Make the right choice! Take your fleet into a new direction where the road is much safer, your drivers and cargo better protected, while you're saving green in your wallet and in our environment!   Welcome to HTS Systems Lock N Roll, LLC.  Hand Truck Transport Solutions   After years of refinement,  the new HTS Ultra-Rack is finally here!!   The Hand Truck Sentry System streamlines the process of loading, unloading and storing a hand truck aboard commercial delivery vehicles.   Saving a driver a minute or more during each delivery stop X 30 stops per day = a labor cost savings of 2.5 hours per week!  Unmatched safety, rock solid design and the latest built-in ergonomics makes the new HTS Ultra-Rack a must-have!  Remember your hand truck every time!  Save Time, Fuel and Money!  We may be new... but we have earned the approval of fleet managers and route driver from across the country.  The HTS can solve all of your hand truck problems on route. Your hand truck is always ready when you need it and out of your way when you don't.  The HTS Ultra-Rack was designed to deliver.  It's Here!... the new HTS-20S Swing Mount is designed for commercial delivery vans!  Equip your Sprinter Vans and Ford Commercial vans with the rear mounting HTS-20S Ultra-Rack. The HTS-20S is faster, easier and safer than inside storage and loading. Increase your Ford or Sprinter van payload capacity, reduce delivery time and freight damage, order today!    Start increasing your driver's route productivity, reduce delivery time and your monthly fuel expenses!  Order the powered HTS Ultra-Rack System for your route trucks today!   Please contact our HTS Systems' customer service center so we may direct you to a Hand Truck Sentry System (HTS) distributor within your local area. We apologize for any delays with your orders, the market demand for the HTS Ultra-Rack has surpassed our vendor lead times. We will process your orders as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience.   Material Handling and Truck Accessory Distributors welcome, please contact our Scranton facility for HTS volume pricing and marketing material available to qualified distributors.  Limited distributorships available,  for more information call toll free:  1-866 388-2102.   THE HAND TRUCK SENTRY SYSTEM IS THE ROUTE DISTRIBUTION HAND TRUCK TRANSPORT SOLUTION!!

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 Frequently Asked Questions & HTS Ultra-Rack Installation PDF Manuals


 Who is HTS Systems Lock N Roll, LLC.?

 HTS Systems Lock N Roll, LLC.© is the first and only company to offer the delivery industry a hand truck locking

 carrier system that decreases route delivery time, increases worker and highway safety, eliminates lost stolen and

 damaged hand trucks and pays for itself over and over again! We build and offer the safest and most advanced

 hand truck carrier rack systems in the world! Ask any of our HTS Ultra-Rack customers! 

 Sorry... we don't sell hand trucks, but we can recommend some excellent brands and models for

 your delivery operations. The HTS Ultra-Rack is the safest, most efficient and profitable method for 

 transporting, loading, unloading, locking and the storage of hand trucks aboard commercial delivery vehicles!

 HTS Systems applied state-of-the-art engineering technology and electronics to create a new ergonomic innovation

 and developed the Hand Truck Sentry System®. The HTS Ultra-Rack® is the ultimate hand truck transport solution! 

 The Hand Truck Sentry System® promises to increase route efficiency, fuel savings, worker productivity, highway

 safety and driver safety, thereby increasing the profitability of your delivery operations!


 What is an HTS Ultra-Rack or Hand Truck Sentry System?

 The HTS or Hand Truck Sentry System® is a new hand truck invention; an advanced retaining apparatus that

 attaches to the front of most delivery vehicle bumpers or the rear frame. With a single forward motion; the HTS

 quickly secures and locks the hand truck to the exterior of the vehicle. The HTS is equipped with an interior dash

 release switch that includes an LED indicator light. The LED warning light operates in conjunction with an audio

 alarm to show the system is properly locked and the hand truck is safely aboard the vehicle before departure.

 Your route drivers will never drive-off without their hand truck again!


 The electrical system is extremely durable and very reliable. The system is very similar to the trunk release

 switches found in most automobiles and works off the ignition circuit of the vehicle. The HTS is engineered and

 designed to withstand extreme weather and road conditions such as: temperature, rain, ice, snow, wind, road dirt,

 vibration and wear contact. The HTS Ultra-Rack is durable, strong and virtually maintenance free.


 What is the weight of the HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System?

 Depending on which HTS model you select, the HTS units are light-weight and extremely strong, approximately

 22lbs.- 25lbs. (9.98kg-11.34kg) (without your hand truck secured). There is a 50lb.(22.7kg) weight limit restriction

 to comply with safety and warranty requirements, however the HTS has been tested to withstand 300lbs.(136kg).


 What brand or design of Hand truck will fit into the HTS Ultra-Rack?

 The HTS Ultra-Rack is compatible with the delivery industry’s most popular hand trucks; including the wider

 platform (two position) or cart conversion model hand trucks. The HTS can hold hand trucks up to 17 ½" (444mm)

 wide and with vertical side frames up to 1 ¾" (44mm) thick. Hand truck manufacturers such as Wesco (Cobra or

 Spartan), B&P Manufacturing's (Liberator), Magliner (Gemini), Harper, Lockwood, Hamilton Caster, Honeyman,

 Gleason (Milwaukee), RWM Caster and Valley Craft hand trucks are all compatible with our HTS Ultra-Rack frame.

 Most extruded and tubular aluminum hand trucks, tubular steel hand truck and magnesium hand trucks are

 compatible with the Ultra-Rack.


Freightliner Sterling 360 interior with HTS dash controlHTS Ultra-Rack  Manual Override Release Key

The HTS dash release switch and manual override key release

 is standard equipment and on all HTS Ultra-Rack models.

  The HTS Ultra-Rack is compatible with the industries most popular commercial aluminum hand trucks and many tubular steel hand truck designs. Please call our customer

  service center to learn more about deck platforms and hand truck accessories that may conflict with the HTS Ultra-Rack. Hand trucks equipped with deck plates can not be

  transported on front mounted HTS-10T Ultra-Rack units. Federal and State DOT safety and visibility regulations prohibit blocking the driver's view. Most hand trucks attached

  to front mounted HTS-10T Ultra-Rack units will rise above the vehicle grill and hood line. The driver must be able to see safely through and around the hand truck frame, so

  as not to obstruct road visibility.


  B & P Manufacturing/Liberator/Challenger              Magliner/Gemini/Liftkar                 Wyse Industrial Carts             New Age Industrial        

  Wesco/Cobra/Spartan/Mighty-Lite                         Harper Trucks                                  Morse Metal Products             Cascade

  Lockwood Manufacturing                                          Honeyman Hand Trucks                   Fairbanks                                 Yee Shiuann

  Gleason/Milwaukee/Dayton Hand Trucks                 RWM Caster Company                    Dutro                                       Ta Yeou

  Hamilton Caster/Ultra-Lite                                        Vestil Manufacturing                       Daisy                                        Qingdao Gaotain/Hank Trucks

  Valley Craft/Dura-Lite                                               Akro-Mils                                        Clarke                                       Yewe Yih Enterprises

  Carmeccanica/Italy                                                   Purcel Enterprises/Grizzly               LiftRite                                     Lien Chief


 Beverage Truck  Mack Truck MS250 series  Miller Lite beer truck  Mack MS250  B&P Liberator platform hand truck  Mitsubishi Fuso cab-over with Magliner in HTS-10T

  The HTS Ultra-Rack quickly secures standard and convertible or platform (cart conversion) hand truck models; such as Wesco Cobra, B&P Liberator,

  Magliner Gemini, Lockwood, Harper and Spartan models. Magliner beverage hand truck in HTS-10T Tilt Mount Ultra-Rack.


  How much time and labor does it take to install the HTS Ultra-Rack?

  The HTS is easy to install and all attachment fasteners, templates and hardware are included. The wiring harness is safe, easy and quick to install! The HTS electrical

  system plugs directly into your vehicle’s fuse box, no wire taps, cutting or splicing required. Trucks with Multiplex wiring systems may require a female (provided) terminal

  connection. The HTS installation time normally requires (1.5 - 2) hours to complete wiring installation and unit assembly procedures. First time installations may take longer,

  please review manual Please carefully read the entire HTS manual before starting installation. The installation time will vary depending on the body design of the route

  vehicle, the HTS unit model, mounting location and familiarity with our quick and easy HTS Ultra-Rack installation manual.


  The electrical system is extremely durable and very reliable. The system is very similar to the trunk release switches found in most automobiles and works off the ignition

  circuit of the vehicle. The HTS is engineered and designed to withstand extreme weather and road conditions such as: temperature, rain, ice, snow, wind, road dirt,

  vibration and wear contact. The HTS Ultra-Rack is durable, strong and virtually maintenance free.

  All truck chassis models must be properly identified when ordering to include the proper spacers and stainless steel fasteners with the HTS adapter plate installation kit.


                   Navistar – DuraStar, WorkStar and TranStar chassis models require the: AP-01 standard adapter plate

                   Navistar – DuraStar Non-CDL low profile chassis or with low profile tires requires the: APH-03 high position adapter plate

                   Navistar – CityStar cab-over chassis requires the: APH-04 high position adapter plate 

                   Navistar – 4700 Series or older (late model chassis) requires no HTS adapter plate (HTS shim kit provided)

                   Freightliner M2 chassis models (all business class models) require the: AP-01 standard adapter plate

                   Freightliner M2 chassis (business class) with recessed axle (low bumper) requires the: APH-03 high position adapter plate

                   Kenworth - T300 - T600 tractor chassis models require the: AP-02 Kenworth adapter plate (mounts behind the front bumper)

                   Peterbilt conventional models 325 - 330 - 335 chassis models require the: AP-01 standard adapter plate

                   Peterbilt cab-over 210 - 220 chassis models require the: APH-04 high position adapter plate

                   Sterling Acterra class 5-8 chassis models require the: AP-01 standard adapter plate

                   Sterling 360 cab-over chassis models require the: APH-04 high position adapter plate

                   Sterling Bullet chassis models requires the: AP-01 standard adapter plate

                   Ford pick-up truck chassis F250 F350 models require the: AP-01 standard adapter plate

                   Chevy pick-up truck chassis (Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado) models require the: AP-01 standard adapter plate

                   Mack cab-over (late model chassis) requires no HTS adapter plate

                   Mack cab-over chassis Freedom XL XXL models require the: APH-04 high position adapter plate (Freedom L is not compatible)

                   Mack conventional chassis (Freedom model) requires the: AP-01 standard adapter plate

                   GMC Top Kick chassis (C Series model) and GMC Top Kick tractor requires the: AP-01 standard adapter plate

                   GMC cab-over chassis (T Series model) requires the: APH-04 high position adapter plate

               GMC cab-over chassis (W Series model) requires the: APH-03 high position adapter plate

                   GMC 3500 cab-over chassis model requires the: APH-03 high position adapter plate

                   GMC pick-up truck chassis Sierra 2500HD 3500HD models require the: AP-01 standard adapter plate

                   Hino Truck conventional chassis models 145-165-185 -238-258ALP-258LP-268-268A-338-338CT require the: APH-03 high position adapter plate

                   Isuzu Truck cab-over chassis N series model requires the: APH-03 high position adapter plate

                   Isuzu Truck cab-over chassis F series model requires the: APH-04 high position adapter plate

                   UD Nissan cab-over chassis models 1400 1800 1800CS 1800HD 2000 2300 2300DH 2300LP 2600 3300 require the: APH-04 high position adapter plate

                   Volvo cab-over chassis FE and FL models require the: APH-04 high position adapter plate


   ATO Standard fuse Add--A-Circuit   

            ATO Standard fuse  Add-A-Circuit


   ATM Mini Fuse Add-A-Circuit

                 ATM Mini fuse  Add-A-Circuit


   HTS Ultra-Rack standard common ground eyelet

               HTS common ground eyelet



   International 4300 Series Navistar Dash fuse box - HTS power source  

   HTS Systems Add-A-Circuit plug-in power connection on International Navistar 4300 Series truck.


   HTS Systems - IDEC Wiring Schematic


   HTS Ultra-Rack 20ft micro-cable electrical harness                    HTS Ultra-Rack 30ft micro-cable extension harness

    HTS Ultra-Rack 20ft. Homerun Micro-cable                HTS Ultra-Rack 30ft. Micro-cable extension


   HTS-KRA Keyless Remote Access accessory   HTS-KRA Keyless Remote Access optional accessory

   The new HTS-KRA Keyless Remote Access kit allows the route driver to quickly unlock and release their hand truck with just a button.


   Interstate Batteries route driver

   The new HTS-KRA remote saves route time, fuel and prevents worker injury by reducing climbing and lifting at every delivery location.


   HTS Systems Electrical Package

                  HTS Ultra-Rack Electrical Package


    Hand Truck Sentry System Electrical Harness

                   HTS Ultra-Rack Electrical Harness


HTS Ultra-Rack 40ft micro-soft extension harness

  HTS Ultra-Rack 40ft. Micro-cable extension


Unlock and release the hand truck with the push of a button.

 The new HTS-KRA remote installs easily in just minutes.


HTS Ultra-Rack HTS-KRA keychain remote

The HTS-KRA clips to a belt loop for quick and easy access.


   Will the HTS Ultra-Rack fit my route vehicles?

   Yes... the HTS is designed to fit most route delivery vehicles. We offer three (3) different

   HTS Ultra-Rack models, each unit is designed for a different vehicle mounting location or

   truck body. The HTS Systems' frames are identical, with the exception of the mounting

   (bumper/body mounts) components, reflectors and hardware.


   How do I install the Hand Truck Sentry on my route vehicle?

   Just double click on one of the Installation Download Instructions on the PDF links below,

   download your HTS installation manual and print it out. Read and follow the HTS

   installation steps and you're ready for the road. If your delivery truck is a Ryder or Penske

   lease vehicle, please contact your local facility. Ryder and Penske can provide professional

   installations and service. Many of our customers use Penske or Ryder leased fleet vehicles.      


   The HTS T-Series HTS-10T Tilt Mount is designed for the front of most truck models.

   The HTS Tilt Mount has the ability to tilt forward and pivot 45° or 90° off the front vehicle

   bumper to clear the hood or cab-over body when accessing the engine compartment.

   Release the tilt latches and tilt unit 45° or tilt and lift to lower unit to 90° degrees.


   HTS Ultra-Rack Installations and Assembly Instructions Download PDF Links below:

   User's computer must have the free Adobe 9.1 Reader program installed to download, open

   file and view the HTS Ultra-Rack installation instructions and owner manuals.


   Mack MS250 Beverage Truck   HTS-10T Hand Truck Sentry

   Simply tilt the HTS-10T unit forward to access the vehicle engine compartment for routine maintenance safely and quickly on all Cab-over model trucks.


                                                                  VIDEO SOURCE: YOUTUBE.COM - DIRECT LINK CLICK HERE

 If you do not see a video cell above, click on the free download link Adobe Flash Player version 10




      HTS Systems' Owners Installation Manual PDF  


     HTS Systems' M2 Freightliner Installation Manual PDF     


     Spanish (espanol) Translation - HTS Systems Owners Installation Manual PDF 


     HTS Systems' HTS-20S Ford and Sprinter van Owners Installation Manual PDF    


     HTS Systems' Parts and Assembly Diagram PDF  


     HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System - Customer Testimonials 


     HTS Systems' Fax Order Form PDF


      HTS Systems Credit Application for Business Account - W-9 requried


                                 If you don't have the free Adobe Reader, download Adobe Reader 9.1 for Microsoft

                                   Windows XP, Vista or Microsoft 7 for free by clicking on the link provided below!

                                                                                   Download Adobe PDF Reader 9.1

The HTS T-Series HTS-10T Tilt Mount is designed for the front of most truck models. The HTS Tilt Mount has the ability to tilt forward and pivot 45° or 90° off the front vehicle bumper to clear the hood or cab-over body when accessing the engine compartment. Release the tilt latches and tilt unit 45° or tilt and lift to lower unit to 90° degrees.


Simply remove the hand truck from the HTS unit, place both index fingers and push down to release both tilt latches, tilt and swing the Hand Truck Sentry System forward 45 or 90 degrees. Unlock and swing the vehicle hood open. You can access the vehicle engine for routine maintenance in just seconds.  


The HTS D-Series HTS-30D Direct Mount is designed for the rear of beverage (soda / beer / battery) Bay bodies.  The HTS Direct Mount is engineered for the vehicle exterior when the HTS unit does not conflict or interfere with doors, hood or cab-over trucks. The HTS Direct Mount can also be installed (where clearance is permitted) between the tractor power unit (rig) and trailer.

 Ford Transit Connect mini cargo van with HTS-20SFT  HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack with B&P Liberator hand truck

  Images courtesy of Gibbons Ford Dickson City, PA. and Ford Motor Company - Ford Transit      HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack units swing open beyond 90° and to 180° to allow full open door access.

  No matter how or where you store a hand truck inside a cargo van, it takes up valuable cargo space, damages product, requires physical effort and can cause work related injuries. Not Anymore!



   Ford Transit parcel delivery van equipped with HTS Systems' cargo van equipment hand truck carrier rack.      HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack hand truck carrier rack equipped on Ford Transit mini van.



   HTS unit quickly plugs directly into the vehicle fuse panel, using an accessory fuse port between 5-25 amps.      HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack installation kit designed for the Ford Transit mini cargo van.


  HTS-20SFT travel pin safety latch  HTS-20SFT hold pin safety lock

   Ford Transit Connect HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack simply pull the travel pin upward to release and swing out HTS-20S frame.  Pull out hold pin to go beyond 90° and to 180° degrees open position.



    Ford Transit Connect mini cargo van cab interior dash board HTS Systems' IDEC LED switch.           Darryl Johns of New York demonstrates the HTS-20SFT unit 180 degrees full door position.

 Keystone Refinishing  Kevin May  Hand Truck Sentry System  Ford E250 Van  HTS-20S Swing Mount  B&P Liberator

   HTS Systems' HTS-30D Direct Mount Ultra-Rack unit securing B&P Manufacturing Liberator aluminum platform or (convertible) hand truck installed on

   LT Verrastro Beverage by Keystone Refinishing.

  "The HTS Ultra-Rack is very easy to install.... and a superior method to offer my beverage fleet customers"                          

     Kevin May - Owner - Keystone Refinishing & SANDBLASTING - MADISONVILLE, PA.


  Sprinter Van - HTS-20S Swing Mount  Penske Chevy van  Hand Truck Sentry System - M2 Freightliner - Carl Boettcher - HTS Systems

  The HTS S-Series HTS-20S Swing Mount is designed for rear of full size commercial vans and smaller Sprinter vans. The HTS Swing Mount design is similar to an

  exterior wheel chair or scooter carrier and swings out from the van to access and open the secondary left side door.

  "When the HTS Ultra-Rack is bolted securely to the delivery truck the rigidity of the vehicle's bumper and frame is transferred to the installed unit,

     making the Hand Truck Sentry System very strong!" Carl Boettcher - National Accounts Manager - HTS Systems - March 2009

    WARNING: DO NOT climb and never step, stand or use the HTS as a ladder device as displayed in photo!


   HTS Systems' HTS-20S Ultra-Rack unit is designed for all Sprinter vans and all full size Ford E150 E250 and E350 commercial delivery vans.

   In the commercial van market for companies that deliver parcels and documents, paper and janitorial products, food vending and medical supplies, there is no ideal

   method to safely transport a hand truck, without tossing it into the vehicle. Current methods take-up valuable cargo space, damage products and require greater physical

   effort to stow the hand truck. Our HTS-20S Swing Mount is designed for the rear of most delivery vans will solve nearly every issue associated with smaller delivery

   vehicles-hand truck operations, saving our customers time and money!


   What types of materials and components go into the HTS Ultra-Rack?

   After (4) four years on the road, 5-6 days per week and thousands of cycles later, our first installation units still look and operate like new! The HTS Ultra-Rack is built

   tough and made to last! Only the highest quality components and materials are used to construct our HTS Systems products. The frame and components assembly are

   constructed from super strong, high impact, light-weight Nylon 66 glass-filled polymer. This new Nylon 66 polymer is extremely strong and a very light weight material.

   It can endure extreme temperatures without becoming soft in hot environments or brittle in cold weather. The polymer frame components are also reinforced with fiber

   glass particles to increase rigidity. All HTS parts components have been designed with state-of-the-art CAD engineering programs and advanced chemical engineered

   materials. The super tough, glass filled nylon #66 polymer used to manufacture the HTS has been tested and designed for many different applications for the automotive

   industry. We have selected some of the most advanced and strongest polymers in the world. The HTS was designed to perform in all environments and weather and built

   to last! The electrical components are the most advanced electronic hardware assemblies ever used for an automotive application. The HTS inductive proximity sensor

   switch was designed specifically for HTS Systems and comes with a lifetime warranty!


  Hand Truck Sentry System under SUV  HTS-10T supporting Jeep Grand Cherokee

  The HTS Ultra-Rack is manufactured from advanced light-weight high impact nylon polymers.  The HTS-10T is strong enough to support the vehicle weight of a medium size SUV without damage!

   What's behind the HTS Ultra Rack rear cover plate? Take a look inside.

  HTS Ultra-Rack rear cover plate  HTS Ultra-Rack internal components

  Remove the cover panel and you'll find seven internal components. The first electrical component (left to right) is the heavy duty solenoid used to activate the main latch.

  The electrical wiring harness and yellow Y-Splitter are shown and the metal linkage wire that connects the solenoid to the latch lever is visible. The main Trimark double

  rotor latch and the inductive proximity sensor are centered within the component housing. The nylon oval linkage connector and the manual override key cam are shown

   on the right side of the component housing floor. All of the HTS electrical and mechanical components are all weather parts and designed for automotive applications.

   When designing the HTS Ultra-Rack our engineers didn't re-invent the wheel. They selected from the most rugged and reliable truck components in the automotive industry!


  Where do I mount the HTS LED dash release switch? Mount it under the dash board, inside the dash panel or center console or other interior locations.

  HTS Systems' IDEC LED momentary switchesHand Truck Sentry System - HTS Systems' LED Dash Release Switches

  HTS Systems' LED release switch under-dash board  HTS Systems' LED switch - center dash panel mounting  HTS Systems' LED dash release switch - center console mount

  HTS LED dash release switch mounts under the vehicle dash board.      HTS LED dash release switch also installs inside the dash panel.   HTS LED dash release switch can mount to center console.

  HTS Systems deep freeze and ice testing Hand Truck Sentry System deep freeze and ice testing

  The HTS Ultra-Rack has performed over the road in ambient temperature ranges of -15°F to 101°F for more than a year! This HTS-10T Tilt Mount unit pictured above and below was placed into

   a refrigerated environment for deep freeze and ice testing at -10°F or 23.3°C for 6 days of adverse cold weather testing.                            


  The HTS Ultra-Rack performed extremely well in dry cold tests and layered ice testing! These conditions simulate some of the winter climate conditions

  found on customer route delivery vehicles. Conditions may vary, depending on adverse weather environments and sub-zero temperatures. In steady

  Winter climates we recommend cleaning road dirt by lubricating unit with silicone spray and applying silicone grease in HTS Push-Bar rails every 4-6

  months to prevent sticking. The HTS units are assembled with stainless steel fasteners and super tough high impact polymers that will not rust or

  corrode like conventional steel brackets or metal hand truck retaining frames.


  Temperature 12°F  2007 International 4300 Series Navistar   Hessco Truck Bodies  HTS Systems HTS Ultra-Rack dash release switch  OEM inside installation

  Images courtesy of T. Verrastro Beverage Distributors - Hazelton, PA and Hessco Beverage Bodies - Kulpsville, PA / 12°F - Jan. 2007   LT Verrastro Coors Distributing - Scranton, PA.    03-2007

  The Hand Truck Sentry System operates well in heat, rain, sleet, snow and cold weather temperature environments where salt and dirt conditions are

  typical on the rear or front of route delivery vehicles during the Winter season. This HTS-30D Direct Mount  in 12°F will rinse clean with rain water or

  soap water solution.

  What are the shipping box dimensions, the size and weight of the Hand Truck Sentry corrugated shipping carton when shipped?

   The HTS-10T and HTS-30D shipping carton is 35" X 24" X 7" inches and weighs approximately 23lbs. or 35lbs. when an HTS adapter plate kit is also enclosed.

   The HTS-20S carton is 44" X 26" X 10" and weights approximately 55lbs.The HTS-20S Swing Mount is shipped in two pieces or two separate shipping cartons.

   The HTS-40DT Trailer Direct Mount carton is 35" X 24" X 7" and weights approximately 43 lbs. The shipping cartons comply with a parcel carriers and freight haulers  

   corrugated wall certifications. The package total weight complies with UPS Ground and FedEx Ground deliveries. Most standard HTS adapter plate kits can be shipped

   within the same shipping container and the adapter kit with fasteners and hardware is an additional (10 lbs.) ten pounds to shipment. Please consult your HTS Systems

   distributor for additional shipping information. HTS Systems and fleet customers are permitted to use their own freight shipping accounts.


  HTS Ultra-Rack corrugated shipping box

   HTS-10T shipping cartons are 35" X 24" X 7" inches - weigh 25-35 lbs.  HTS-10T Tilt Mount and HTS-30D Direct Mount Ultra-Rack shipping cartons shown above and ready for parcel delivery.

           UPS United Parcel Service          FedEx  Federal Express          DHL Express          FedEx Ground        TNT Parcel Freight

  UPS Groung delivery Phoenix Arizona  HTS-10T Ultra-Rack units  Penske Trucks

   UPS Ground shipments commonly delivery within 6-7 business days - shipping costs $35-$45 each.  HTS-10T Tilt Mount Ultra-Rack units shipping to Penske in Phoenix and Tempe Arizona.


  HTS-20S Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System HTS-20S Swing Mount Ultra-Rack shipping box 1 HTS-20S Swing Mount shipping carton 1 of 2

  HTS-20S corrugated shipping box 2 HTS-20S Swing Mount Ultra-Rack shipping box 2 HTS-20S corrugated shipping box 1

  The HTS-20S Swing Mount Ultra-Rack is shipped in two separate cartons. The photos above show both the HTS-20S upper assembly and lower (vehicle attachment frame) sub-assembly cartons.


  Carl Boettcher HTS Systems' National Accounts Manager HTS Systems pallet load order

  HTS-10T Tilt Mount Ultra-Rack units ready for shipping at JCM Manufacturing.   5-2012  HTS Systems pallet load order of 20 Hand Truck Sentry System units for our fleet customers in Indiana.


  HTS Systems - Hand Truck Sentry System Hand Truck Sentry System - HTS Ultra-Racks

  The HTS Ultra-Rack units are compatible with most popular commercial aluminum hand trucks.  06-12  Two pallet order of HTS-10T Hand Truck Sentry System units ready for shipping. 06-2012

  GMC Truck C7500 Series interior dash w/ HTS dash release switch  Penske Truck  Freightliner M2  Royal Crown Cola

  Images courtesy of rhino's energy drink - Austria /Atlas Distributors, Inc.  Image courtesy of Penske Truck Corp. - Shillington, PA. /Canada Dry-Royal Crown Cola and Freightliner - Portland, OR.

  Penske Truck - Freightliner M2 Business Class Beverage Truck in Winter snow and ice storm. Temp. 9° 12-07

  GMC Truck C7500 Series dash interior with HTS-10T / Ultra-Rack dash release switch. rhino's energy The HTS Ultra-Rack release switch and LED

  indicator light can be installed under or inside the dash area. Navistar 4300 DuraStar interior dash shown with HTS Ultra-Rack release- indicator

  switch OEM installation.

  How can my company benefit from using the Hand Truck Sentry System?

  Where do we start!! There are so many individual and combined benefits from our HTS products, it is much easier to list them. The savings and benefits are substantial

  and week after week it will continue to increase and protect your company’s bottom line!


   Faster Route Deliveries             Highway Safety                      Driver Safety                            Reduce DOT Fines                  OSHA Safety


   Prevent Vehicle Damage           Labor Savings                         Insurance Savings                    Driver Convenience            Avoid Lawsuits


   Increase Cargo Space               Fuel Savings                            Reduce Fall Injuries                   Reduce Back Injuries           Hand Truck Replacement Cost


   No Retrieving/Back Tracking     Reduce Claims Damage          Theft Prevention and Loss        On Time Deliveries                  Reduce Workers Compensation


   Reduce Product Damage           Reduce Door Wear                 Reduce Climbing and Digging    Prevent Hand Injuries        Enhanced Ergonomics


   No Padlocks and Chains             No Rubber Straps or Cords      Eliminate Physical Impact            Reduce Liability Issues         Comply with DOT Safety Laws

  It's time to discover what the Beer, Soft Drink, Freight and Battery industry have known for years! Having your hand truck readily available on the

  exterior of the vehicle offers many ergonomic, productivity and safety advantages, as it provides a powerful list of payback benefits. Now you can do it

  safely and you're guaranteed to save route time, reduce lifting, climbing, reduce falls, increase cargo space and prevent worker compensation injuries.


  We can't stress enough; that if you're using rubber straps, bungee cords, cables, chains or any type of flexible tie-down method to secure your hand trucks aboard the

  exterior of your delivery trucks; PLEASE STOP IMMEDIATELY! We have seen the highway accidents, the property damage and the physical injuries. Your own insurance

  company can also verify and document our findings. It takes more time and it involves more lifting, reaching and climbing, if you don't have an HTS Ultra-Rack. If you don't,

  by all means, safely secure your hand truck within the cargo area. (as required by DOT safety regulations) Regarding Safety & Ergonomics, In the Delivery Vehicle,

  an internet web site, public statement from Magline, Inc. manufacturer of Magliner hand trucks. "To avoid accidents and prevent damage to your hand truck, always make

  sure to fasten it securely inside your vehicle with a strap or other device." If you're storing the hand truck inside the vehicle, we couldn't agree more! It's a safety hazard

  and a DOT safety violation if you don't comply. Your driver could be cited and fined for not securing their hand truck! Many delivery companies are unaware of these vital

  Department of Transportation (inside storage) safety requirements. It's true the exterior of the delivery vehicle is a superior location, a more ergonomic method for storing

  and transporting your hand truck; if you do it safely! Make it a safer place out there for everyone, by ordering your new Hand Truck Sentry System today!

 What information is provided by you to help us process your HTS order?


 1. What type of delivery vehicle are you installing your HTS unit on?

       Beverage Body (side-loader), Box Van, Parcel Van, Armored Car, etc.

       Vehicle (chassis) manufacturer, body manufacturer, model and year.


 2. Where would you like to install your new HTS unit on your vehicle?

       Front of vehicle installations use (Tilt Mount) HTS-10T  Rear of vehicle

       installations use (Direct Mount) HTS-30D or (Swing Mount)


 3. What type of fuses or electrical fuse box does your vehicle use?

       Is your new truck designed with a Multiplex wiring system?

      ATO-Standard fuses or the (newer) ATM-Mini fuses

        ATO Standard and ATM Mini automotive fuses                                                                                

 Our HTS Ultra-Rack is Dynamite!     

HTS Ultra-Rack Systems are Dynamite!


       ATO-Standard fuse and ATM-Mini fuse 


 4. What is the length of your vehicle body? (Rear Mounts only)

      Some rear installations may require a Micro-cable extension harness.

      Vehicles with 10-12 Beverage Bay, Step Vans, Sprinter Vans or larger

      commercial vans usually require a 20’ ft. 30’ft. or 40’ft. Micro-cable.

      Front mount HTS installations do not require an extension harness.


 5.  Is the mounting surface area of the vehicle bumper vertically straight

       and flat?

      Some vehicle bumpers (front and rear) are designed with contours or

      air vent openings stamped into the front surface area of the bumper.

       This may require an HTS adapter plate or our free HTS shim kit to

      properly mount the HTS unit.


 6.  If you do require an HTS Ultra-Rack metal adapter plate, are you

       bolting or welding?

       Simply match the adapter plate (metal alloy) to the vehicle bumper

      alloy. Select the steel plate for steel bumpers or the aluminum plate

        for aluminum bumpers. Both HTS bumper adapter plates come

      pre-punched, air vented and ready to bolt or weld.

HTS Universal Adapter Plate HTS-AP















 HTS Adapter Plate on M2 Freightliner bumper

  The HTS Adapter Plate mounts to the front of most truck bumpers

  using (4) Stainless Steel fasteners and HTS custom spacer kit.











































HTS Ultra-Rack standard adapter plate kit

 The HTS standard adapter plate is designed for most truck chassis frames.

 The adapter plate kit includes stainless steel fasteners and spacers.


HTS Ultra-Rack high position adapter plate kit

  The HTS high position adapter is designed for low chassis frames and trucks

  with low profile tires. Many cab-over trucks also use the high position plate.

Mickey Beverage Body HTS-30D Direct Mount rear adapter plate

HTS-30DMB Mickey Body adapter plate

 HTS-30D-MB rear mount adapter plate for Mickey Beverage Bodies. Requires no welding or slot.

HTS Ultra-Rack - Kenworth T300 adapter plate

 The HTS Kenworth T300 adapter plate is installed behind the bumper



   HTS-10T Tilt Mount (front install) DHL Yellow    HTS-30D Direct Mount

  The HTS is designed to transport most commercial hand trucks.

Ford F150 F250 F350 pickup truck HTS front adapter plate

The HTS-10TF adapter plate shown above is designed for the front of Ford F150 F250 and

F350 pickup trucks used for commercial deliveries. The HTS-10TF adapter plate is

designed for Ford F Series pickup trucks 2009-2011. The HTS-30DM adapter plate shown on left is designed for the rear of Mickey Beverage Bodies and bolts directly

to the rear bumper area. The HTS-30DM is a high position adapter plate that allows the HTS-30D Direct Mount Ultra-Racks to be installed higher than the rear bumper

and without the need of cutting a slot into the bumper for the hand truck load plate.

HTS-30DM is a bolt on, powder-coated steel, high position adapter plate for Mickey Beverage Bodies. All HTS adapter plate kits include 1/2" stainless steel fasteners.HTS-30D-MB Mickey Body HTS adapter plate

Mickey side-loader beverage body with HTS-30DMB rear mount high position adapter plate.









































  HTS-APS Standard Adpater Plate - Navistar application  HTS-IAB Insert Adapter Bar for fiberglass fronts

   HTS-APS Standard Adapter Plate with HTS bumper mounts - International Navistar bumper.  HTS-IAB-V Insert Adapter Bar - Volvo Truck application - For fiberglass or plastic bumper designs.


  HTS Mitsubishi Fuso F180 F160 F125 adapter frame kit  HTS-20STD Taylor-Dunn B-249 GT and ET 150 sub-frame

   HTS-APF180 adapter frame kit for Mitsubishi Fuso Canter F180 F160 F125 chassis.     HTS-20S-TD Taylor-Dunn sub-assembly mounting brackets for Taylor-Dunn electric delivery vehicles.


    Freightliner Cascadia day cab tractors with HTS-30DTF-2

   HTS-30DTF-2 semi tractor HTS Ultra-Racks ready for McLane Ryder Freightliners.         McLane Distribution Services Ryder System Freightliner Cascadia day cab tractors with HTS-30DTF-2.


  HTS-30DTF tractor frame  (2) HTS-30D units mounted to HTS-30DTF tractor frame

   HTS-30DTF tractor mounting frame for installing to chassis C channel; designed for most semi tractors.   Two (2) HTS-30D Ultra-Rack units mounted to HTS-30DTF, installed behind tractor cab.


  HTS Systems HTS-30DTF  Ryder Freightliner w/ HTS-30DTF

   HTS-30DTF Ultra-Rack tractor chassis frame with two HTS-30D Ultra-Racks.    Willow Run Foods Ryder Freightliner Columbia tractor with HTS Systems' new HTS-30DTF Ultra-Rack frames.

  HTS-30D Damian's Ice Cream - Pensacola, Florida HTS-30D-VDM Vertical Deck Mount B&P Liberator locked aboard HTS-30D with VDM

   The HTS-VDM (vertical deck mount) bracket is designed for 18"-20" rear deck bodies.   HTS-30D unit attaches to the HTS-VDM bracket. For deck platforms with center or side step bumpers.


  The final return trip back to the truck before departing can be the most important measure when trying to retain temperature! The route driver would normally be engaged with having his

  order checked in by the customer, rotating and stocking their inventory within the freezer or cooler, signing bills or receiving payment. This time can average 10-15 minutes. It’s ample time

  for most electronic thermostat controls or refrigeration systems to recover their safe operating temperature and properly shut down. When route drivers exit the building they need to reload

  their hand truck aboard the vehicle. Opening their freezer door, pulls the cold air outward and closing the door pushes the warmer air inward. This action causes major temperature loss!

  Refrigeration companies informed us that if the ambient temperature is 75-80° degrees or above, this would cause the reefer system thermostat to recover for approximately 5-8 minutes.
  Eliminating a 5-8 minute cycle time X 20 stops per day would save a minimum of 100 minutes of reefer time per day. Refrigeration manufacturers informed us that most refrigerated systems

  use a gallon of diesel fuel per hour. A fuel savings of 1.5 gallons per day X $4.25 per gallon. A savings of $6 dollars per day or $30 dollars per week or $120 per month, per delivery vehicle!

  HTS Systems HTS-20S-TD swing mount frame  Taylor-Dunn B-248 48V GT electric vehicle

   The new HTS-20S-TD Swing Mount frame is designed exclusively for the rear of Taylor-Dunn electric delivery vehicles Chevron's Taylor-Dunn model B-248 48V GT electric mail vehicles.


  Taylor-Dunn 48VDC electric vehicles B&P Liberator Senior convertible hand truck HTS-20S-TD Swing Mount Ultra-Rack

   HTS-20S-TD Ultra-Rack can transport the Senior or Junior convertible platform hand trucks. Access the rear cargo doors quickly, without having to unhook and remove the hand truck.


  HTS Systems HTS-20S-TD Swing Mount Ultra-Rack units HTS Systems HTS-20SFT - Ford Transit Connect cargo van

   HTS-20S-TD Ultra-Racks for the Taylor-Dunn B248 and ET-150-74 Electruck.  HTS-20SFT Swing Mount Ultra-Racks designed for the Ford Transit Connect commercial mini cargo vans.   07-13


  HTS-20S-TD Ultra-Rack for Taylor-Dunn electric vehicles. Taylor-Dunn ET-150-74 Electruck utility truck Toyota Material Handling of Hayward, CA.

   HTS Systems' HTS-20S-TD Ultra-Rack equipped on Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing Company ET-150-74 Electruck. HTS-20S-TD is compatible with the B-248 GT and ET-150-74 chassis TD models.

  Please have your vehicle information, shipping address and credit card readily available when placing your HTS order by phone.

  We will direct you to an HTS distributor in your local area, if one is available. Please make all credit card or check payments to the

  directed distributor and not HTS Systems. For all direct sales, areas without a local HTS distributor, please write all checks or money

  orders to HTS Systems Lock N Roll, LLC. and mail to our address on our web contact page. Remember credit card transactions process

  quicker and personal and company checks will delay shipping and receiving.

  We appreciate your patience and thank you again for your HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System order.

                                           WHEN  SAFETY AND $$ DOLLARS MATTER!

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