    FormerWMDriver pro (2 months ago)

    Very nice! I'm kicking myself, about a month ago; I actually saw a Penske hand truck lying in the middle of the road!

    By the time I figured out what it was, I was already driving by... and the driver that lost it was walking back to pick it up. Wish I could've gotten a photo of that.


    I was in an accident on I-95 in Florida where a Pepsi trucks' hand cart fell off the back and cause damage to my car (front hood, driver headlight, front bumper,

    and front driver panel) I suffered no injury. I was able to maintain control of the vehicle and tried to get the driver of the truck to pull over, he would not pull over

   and pretended not even to see me. I was able to track down where the driver worked out of and even had my car appraised but did not sign papers yet, this

   has all been done after I filed a report with highway patrol and they assisted in tracking down where the driver and which location was responsible. they are

   offering me a total amount that would cover the damage to the car but nothing for the hassled cause since I have received tickets because of the damage

   brought on to the car because of the accident what should I do?



    Having a hand truck is becoming a serious issue in my hub. There are none. There is probably 1 for every 3 routes. Now that UPS is a furniture delivery

   company they have now become a necessity. Despite many complaints management refuses to comply. They don't want us in driveways but refuse to

   provide us with them. It's gotten so bad that people are just taking them right out of fully loaded trucks. I'm sick and tired of scouring the building every morning

    to find one too many times no luck. Ever notice how every UPS store has several and they claim to be theirs? I'm going to start taking them.



   Hand Cart Dolly fell on 101 and damaged my car. Any information? Last Monday (Sept 9th) a cart fell off the back of a truck around 8:15 am. on 101

   between Los Positas and Mission. I tried to avoid the cart, but struck it with my right wheel and damaged my fender. Did any one else encounter the obstacle

    or see what truck dropped it? I think it was a smaller truck with a beer label.


    Semi tractor cab swerves to miss hand truck on highway, trailer runs over hand truck; hand truck becomes dangerous

   projectile and strikes car!



    Posted 8/24/2010 6:12:19PM – By: Austyn


    A few years ago I was on the interstate driving in the right hand lane (why I don't know, I never do that) and there was a semi

   in the lane to my left - about a car length in front of me. Minding my own business driving home from work. I notice he swerves.

   I tap the brakes and look to see why - just in time to see that he swerved the cab around a hand truck that was in the road.

   I could see it under the trailer. I hit the brakes because I already knew what was coming. The trailer ran over the hand truck -

    which turns into quite a nice spring on those nice big rubber tires and flexible metal frame and it shot right at the front

    of my car. I was all but standing on the brakes and uttering every swear word known to man. My front end and the hand truck

   came to occupy the same space at the same time, lucky for me I had nearly stopped or it would have hit the hood and slid up

   into the windshield. The hand truck did hit the passenger side front corner and then bounced off the road over the guard rail.

   Needless to say I was HOT. The truck never even slowed down. Ummm *I* didn't hit hit it and threw it into my car.

   I called the highway patrol # to report it and then called my DH and caught up with / followed the truck and gave him all the

   info off it, it was a Carroll Fulmer truck, had the plate #, the trailer # etc) cause I’m for damn sure not paying for what turned

   out to be a new bumper, new fog light, new hood, new hood stripe decal, new fender, new chin spoiler and having 1/2 the car

   repainted to blend in the fresh paint. So I call State Farm and tell them what the deal is. Not filing a claim, here's what

   happened and I will be calling the trucking company to get this fixed. FF - it's fixed (I ended up having to pay for it because the

   truck driver didn't report hitting anything and there was no visible damage to the truck or trailer so my word against his...*UGH*)

   NEVER claimed it.




    Date: 2011-12-28, 4:08PM MST

    Found Hand Truck (40th Street over Interstate10)
    Reply to:

    Found Hand truck dolly on 40th St on the I10 overpass. Looks like it fell off of someone's truck. It didn't break, so if

    it's yours call and identify it. It has a name written on the side. You must be able to tell what this is or I will not give it back.

    Posting ID: 2773033100


    Re: Hand Trucks

    by Grandpa Rex on Fri Sep 02, 2011 5:47 pm

   I have a 2 wheel dolly that converts to 4 wheels. Commercial version with inflatable main wheels.

    Literally fell off a truck when I was driving to work one morning. I live in Blaine and work in Minneapolis days and PT in Maplewood.


    Glenn's Appliance Repair Service                                                           FedEx delivery truck loses hand truck on city street.

Glenn’s Appliance Service - Scott Township Pennsylvania     01/03/2012

While parked on the road side in the Hill section of Scranton, I was talking on my cell phone when I suddenly heard a loud

crash. As I looked to see what caused the noise, I witnessed a FedEx parcel truck in my driver side mirror. I watched a hand

cart truck bounce and then begin rolling down the street towards my vehicle. The FedEx delivery truck with its rear cargo

door partially open, climbing the steep hill, lost its cargo as it fell out hitting the road. Luckily the hand truck had fallen from

the delivery truck after it had passed my vehicle and not before. The hand cart could have easily struck my driver door,

vehicle windshield or any pedestrian crossing at that intersection! I exited my vehicle, picked up the hand truck from the                     center of the street and quickly tossed it inside my pick-up truck. By the time I turned my vehicle around and started up                        the street I lost sight of which direction the FedEx truck had turned. I raced up the street, but I was unable to catch up to

the delivery truck and locate the FedEx driver. - Glenn Kraft


Malt Beverage Distributors Association of Pennsylvania                                                                                                                                                                          04-2011

  Rochester Store Fixture B&P Manufacturing - B&P Liberator hand trucks

  Steve Mancini and Alex Clark of Rochester Store Fixture and Cindy Lou Kreidler and Carl Boettcher of HTS Systems. Steve Demonstrates the HTS using a B&P Liberator.


  Rochester Store Fixture, B&P Manufacturing and HTS Systems attended the 75th Annual Malt Beverage Distributors Association Convention & Trade Show in

  Gettysburg, PA. The HTS Ultra-Rack is a truck accessory and material handling equipment product and is available at participating B&P Liberator distributors.

 IFDA International Food Service Distributors Association                                                                      InterBev Beverage Trade Show

                                                                                                                                                 10-2010                                                                                                                                         09-2010

  B&P Manufacturing - HTS Systems - IFDA Trade Show   Carl Boettcher - HTS Systems and Craig Whitney - B&P Manufacturing

  Scott Dunlop of B&P, Gary Marcho of HTS Systems, Pat Mys and Craig Whitney of B&P at the International Food Service Distributors Association Trade Show in Tampa, FL.

  Carl Boettcher of HTS Systems and Craig Whitney of B&P Manufacturing demonstrate the HTS Ultra-Rack and B&P Liberator hand truck at the InterBev Show in Orlando, FL.

   Refrigerator Transporter

   Carvel Ice Cream orders more Hand Truck Sentry units for fleet's trucks


   CF Foods LLC Celebration Foods Carvel Ice Cream orders additional HTS units for Penske Arizona

   February 02, 2010 Press Release by: Mike W. Clifford - Fleet Safety and Productivity Priorities Saves Money


   Celebration Foods CF Foods LLC         Carvel Ice Cream           Penske Leased Trucks  


   CF Foods LLC Celebration Foods of New Britain, CT distributor of Carvel Ice Cream Cakes orders additional Hand Truck Sentry System units

   for their RSR’s to equip their new Penske Freightliner M2 fleet trucks arriving in Phoenix, Arizona April 2010. Celebration Foods’ National Asset

   Manager Jim Gust who also facilitates monthly safety meetings for Carvel Ice Cream, continues to research new truck equipment innovations,

   supply chain and logistics technology to make their Carvel Ice Cream delivery routes safer and more productive.

   HTS Systems National Accounts Manager Carl Boettcher stated, “It was Jim’s idea several years ago to take our HTS beverage products into the

   frozen foods industry. Carvel Celebration Foods has been using our HTS products on Freightliner M2 trucks in five states for over three years.

   The HTS Ultra-Rack is an ergonomic and safety device that reduces lifting, reaching, climbing, thereby preventing work related injuries.

   We now have our HTS units traveling down the highway on all types of ice cream and refrigerated trucks from Brooklyn, NY to Los Angeles, CA."


   The HTS Ultra-Rack is a safety ergonomic retaining apparatus for securing hand trucks aboard commercial delivery vehicles. It incorporates a cab

   dash release system for quick access of  the hand truck. Loose hand trucks that bounce or get thrown within a cargo area often puncture or break

   open food containers. The HTS eliminates cargo-to-container contamination caused by hand trucks. The HTS is commonly used by the beverage,

   freight, and the refrigerated frozen foods industry because it reduces open door time, saves fuel and delivery time, and increases cargo space.

   The HTS-10T works well with refrigerated, freezer or dairy body delivery trucks. It reduces dangerous lowering and lifting, and eliminates unnecessary

   climbing. After the delivery or pick-up, the driver fully inserts the hand truck into the HTS receiving chute and moves the hand truck forward contacting

   the HTS push-bar. The driver then rocks the hand truck forward firmly to a complete locked position for safe travel. This loading action can be done

   quickly and safely using one hand. If the hand truck is not loaded aboard the vehicle or the HTS Ultra-Rack is not properly locked, the LED indicator

   light and alarm will sound when the truck is started. © 2010 Penton Media Inc.


  "The HTS Ultra-Rack has really helped our RSR’s on the Carvel units we have installed the Hand Truck Sentry System, it has made their jobs safer

    and the equipment is lasting longer due to less wear and tear. We are very happy with the system as well as the excellent service and follow up."

    Jim GUST - National ASSET MANAGER - CHICAGO - Celebration Foods - Carvel Ice Cream - JULY 2009

   Philadelphia Harley Davidson motorcyclist receives $200,000 jury settlement in Maryland court for

   damages after colliding with a hand truck that fell from a passing delivery truck that landed in his lane.

   Friday, August 28, 2009


  police light-bar

   Richard Stoler, a father of two, was biking from a family home in Chesapeake City to check on his boat at a local marina. He was traveling about 45 miles per hour

   on Route 213 in Cecil County when he approached the delivery truck driven by Larry P. Copper, who was delivering candy, cigarettes and other commodities to area

   convenience stores, Turney said. Stoler "saw the truck coming at him and then, all of a sudden, the hand truck popped out in front of him.

   Stoler claimed hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, time missed from work as a general contractor and loss of consortium. The defense's final

   settlement offer was $300,000. A clause in the high-low agreement precludes an appeal. Stoler, now a real estate agent, suffered injuries along his left side and

   ended up having surgery on that bicep, according to Turney. The motorcycle was damaged but not totaled. During a four-day trial last month in Baltimore City

   Circuit Court, Turney called Stoler, his wife, Martha, Copper, and Mr. Stoler's accountant to the stand. He also played testimony from two medical experts, a

   vocational rehabilitation expert and an economist. Stoler will receive $200,000 in damages for the accident. But that's only because a Baltimore jury's verdict of

   $119,000 was superseded by an $800,000-$200,000 high-low agreement his attorney hatched with the attorney for the defendant company, Baltimore-based

   George J. Falter Company, Inc., before trial.

   source: Story by Brendan Kearney - Daily Record - The Baltimore

   Sunnyvale, California delivery truck loses hand truck out of back near Maude Avenue intersection.

    Posted: Monday 10-18-2010 - 6:59pm - PDT - by pikadon


   That driver should've been summarily executed at the side of the road by the first CHP officer to respond, with his service revolver. On general principles.

   What the hell was it with trucks today? On my way back to the office after lunch in downtown Sunnyvale, I found myself behind a "bobtail" truck on

   northbound Mathilda Avenue whose driver had neglected to roll down the door following his last stop. Just before we reached the Maude Ave.

   intersection, a hand truck fell out of the back. I considered myself lucky it wasn't the pallet jack I also saw in there. I barely managed to avoid it.


  twitter logo

   @bigdamnband  - We hit a hand truck in the middle of the interstate. Bunch of cars hit it!

    Posted: Friday 12-10-2010 - 2:07 AM EST

   On way to Greenville, we hit a hand truck in the middle of the interstate. Bunch of cars hit it! Could have been bad! Wooh hoo! Atlanta here we come.

   source: - Reverend Peyton's Band is a three-piece American country blues band from Brown County, Indiana. - Thanks for the tweet.


    I-80 traffic snarls after big rig crashes into CHP vehicle

    January 4, 2011 - Times-Herald (Vallejo, CA.)


    A crash in which a big rig apparently rolled onto a California Highway Patrol vehicle on westbound I-80 near Texas Street in Fairfield will keep at least

   one lane of traffic closed until early afternoon. The accident occurred just after 9:30 a.m., forcing the closure of the slow lane of westbound I-80. The lane

   will remain closed until at least 2 pm. as the incident is investigated, officials said. CHP officials on scene said the incident occurred as CHP Officer

   Chuck Monroe was parked on the right shoulder of the highway awaiting another officer to create a traffic break in order to remove a ladder in the roadway.

    A pickup truck, however, hit the ladder before it could be removed. The driver of a car behind the truck hit the brakes, which caused the big rig to

    collide with the rear of the car and careen out of control toward the CHP car. Monroe was able to accelerate but was unable to escape the big rig, which

    rolled onto the rear of his patrol car. The driver of the big rig was taken to an area hospital with minor injuries and Monroe took himself to a hospital, also

    with minor injuries. No other drivers in the incident reported injuries.

    Concerned Driver - Petaluma, CA.

    We constantly hear about some kind of ladder on the roadways which likely fell off some stupid construction worker's truck. Isn't it about time we pass a law to

    mandate labels on these ladders so we know who they belong to? Construction type materials or equipment litter the roadways. Secure your loads properly idiots!!

    Carlitos Way - Berkeley, CA.

    A friend of mine had a metal hand truck fall off right in front of her car on the highway.

    Apparently, the sun-baked rubber strap that held it to the back of the 7UP truck failed.

    Doc Holiday - Oakland, CA.

    They don't put names on company's equipment then when it falls off on some road. It can't be identified.


   CCJ Commercial Carrier Journal Digital

   CF Foods, LLC. Celebration Foods Carvel Ice Cream orders more HTS units

    By CCJ Staff

    Published February, 4 2010


    Carvel Ice Cream Celebrations Foods, based in New Britain, Conn., announced that it ordered additional Hand Truck Sentry System units for its RSRs to equip their

    new Penske Freightliner M2 fleet trucks arriving in Phoenix this April. Celebration Foods’ National Asset Manager Jim Gust, who also facilitates monthly safety

    meetings for Carvel Ice Cream, continues to research new truck equipment innovations, supply chain and logistics technology to make their Carvel Ice Cream

    delivery routes safer and more productive.


   “It was Jim’s idea several years ago to take our HTS hand truck rack into the frozen foods industry,” says Carl Boettcher, HTS Systems national accounts manager.

   “Carvel Celebration Foods has been using our HTS products on Freightliner M2 trucks in five states for over three years. We now have our HTS units traveling down

    the highway on all types of ice cream and refrigerated trucks from Brooklyn, New York, to Los Angeles, California.”


   “The HTS Ultra-Rack has really helped our RSR’ on the Carvel units we have installed the Hand Truck Sentry System,” Gust says. “It has made their jobs safer, and

     the equipment is lasting longer due to less wear and tear. We are very happy with the system, as well as the excellent service and follow-up.”

   Thank You for Your Comments.


   Subject: AWESOME product     Sent: Fri 11/13/2009 10:26 PM EST


   What a great looking product. I am a route driver for Coca-Cola in North Carolina. I am going to try and print the info off your website so I

   can present to my District Supervisors next week. I would love to have your product on my delivery truck. If you only knew how many

   times I have left hand trucks in accounts and had to turn around and go back and get them. We still use bungee cords as well as a metal

   cord for now as secondary back up, but they still break and even if the bungee cord snaps in two. The metal strap still allows the hand

   truck to hit the ground still not safe. I have been thinking of how I could come up with something better to present to my company.

   I think I have now found the solution. I will present this next week and we will see where it goes from here.


   Thanks for your time,

   Adam M.

   Hickory, NC.

 Duck Police Department News         HTS SYSTEMS NEWSPAPER BOY        

   Police Department Badge


   Town of Duck Police Department                          

   1259 Duck Road

   Duck, North Carolina 27949

   Ph. (252) 261-1112

   Chief Phillip Ferguson


   Duck Police Department Weekly Activity, July 28, 2008 - August 3, 2008    


   A hand truck fell from a Mickey Body side-loader beverage truck traveling southbound on NC12, owned by Pepsi Cola Bottling Ventures of Raleigh, NC.

   The hand truck hit the front of a 2007 Honda Accord traveling route 12 northbound, driven by Timothy Mitchell of Bridgewater, Virginia. The Pepsi Cola

   beverage delivery truck was driven by David West and was insured by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. This accident could have been much worse

   because the vehicles were traveling in opposite directions. No details were available on how the hand truck became unsecured and airborne. 


   MVA - July 31, 2008 - NC 12 - Vehicles were traveling on NC12 when a hand truck fell off vehicle one and struck  vehicle two.

   Damage listed at less than $1000.00 dollars, No injuries and drivers exchange information completed.

   source: Duck Police Department N.C.  

Traffic in the Tip O'Neill Tunnel was halted while crews worked to clear a 15-car pileup.

  News Alert                                                                                                                                       

  Oct 31, 2008 8:12 pm US/Eastern                                                                             


  BOSTON (WBZT) 7 Car Pileup Creates Traffic Mess in I-93 Tunnel 


  Traffic in the Tip O'Neill Tunnel was halted while crews worked to clear a seven car pileup. Traffic was halted for a time

  Friday morning as crews worked to clear a seven-car pileup in the Tip O'Neill Tunnel. Early reports had said the

  accident involved 15 vehicles, but the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority later said it was only seven.

Officials said the pileup happened in the northbound lanes of the I-93 tunnel. Police said the mess was caused by a

  hand truck that fell off of a truck. Fortunately no one was injured in the wrecks. Officials said they were able to 

  quickly clear the scene within 45 minutes.

  source: WBZT-TV Boston, MA.

 California Highway Accident - Hand Truck falls from delivery vehicle - December 2007

                                                                  accident sign

Accident caused by hand truck falling from delivery truck.

 I was involved in a freeway accident. A hand truck fell off of a semi truck, which kept driving, and

 the 1st vehicle came to a complete stop on the freeway after hitting the dolly, the 2nd car was 

 stopping, me the 3rd car was stopping, and the fourth car slammed into me, slamming me into the

 2nd car.

 Of course the 1st car that stopped like an idiot had no damage. The California Highway Patrol deemed the 

 accident as "other than driver" at fault. The report has not been completed and I already have the insurance

 company calling me and trying to make an offer to me. I had a 2004 Acura TSX, my dream car, which is

 now beyond fixable. I had severe whiplash and many bruises and seat belt burn, my boyfriend had about

  the same injuries.



 source: Auto Insurance Claims Advice


   The hand-truck fell out the side passenger door and rolled down the road behind the van.


   Once, riding alone in the step-van, doors open, I rounded a curve on my way to make a pit-stop at my girlfriend's house. I took it a little fast, I guess. 

   The hand-truck fell out the side passenger door and rolled down the road behind the van. I stopped, jumped out, ran back and retrieved the hand-truck,

   turned and looked up, only to see that the van was rolling toward me and the four lane road behind me. I ran back to it, jumped in, and managed to stop it.

   I nearly passed out. Still, my life didn't pass before me. I did, however, think of Mr. Smith and what he might have said if the van had crashed into a car or tree.

   My girlfriend's mother said I was white as a sheet, like I'd seen a ghost.

   source: Out Walking blog - Wednesday, August 29, 2007


   The Hot Dog Truck; or how I got a free hand truck....
We were driving home from Home Depot (where else?) one day and as we got to our exit, we were behind a Dietz and Watson delivery truck. Dietz and Watson is

   a local meat processor in Philly. The back door of the truck was open and we could see a nice red hand truck bouncing around inside. I commented to Steven

   that the hand truck was loose inside of the truck and wouldn't that be a nice prize for whoever found it when it fell out. As we pulled off the Schuylkill Expressway

   at the Belmont exit, we watched the hand truck roll out of the back of the hot dog truck and to the side of the road. The truck kept going. We pulled over,

   threw the hand truck in the back of the old Integra, and congratulated ourselves on the double good fortune of not wearing it on our bonnet and having squirreled it

   away in our trunk. 10-10-2002, 07:28 AM - Lisa Simpson




    Pepsi Cola route driver backs up and accidentally drives over his own hand truck with side-loader beverage truck,

   destroys hand truck, borrows customer's hand truck, was suspended and is later terminated.

   Courts rules and discharge is reduced to a one month suspension.



    Title: The Pepsi® Bottling Group, Inc. and International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 381
   Date: February 15, 2000
   Arbitrator: David Robinson
   Citation: 2000 NAC 138


    DATE AND PLACE OF HEARING:  Friday, November 12, 1999 at Santa Maria Inn, Santa Maria, California


    Mr. Batiste drove a Pepsi® side loader truck. He delivered merchandise by stacking it on a 2- wheel hand truck or, for smaller deliveries, by carrying the

   merchandise from his truck to the customer. On Wednesday, May 19, 1999, Mr. Batiste left the Pepsi® site in his side loader truck at approximately

   7:10 A. M.  His normal route is to service customers located south on US Highway 1 from Santa Maria.

    In Cayucos at the Cayucos Supermarket (10:25 A.M. delivery) as he stood with his hand truck at the back of the truck when he realized he did not have

   the invoice. He went back into the supermarket, got a copy, and returned. But he went directly to the cab of the truck instead of first attaching the hand truck.

    Mr. Batiste had to go back inside the delivery location (Cayucos) after delivering product, and not realizing his hand truck was not on the back of the side

    delivery truck, he got into the cab and then inadvertently backed over the hand truck. A construction worker hailed him down as he was driving away.

    The hand truck he left at the back of the Side Loader truck when he went back into the store was stuck underneath the Pepsi® side loading truck.

    The red Pepsi® hand truck was no longer useable, so he put it in one of the empty side doors of the side loader truck.

     In Cayucos at a Supermarket stop, Mr. Batiste mistakenly ran over his Pepsi® hand truck, making it difficult to move large orders of product into customer

     locations on his remaining route. As he drove, a construction worker waved him to stop. Heeding the warning, Mr. Batiste got out and then saw his red Pepsi®

     hand truck “stuck underneath the truck.”  It was so bent that he had to store it in one of the side doors. At Cayucos, Mr. Batiste was between 50 and 60 miles

     North of the Pepsi® Bottling Plant. There were several more stops still to be made, some of them farther north on the Highway, between Cambia and Piedros

     Blancos. Some, but not all of the stops, could be hand delivered. Had the problem occurred at a reasonably close proximity from the plant, getting another

     from the plant or having one taken to him from the plant would have been an easy solution. But Mr. Batiste was more than 60 miles away and still had more

     deliveries to make.


   Interstate 40 Highway accident - hand truck falls off of Coca Cola beverage truck.  Accident Ahead

   Greensboro News & Record - Greensboro, South Carolina


   Edition(s): ALL Page: A12 Section: EDITORIAL

   Column: Letters to the Editor


   I was recently in an accident on I-40 involving a truck, a van and myself. The investigating officer concluded the cause of the accident was a hand (dolly) truck

   that had fallen off the back of a Coca Cola beverage truck. The police officer could not give a ticket to the truck driver because the court dockets are too full

   and they have been asked not to give tickets for traffic accidents. This means it is in the hands of the insurance companies to interpret the laws and to decide who

   should pay. The truck owner's insurance company wrote me saying, "We have not been able to find any negligence on the part of our insured.

   "I cannot find a lawyer to help me fight this because there is not enough money involved and I was not injured.

   At this point the truck owner is going to walk away without paying a cent because, by some miracle, the dolly that fell off did not kill or seriously injure anyone.


   I just want the truck's owner to pay for damages to my car, which is only $1,600. But it will not because its insurance company says it was not negligent even

   though the police report says the cause of the accident was the unsecured load. The company has not even written a letter of apology to the driver of the van that

   was hit by the dolly. But the company is acting like nothing happened to me that day, and if something did happen it was not its fault. Is this how our system is

   supposed to work? Dr. Ellen C. Underkoffler Parkville, MO

   source: Greensboro News & Record and Dr. Ellen C. Underkoffler - Parkville, MO 64152

  Brown Cafe

  Brown Café UPS Forum - UPS Discussions

  Craziest thing related to your hand truck - Can the hand truck cause an accident?


   Re: Craziest thing related to your hand truck or DIAD.

   Anyone have any funny, freaky, stories on your daily travels related to your hand truck or DIAD?

   Anyone leave a hand truck or DIAD on the bumper then take off?

   07-17-2008 08:32 PM - coldworld


   Re: Craziest thing related to your hand truck or DIAD.

   Took a left one day and the 2 wheeler went out the front door. That was nice.

   07-18-2008 10:22 AM - filthpig - Senior Member


   Re: Craziest thing related to your hand truck or DIAD.

   Mine came up missing once while on vacation. A couple of weeks later while delivering to a marina on route, I spy them toting crated motors with it.

   When recovered...they thought it funny the sub had forgotten it there, I didn't...

   07-18-2008 11:37 AM - Dutch Dawg - Senior Member


   Re: Craziest thing related to your hand truck or DIAD.

   Had my hand-truck seat-belted in to the jump seat because it wouldn't fit in the cargo area. As soon as I got off the highway (luckily), it fell out.

   The funny thing was, it was still tied to the seatbelt and actually rolled quite nicely next to the package car. It was in sync and rolling right along,

   as opposed to falling out and getting run over a few times, LOL!

   07-18-2008 06:59 PM - browniehound - Senior Member


   Re: Craziest thing related to your hand truck or DIAD.

   I lost a hand truck full of air once (forgot what floor I left it on) Found It at about 11:00.

   Then at about 2:00 I found a full hand truck from the driver the day before.

   07-19-2008 10:11 AM - 1989 - Senior Member


   Re: Craziest thing related to your hand truck or DIAD.

   LOL in my beginning days I was going in for the day around spaghetti junction (the highest point) when my hand truck slid out of the car onto the

  highway...needless to say I stopped and the traffic behind me stopped while I hoofed it back to retrieve my cart... BC

   07-19-2009 03:54 PM - BCFan - Senior Member 


   Re: Can the hand truck cause an accident?

   We had a driver several years ago who left his hand truck behind his truck, after he closed his back door. When he backed up, he ran over the

   hand truck, smashing it. Now that was an accident to remember.

   10-18-2009 05:18 AM - hurricanegunner


   Re: Can the hand truck cause an accident?

   I did that too! LOL No damage to truck, but the dolly was done! Actually had to wait at the airport dock, so figured I would get the appropriate

   packages ready to unload. Therefore had to take the dolly out, since my truck was overfilled. Dock became free, and in the hurry I was, just

   walked thru the pc and reversed.... Totally forgot about the dolly behind me, camera or mirrors wouldn't detect it either.

   10-18-2009 05:50 AM - klein

   source: Brown Cafe UPS Forum


  Tragic Hand Truck Accident Stories Told To Us:


   As our people travel across the country and meet with fleet managers and safety directors or attend trade shows we constantly hear new stories about different

   types of accidents caused by unsecured hand trucks. Some are common stories about hand trucks falling off moving vehicles resulting in auto accidents or

   personal injury. Many companies tell us about work related injuries from lifting, tripping or falling and resulting in shoulder, neck or back trauma. Often these

   incidents occur within the vehicle’s cargo area and are caused by hand truck impact, much result in freight damage and higher insurance claims.

   Hand trucks can also cause property damage caused by hazardous spill, resulting in expensive clean-ups.

   Over time we thought we’ve heard it all and then suddenly a new story comes our way!


   Three accidents stick in our minds as being the most serious and the most costly. We will leave out some of the specifics to protect our contacts and conceal

    the company’s identity, in order to insure our customer’s privacy. All events are true and have been corroborated by at least two employees and/or by public

    records. Two of these stories ironically began with, “Where were you guys a few years ago!” and one story ended with a beverage distributor executive concluding,

   “And… we’re still paying for that one!”


    Accident Summary:


    On a Thursday morning at 8:15am in Sept. 2007 during morning rush hour a soft drink semi beverage side-loader trailer from Pennsauken, NJ was traveling

    northbound on interstate 95, near exit 32 and Academy Road, between Philadelphia and Bensalem, PA. The soft drink truck driver was signaled by several

    motorists that one of his hand trucks had separated from the rear of the beverage truck and subsequently caused a serious automobile accident. Their rubber

    strap had failed to hold the hand truck safely to the soda truck when the vehicle encountered a small bump from an expansion joint on an over pass bridge. 

    When the hand truck hit the highway several cars were able to swerve and avoid impact. An SUV driver was not as fortunate and he had over swerved to avoid

    a collision with the hand truck, thereby overturning his vehicle on the road side. The SUV driver sustained injuries to his neck and shoulder and morning traffic

    was backed up for miles and delayed for 45 minutes. The beverage driver was very shaken-up and the Pennsauken soft drink company was liable for this rollover

    accident, agreeing to pay for all damages.


    Accident Summary:


    In Phoenix, Arizona in 2006 two executives from a very large beer distributorship described what happen to their company. Apparently one of their side-loader

    beverage trucks had hit a small bump on the interstate, causing one of their hand trucks to fly off the rear of the delivery truck. Their driver had no idea what had

    happen, but witnessed a large tractor trailer swerving behind him in his rearview mirror. As the semi swerved abruptly left and right to avoid the hand truck in his

    path, the operator had lost control of his vehicle. The tractor and its set of double trailers rolled onto its side. The parcel company that employed the injured CDL

    driver, who owned the equipment, responsible for their customer’s freight delays and claims damage, had calculated their financial losses of approximately

    $200, 000 dollars. The beverage distributor was liable for the accident, financial losses and was responsible for making full restitution to the parcel company.

    Their conversation ended with us by one executive concluding; “And we’re still paying for that one!” possibly implying that his company was self-insured, this we

    could not confirm.


     Accident Summary:


     In 2005 an accident was brought to our attention by a local parcel driver. The incident occurred on a highway in Virginia several weeks earlier. This accident was

     a topic of safety meetings at many parcel terminals. The safety meeting covered the safe handling of cargo and the proper securement of loading equipment.

     Safety managers had used this tragic accident as an example of what could happen. A female parcel driver had just completed a pick-up and was returning to

     finish her route. Her package car was loaded to capacity and she had very little room to store her hand truck. It is not known why she failed to properly secure

     the hand truck when it was loaded aboard the vehicle. However, we were later informed by the parcel company that she was not complying with their safety policy.

     According to statements the hand truck was in the upright position and weighted down with a shipping carton from the last pick-up. A few miles down the

     interstate the traffic increased as she entered the city. Some people were driving erratically and trying to pass larger vehicles by swerving in front of others.

     Suddenly a vehicle had cut in front of the parcel van while attempting to cross into another lane, panicked and then stopped abruptly. The action caused the

     parcel driver to swerve to avoid a collision. The centrifugal force had launched the hand truck into the driver seat. This impact caused the driver to lose control

     and roll the parcel van into the median several times, allowing the hand truck to continually strike her in the face and right eye. The female driver was seriously

     injured with permanent eye damage, the parcel van destroyed and their customer’s freight damaged!

 Washington University in St. Louis - Police Dept.


    Summary: hand truck (dolly) stolen from a Coca Cola delivery truck.

    LARCENY-THEFT   Stealing Under $750 AUG 18 2003-Monday at 09:03
   Location: SNOW WAY 030479

    Washington University Police Department  WUPD
   Chief of Police - Don Strom


    source: Washington University in St. Louis Police Dept. http://police.wustl.edu0803.html


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA

    Part 393: Parts and accessories necessary for safe operation - Cargo Securement Rules

    Many delivery companies are unaware of the federal safety rules and regulations of the FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 

    September 2002 and June 2006. All cargo and material handling (loading) equipment such as; pallet jacks, hand trucks and load lock bars must be

   secured safely before the vehicle is in transit. Loading equipment can not be transported loose within the driver cab or the cargo area. It is also a

    safety violation to secure hand trucks on the exterior of the vehicle using bungee cords. Failure to comply with these safety laws could result in

    expensive DOT fines, customer freight claims, equipment damage, worker injury, accident liability and personal injury lawsuits.


    Cargo Securement Rules:

    393.102 What are the minimum performance criteria for cargo securement devices and systems.

    1. (a) Performance criteria. Cargo securement devices and systems must be capable of withstanding the following

         three forces, applied separately:

         1. 0.8 g deceleration in forward direction

          2. 0.5 g acceleration in the rearward direction; and

         3. 0.5 g acceleration in a lateral direction.

    2. (b) Performance criteria for devices to prevent vertical movement of loads that are not contained within the structure of the vehicle.

        Securement systems must provide a downward force equivalent to at least 20 percent of the weight of the article of cargo if the article is

         not fully contained with the structure of the vehicle. If the article is fully contained within the structure of the vehicle, it may be secured in

        accordance with 393.106(b).

    3. (c) Prohibition on exceeding working load limits. Cargo securement devices and systems must be designed, installed, and maintained to

         ensure that the maximum forces acting on the devices or systems do not exceed the working load limit for the devices under the conditions

         listed in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section.

    4. (d) Equivalent means of securement. Cargo that is immobilized or secured in accordance with the applicable requirements of 393.104

        through 393.136, is considered as meeting the performance criteria of this section.

    393.106 What are the general requirements for securing articles of cargo?

          c. Cargo placement and restraint.

1. Articles of cargo that are likely to roll must be restrained by chocks, wedges, a cradle or other equivalent means to prevent rolling.

          The means of preventing rolling must not be capable of becoming unintentionally unfastened or loose while the vehicle is in transit.


    Subpart I—Protection against shifting and falling cargo


    §393.104 What standards must cargo securement devices and systems meet in order to satisfy the requirements of this subpart?


    (a) General. All devices and systems used to secure cargo to or within a vehicle must be capable of meeting the requirements of §393.102.


    (b) Prohibition on the use of damaged securement devices. All tie-downs, cargo securement systems, parts and components used to secure

          cargo must be in proper working order when used to perform that function with no damaged or weakened components, such as, but not

           limited to, cracks or cuts that will adversely affect their performance for cargo securement purposes, including reducing the working

           load limit.


   (c) Vehicle structures and anchor points. Vehicle structures, floors, walls, decks, tie-down anchor points, header-boards, bulkheads, stakes,

        posts, and associated mounting pockets used to contain or secure articles of cargo must be strong enough to meet the performance

          criteria of Sec. 393.102, with no damaged or weakened components, such as, but not limited to, cracks or cuts that will adversely affect

        their performance for cargo securement purposes, including reducing the working load limit.


    (d) Material for dunnage, chocks, cradles, shoring bars, blocking and bracing. Material used as dunnage or dunnage bags, chocks, cradles,

         shoring bars, or used for blocking and bracing, must not have damage or defects which would compromise the effectiveness of the

          securement system.


    (e) Manufacturing standards for tie-down assemblies. Tie-down assemblies (including chains, wire rope, steel strapping, synthetic webbing,

         and cordage) and other attachment or fastening devices used to secure articles of cargo to, or in, commercial motor vehicles must

         conform to the following applicable standards.


     (f) Use of tie-downs. (1) Tie-downs and securing devices must not contain knots.

     (f) (2) If a tie-down is repaired, it must be repaired in accordance with the applicable standards in paragraph (e) of this section, or the

         manufacturer’s instructions.

     (f) (3) Each tie-down must be attached and secured in a manner that prevents it from becoming loose, unfastening, opening or releasing

         while the vehicle is in transit.

     (f) (4) Edge protection must be used whenever a tie-down would be subject to abrasion or cutting at the point where it touches an article

         of cargo. The edge protection must resist abrasion, cutting and crushing.

           [67 FR 61226-61227, Sep. 27, 2002; 71 FR 35833, June 22, 2006]

      source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

   accident sign

   Free tarps to be given out to help fight litter.

   A hand truck fell off a delivery truck and skidded down freeway, rupturing the van's fuel tank and setting it ablaze.

   By Gary Richards

   Mercury News


   Article Launched: 10/30/2008 12:04:55 PM PDT

   On Saturday, about 1,000 tarps will be handed out free at nine landfills across Santa Clara County, as an anti-littering group tries to put a dent in the growing

   problem of debris on the roads, which contributed to 155 deaths on California roads in 2005 and 2006. Dishwashers, car batteries, chairs, ladders, sofas,

   mattresses and other large items too often fall out of vehicles and end up on the pavement, causing motorists to take evasive action that can lead to crashes.


   A family riding in a van on Interstate 280 two years ago narrowly missed being killed when a hand (dolly) truck fell off a delivery truck and

   skidded down the freeway, rupturing the van's fuel tank and setting it ablaze.

   source: San Jose Mercury News

   Rappaport v. Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board 1/6/2005                                

   Herr Foods - Pennsylvania


   Cheryl Rappaport (claimant) petitions for review from an order of the Workers' Compensation Appeal Board (Board) that affirmed the decision of the workers'

   compensation judge (WCJ) denying her claim petition. We affirm.

Claimant was employed as a sales route driver for Herr Foods (Employer). In that capacity, claimant was required to load the product on the truck and then

   make deliveries to customers.

   On June 26, 2000 claimant was hit in the head and neck area by a hand truck that fell out of her vehicle when she opened the door, and as a

   result was knocked unconscious. A notice of compensation payable issued for the injury, which notice was later suspended. On July 28, 2001, claimant

   pulled her right shoulder out picking up a case of pretzels. A temporary notice of compensation (TNCP) payable issued. Claimant was treated at

   Occupational Health and returned to light-duty work. Claimant returned to full regular duty on September 12, 2001. On that date, claimant's district manager,

   Dave Kinney, drove the truck.

On November 5, 2001, claimant filed a claim petition, alleging that she sustained injuries to her shoulder, cervical spine, and lower back on July 28, 2001

   and re-aggravated the injury on September 12, 2001

   source:  Professional Employer Organization  23945 Calabasas Road Suite 106, Calabasas, CA 91302  Ph. (818) 222-4572

Posion Inhalation HazardNews Release - New Jersey

This Just In!

 Spill shuts block of Willow Avenue

 Friday, June 16, 2006


     HOBOKEN - Brake cleaning fluid spilled across Willow Avenue yesterday after a hand truck punctured a 55-gallon drum of it, Deputy Fire Chief Richard Blohm said.

    According to Blohm, the spill took place at about noon on Willow Avenue between 10th and 11th streets. A tractor trailer, which originated in Paterson, was driving

    through Hoboken on its way to pick up a shipment at NJ Transit when the hand truck somehow punctured one of the drums.


    The Fire Department secured the block and notified the Department of Environmental Protection, Hudson County Regional Health, the Hoboken Office of Emergency

    Management and Hazmat, Blohm said. Firefighters were on the scene for roughly three hours. The cost of the cleanup will be paid by the trucking company,

    Blohm said.


  rescue paramedic icon                

Emergency Rescue!

Highway Accident shuts down California freeway!  




   Images courtesy of /  Photos by David Quasney - Battalion Chief South SAN FRANCISCO FIRE Department


    January 31, 2002 at 1:58pm  South San Francisco, South 101 Freeway / Airport Blvd. A driver attempting to avoid a hand truck in the traffic lane reportedly caused 

    this single vehicle rollover accident. A hand truck which fell from a traveling beverage truck was reported by several drivers who were forced to swerve their

    vehicles around it. The Mitsubishi Montero Sport SUV was completely destroyed and the driver and one passenger of the vehicle were transported to SF General

    Hospital. The San Francisco Fire Dept. responded quickly to rescue the accident victims and the California Highway Patrol was investigating this accident.


    This highway and hand truck accident resulted with insurance claims, $20,000 dollars vehicle loss and $50,000 dollars bodily injury.

    Allstate Insurance Company settled this incident by paying a total claim of $70,000 dollars to the accident victims.


    This is our new Press Release Page; where we preview published news articles, e-mails, magazine stories and television network segments

    pertaining to our HTS Systems' products! This page also provides important information to our customers and the delivery industry regarding new

    HTS product developments, design enhancements and newly available HTS accessories. In addition, we display recent testimonials and product

    endorsement letters submitted from many of our satisfied customers!   


    You may also find recent newspaper articles of accidents or injuries caused by hand trucks. Details of any article from newspapers or police

   accident reports can be submitted to directly to HTS Systems Lock N Roll, LLC. to be posted to this page! This material is provided to inform the

    public and the Delivery Industry of a need for a safer, more efficient method when transporting hand trucks!


    We wish to create an awareness that these types of accidents occur too often and that they are 100% avoidable! Please check back later for 

    additional updated press release information. Please e-mail your news articles and photographs to: Thank you!


 World News Network

    PepsiCo 2Q profit falls 2 pct on sales drop, but it still beat analyst expectations.

   Pepsi Cola World News Network

PURCHASE, N.Y. (AP) - Soft drinks and snack

maker PepsiCo said Wednesday its second-

quarter profit fell 2 percent as sales dropped 3

percent, but it still beat analyst expectations. It

said it has used pricing strategy, new products

and cost controls to help it navigate the dour

economy. It continued to raise prices to offset

commodity costs...                         2009-07-22







     Fleet Owner Magazine


      Feb 1, 2007 12:00 PM


     Fleet Owner Magazine January 2008

     HTS Systems Lock N Roll offers a new safety apparatus for securing hand trucks to delivery vehicles. The Sentry System features a warning system that alerts

     the driver if he tries to leave without re-attaching the hand truck, and also indicates whether the attachment is secure. A release switch is located on the dashboard.

     Refrigerated Transporter magazine 2007

     Sentry System keeps an eye on hand trucks


    Jan 1, 2007 12:00 PM

    HTS Systems Lock N Roll offers a new safety ergonomic retaining apparatus for securing hand trucks aboard commercial delivery vehicles.

     The Hand Truck Sentry System incorporates a cab dash release system for quick access of the hand truck. Loose hand trucks that bounce

    or get thrown within the cargo area often puncture or break open food containers. The HTS eliminates cargo-to-container contamination

    caused by hand trucks and reduces freight claims. Other benefits include reducing human error, preventing the driver from leaving without

    the hand truck, confirming a secured attachment before departure, eliminating retrieval and reducing fuel loss and labor costs.

     For more information, go to


    Freightliner M2  Morgan Truck Body  Sterling 360 cab-over 2007  Phoenix Arizona

  Dairy Field Magazine

    Retaining Apparatus

     February 1, 2007

    HTS Systems has introduced a new ergonomic retaining apparatus for securing hand trucks aboard commercial delivery vehicles.

    The new Hand Truck Sentry System incorporates a cab dash switch to release and quickly access the hand truck. The HTS warning

    system reduces human error by preventing the driver from leaving without the hand truck, indicates secured attachment before

    departure, eliminates retrieval and fuel loss, and reduces labor costs. Safety reduces accidents, injury and liability, and route

    productivity increases labor and fuel savings as it increases company profits.

    HTS Systems Lock N Roll LLC, Hand Truck Transport Solutions, 5 West Olive Plaza, Scranton, Pa., 18508-2531,

     phone: (570) 342-2102, fax: (570) 347-3878

     Beverage World Magazine

     Beverage World Magazine December 2006 and January 2007


     The December 2006 and January 2007 issues of Beverage World magazine previews the new Hand Truck Sentry System HTS-10T Tilt Mount on the front of the new

     2007 Sterling 360 cab-over delivery truck with Mickey Truck Body vending body and the HTS-30D Direct Mount on the rear of Eastern Great Lakes Coca Cola,

     International Navistar chassis and Hackney Body 12 Bay route beverage truck. Hand trucks compliments of B&P Manufacturing, designer of the Liberator aluminum

     commercial hand truck, Cadillac, Michigan.


     Beverage World Digital Edition   January 2007    Pages 34, 35 and 49


     BevOps Summit Phoenix AZ


     Ride and Drive  Phoenix AZ

     Beverage Industry Magazine - Stagnito Communications

    Beverage Industry Magazine January 2007


      The January 2007 issue of Beverage Industry magazine page 49 describes and shows the new Hand Truck Sentry System on the new Freightliner 2007

      Sterling 360 and Mickey Body vending truck in their New Products Release.


      Beverage Industry Magazine 2007 page 49  HTS Systems

       Another Satisfied Customer!


       Friday 9-29-06 10:38pm EST.


     Hi Carl, just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed the HTS Direct Mount dolly bracket. I probably do my routes 30 minutes quicker than

     before I had it. I have the Magliner extended dolly, one thing you should tell future customers is that the wheels have to be pointed out for you to

     lock the dolly, no big deal but it took me a couple of days to figure it out. The best thing about it is knowing that the dolly isn't going to fall off the 

     truck and potentially hurt or kill somebody behind you while you're going down the freeway at 65 miles per hour. I had my doubts when I ordered 

     but you have a great product  and wish you the best on this. our sister company rocky mountain bottled water is interested in material from you,

     they have 6-7 trucks, you can send it to.


       Rocky Mountain Bottled Water

       7502 South Grant Street

       Littleton, CO 80122

       Attn: Ray Zinsmaster                                               Thanks again, Steve Shea - Alpine Bottled Water  Littleton, Colorado