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Make the right choice! Take your fleet into a new direction where the road is much safer, your drivers and cargo better protected, while you're saving green in your wallet and in our environment!   Welcome to HTS Systems Lock N Roll, LLC.  Hand Truck Transport Solutions   After years of refinement,  the new HTS Ultra-Rack is finally here!!   The Hand Truck Sentry System streamlines the process of loading, unloading and storing a hand truck aboard commercial delivery vehicles.   Saving a driver a minute or more during each delivery stop X 30 stops per day = a labor cost savings of 2.5 hours per week!  Any delivery driver who rushes back off-route in a hurry to retrieve their forgotten hand truck is no longer a safe driver, they instantly become a liability!  Unmatched safety, rock solid design and the latest built-in ergonomics makes the new HTS Ultra-Rack a must-have!  Remember your hand truck every time!  Save Time, Fuel and Money!  We may be new... but we have earned the approval of company owners, fleet managers and route driver from across the country!  Just call and ask any of our HTS Ultra-Rack customers!  The HTS can solve all of your hand truck problems on route. Your hand truck is always ready when you need it and out of your way when you don't.  The HTS Ultra-Rack was designed to deliver.  It's Here!... the new HTS-20S Swing Mount is designed for commercial delivery vans!  Equip your Sprinter Vans and Ford Commercial vans with the rear mounting HTS-20S Ultra-Rack. The HTS-20S is faster, easier and safer than inside storage and loading. Increase your Ford or Sprinter van payload capacity, reduce delivery time and freight damage, order today!    Start increasing your driver's route productivity, reduce delivery time and your monthly fuel expenses!  Order the powered HTS Ultra-Rack System for your route trucks today!   Please contact our HTS Systems' customer service center so we may direct you to a Hand Truck Sentry System (HTS) distributor within your local area. We apologize for any delays with your orders, the market demand for the HTS Ultra-Rack has surpassed our vendor lead times. We will process your orders as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience.   Material Handling and Truck Accessory Distributors welcome, please contact our Scranton facility for HTS volume pricing and marketing material available to qualified distributors.  Limited distributorships available,  for more information call toll free:  1-866 388-2102.   THE HAND TRUCK SENTRY SYSTEM IS THE ROUTE DISTRIBUTION HAND TRUCK TRANSPORT SOLUTION!!

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 HTS Systems Our Background subheader graphic

 Located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, HTS Systems Lock N Roll, LLC. has dedicated itself to making your route delivery operations more efficient, safer and more profitable.

 HTS Systems Lock N Roll manufactures hand truck retaining products for many sectors of the delivery industry, such as: Beverage Distributors, Food Service, Office Supply,

 Air Freight, Parcel, Hazmat Removal and US. Postal. You can find our HTS Ultra-Rack products from Brooklyn, New York to Los Angeles, California, from Quebec, Canada to

 Phoenix, Arizona and from Tampa, Florida to Fairbanks, Alaska! The Hand Truck Sentry System products are now available in Mexico, South America and Europe!


 The patented Hand Truck Sentry System is purchased by many different types of business, within many sectors of the commercial delivery industry, food service,

 beverage distributors, hazardous materials removal, aviation manufacturing, US Postal Service, energy industry, vending service and industrial cutting materials.

 The HTS Ultra-Rack is now being used by Chevron Energy Corporation, Sikorsky Aircraft, Tooling Concepts, Sysco Food Service, McLane Distribution Services, Wal-Mart,

 Stericycle StrongPak, MillerCoors, Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola  Bottling, Interstate Batteries, Deka Batteries, FedEx Ground, Polk County Tax Office, University of Missouri Health 

 Care, Cerritos College, Ryder Truck, Penske and many other corporations, universities and organizations. Fleet customer testimonials are now available on our HTS

 Systems' customer survey web page. The HTS Ultra-Rack is available at major truck body manufacturers and large commercial truck lease companies. HTS Systems' sales 

 representatives now available in Canada, Mexico and South America. Contact your regional truck body sales representative about incorporating the HTS into your lease plan.


 Our HTS Ultra-Rack products Hand Truck Sentry System is a registered US. patented product at the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, VA.

 Foreign Patent protection with the (PCT) Patent Cooperation Treaty is registered with the (WIPO) World Intellectual Property Organization located in Geneva, Switzerland.

 HTS Systems is located in Scranton Pennsylvania and Echo Molding Inc. is located in Union, New Jersey. In 2012 JCM Manufacturing of Dunmore, Pennsylvania began

 assisting HTS Systems in metal fabrication and assembly. HTS Systems also uses other local fabricators; such as Metal Integrity. We maintain excellence in workmanship

 with the highest quality control standards! Our team of talented engineers and skilled production workers are devoted to manufacturing the highest quality products.

 HTS Systems' knowledgeable sales representatives and friendly customer service staff are devoted to achieve 100% customer satisfaction!


 For more information about Echo Molding Inc. visit them on the web at  HTS Systems contracted LucDesign LLC. Mechanical Engineering & Design

 and using advanced CAD program ProENGINEER while working with HTS Systems, BCR Mold & Tool to create the new HTS Ultra-Rack frame components. You can visit

 LucDesign at

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HTS Systems Research  and Development subheader graphic

 For the past 8 years, HTS Systems Lock N Roll, LLC. has studied the Material Handling Industry, Delivery Industry and more particularly the individual tasks of the route 

 driver and their work methods. At every delivery stop or pick-up location we identified lost time, labor, productivity and multiple safety and liability issues. We discovered

 freight claims, vehicle damage, fuel loss and injuries which resulted in extremely high losses for the delivery company! We also discovered that any driver who rushes

 back (off-route) in a hurry to retrieve their forgotten hand truck is no longer a safe driver, they instantly become a liability! In many cases, it was not the delivery driver

 nor the delivery company's actions when these problems occurred. The delivery companies had never implemented transport technology for hand trucks, which

 could improve route efficiency, safety and reduce freight claims damage and fuel loss; because until now, the proper solution did not exist! The Hand Truck Sentry 

 System®  transports your hand trucks safely and securely; instant access when your drivers need their hand trucks and out of the way when they don’t!HTS Systems Our Mission subheader graphic

 HTS Systems' mission was to develop a product for the Delivery Industry that would solve most problems associated with the use of hand trucks on route. The Hand Truck 

 Sentry System ® concept originated from a beverage route driver. HTS Systems then focused on many additional aspects, such as: delivery time, safety, storage, liability, 

 cargo space, ergonomics, fuel loss, freight claims, theft, property damage and vehicle wear. We utilized state of the art technology and engineered the ultimate hand

 truck delivery tool! Our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials, equipped with the latest technology and emerge from an extensive Research and 

 Development program. Our electrical components, latch assembly and hardware will endure and perform beyond the industry's expectations! Improving ergonomics and

 safety can save your company money!


                                                                                                                                                                                       VIDEO SOURCE: YOUTUBE.COM - DIRECT LINK CLICK HERE

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You can always trust HTS Systems safety and productivity products for quality, dependability and performance!

 Efficient, dependable, durable and very strong are just some of the words our customers use to describe our HTS hand truck retaining-productivity products.
 The HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System is the Ultimate Logistics Advantage for Transporting Hand Trucks!!

HTS Systems Workmanship subheader graphic

 The craftsmanship and quality of every Hand Truck Sentry System® product comes from our skilled manufacturing and assembly personnel, who take pride in all aspects 

 of fabrication and assembly. We are a dedicated team, on a mission, to provide our customers with the highest quality products!

 The HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System is made in the United States and manufactured in an environmentally friendly solar powered facility.


 Robotic crane removing HTS main frame  HTS Systems components at Echo Molding

 The robotic crane system extracts HTS Systems main frame from the injection mold and transfers the large part to production worker. The part is inserted into a form-set to cool for 25 minutes.


 Whiltmann robotic crane removes HTS Ultra-Rack  Echo Molding injection production - HTS bumper mounts

 Whiltmann robotic crane extracts HTS nylon main frame from the HTS injection mold and 900 ton press.  The HTS nylon parts are inserted into a form-set fixtures to cool for about 25 minutes.


 Echo Molding Company in Union NJ - HTS Systems  HTS Systems Hand Truck Sentry System - Echo Molding

 Maria at Echo Molding cuts away and removes the polymer gate screws from HTS main frame.     Twenty form-set fixtures clamp and hold the HTS fames as they cool from 550° to room temp.


  HTS Systems' polymer injection contractor Echo Molding Company operates our molds.          HTS Systems' custom designed (6) injection molds at Echo Molding heat up to 600° degrees.


 Allen Zitzelman and Carl Boettcher - assembly training HTS Systems JCM Manufacturing assembly training

  Carl Boettcher (R) designer instructs Allen Zitzelman (L) on assembly procedures.   Martin Pupalitis Jr. and Allen Zitzelman of JCM Manufacturing finish the HTS electrical housing components.  


 Hand Truck Sentry System - B&P Liberator hand trucks HTS Systems - Hand Truck Sentry System units

 The HTS Ultra-Rack is compatible with most standard and convertible commercial hand trucks.        HTS Systems ships customer orders of all sizes, from one (1) unit to one hundred (100) units.


 Carl Boettcher - HTS National Accounts Manager  UPS Ground late day shipment

 HTS Systems customer orders commonly range between 2-12 HTS units or 15-30 HTS units.   Smaller shipments 1-10 are shipped UPS Ground or FedEx Ground, larger orders are palletized.


 HTS Systems orders for California HTS Systems 30D Direct Mount units for Florida. HTS Systems - FedEx Express pick-up

 FedEx Express and FedEx Ground also ship our HTS equipment to customers.  HTS-30D Direct Mount units with HTS-VDM brackets.  HTS FedEx Express pick-up for Johnson Refrigerated Bodies.


 HTS Systems UPS Ground shipments UPS route driver Joel loads HTS customer orders

 United Parcel Service UPS Ground shipment for fleet customers in the Midwest often deliver in 3-5 days.   HTS Systems orders 1-10 units often ship parcel, orders 10-15 ship common carrier.


 HTS Systems JCM production training area Mike Clifford and Carl Boettcher with Allen Zitzelman

  HTS Systems' Michael Clifford instructs Allen Zitzelman of JCM Manufacturing.              Mike Clifford and Carl Boettcher of HTS Systems train new production workers at JCM Manufacturing.


 Rich Cucura and John Kranick of JCM Manufacturing Mike Vacendak and Bill Moskalczyk in JCM shipping

  Rich Cucura, Marty Sr., John Kranick and Stash prepare HTS-30DTF-2 frames for shipping at JCM.     Mike Vacendak of HTS Systems and Bill Moskalczyk of JCM Manufacturing load shipments.


 TCM Forklift - JCM Manufacturing - HTS Systems  National Accounts Manager - Carl Boettcher 

 JCM Manufacturing forklift loading pallet of HTS-10T Tilt Mount Ultra-Racks aboard tractor trailer.         HTS Systems' National Accounts Manager Carl Boettcher with fleet customer order. 



  HTS Systems' Mike Vacendak (R) with JCM Manufacturing's Bill Moskalczyk   1-14   HTS Systems displays their HTS-10T Tilt Mount (front) models in Atlanta, Georgia Convention Center.



  HTS-20S-TD Taylor-Dunn B-248GT 48VDC electric vehicle subassembly ready for final assembly.      HTS-20S-TD Taylor-Dunn ET-150-74 Electruck HTS subassembly mounting bracket.


 HTS-20S-TD Taylor-Dunn vehicle Ultra-Rack units  HTS Systems fleet customer orders for Chevron Energy  HTS Ultra-Rack units for Supreme Truck Body

  HTS-20S-TD Ultra-Rack units ready for packing and shipping.  HTS Systems pallet (6-8 units) order ready for Con-Way Freight pick-up.   HTS-10T pallet order ready for Supreme Truck Body.


 HTS Systems' Morgan Corporation order  HTS-20FT Ford Transit Ultra-Rack units

  HTS Systems' fleet customer for Morgan Corporation Truck Body, WI., FL., GA. and Pennsylvania.      HTS Systems' fleet order for Univ. of Missouri Health Care Ford Transit mini cargo vans.


 Carl Boettcher - National Accounts Manager  HTS Systems - Amanda Boettcher and Mike Clifford 

  HTS Systems' National Accounts Manager Carl Boettcher w/ B&P Liberator hand trucks and HTS units.  HTS Systems' shipping department prepares another two pallet order for our customer.



  JCM Manufacturing's engineer Richard Stalter inspects HTS Systems' HTS-CC.  HTS Systems' HTS-CC Cone Cradle traffic safety cone racks ready for quality control testing and ID number tags.



  HTS Systems' HTS-CC Cone Cradle units palletized ready for shipping at JCM Manufacturing.       FedEx Ground HTS-CC Cone Cradle safety cone rack shipment packaged and ready for delivery.



  Hino chassis and Morgan Truck Body with HTS Systems' HTS-CC Cone Cradle safety cone carrier.    Great Dane Trailer beverage truck, JBC Safety Plastic traffic safety cones aboard HTS-CC.

 HTS Systems Commitment subheader graphic

 We are committed to providing you with the most dependable and the highest quality products in the world. There has never been a product quite like the Hand Truck

 Sentry System®, a product that can do so much, so fast and the ability to quickly pay for itself! . We stand behind all of our HTS Systems products and believe

 customer satisfaction is number one!!

HTS Systems Service and Support subheader  Visit Hand Truck Sentry System by HTS Systems on facebook  Join us on our facebook page.

 HTS Systems' sales and customer service is there and always ready to answer your questions! If you need assistance, have a technical question, or just want to know more 

 about our product line and accessories, we have the trained staff to get the answers you need! The more informed you are about our products and applications, the sooner

 you'll realize that HTS Systems Lock N Roll © is the right choice for your route delivery vehicles; whether it’s a single delivery truck or a large commercial fleet!

 HTS Systems Lock N Roll.© - the ultimate hand truck transport solution! Our patented Hand Truck Sentry System® with its remarkable innovative engineering

 is your passport to safer, faster deliveries and higher profits, year after year! Guaranteed! 


 Visit our flickr gallery - HTS Systems gallery to view a variety of commercial delivery vehicles equipped with the new HTS:

 Join our facebook page by clicking on the link above, to check out recent photos, new friends and upcoming trade show events.

 Find us quickly on Google and search engines with keywords: hand truck lock|HTS Ultra-Rack|hand truck carrier|hand truck rack|hand truck safety

 Visit us on the web at: 


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