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Make the right choice! Take your fleet into a new direction where the road is much safer, your drivers and cargo better protected, while you're saving green in your wallet and in our environment!   Welcome to HTS Systems Lock N Roll, LLC.  Hand Truck Transport Solutions   After years of refinement,  the new HTS Ultra-Rack is finally here!!   The Hand Truck Sentry System streamlines the process of loading, unloading and storing a hand truck aboard commercial delivery vehicles.   Saving a driver a minute or more during each delivery stop X 30 stops per day = a labor cost savings of 2.5 hours per week!  Unmatched safety, rock solid design and the latest built-in ergonomics makes the new HTS Ultra-Rack a must-have!  Remember your hand truck every time!  Save Time, Fuel and Money!  We may be new... but we have earned the approval of fleet managers and route driver from across the country.  Contact your nearest Hackney Beverage Body or Kidron Refrigerated Truck Body representative for pricing and installation locations.  The HTS can solve all of your hand truck problems on route. Your hand truck is always ready when you need it and out of your way when you don't.  The HTS Ultra-Rack was designed to deliver.  It's Here!... the new HTS-20S Swing Mount is designed for commercial delivery vans!  Equip your Sprinter Vans and Ford Commercial vans with the rear mounting HTS-20S Ultra-Rack. The HTS-20S is faster, easier and safer than inside storage and loading. Increase your Ford or Sprinter van payload capacity, reduce delivery time and freight damage, order today!    Start increasing your driver's route productivity, reduce delivery time and your monthly fuel expenses!  Order the powered HTS Ultra-Rack System for your route trucks today!   Please contact our HTS Systems' customer service center so we may direct you to a Hand Truck Sentry System (HTS) distributor within your local area. We apologize for any delays with your orders, the market demand for the HTS Ultra-Rack has surpassed our vendor lead times. We will process your orders as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience.   Material Handling and Truck Accessory Distributors welcome, please contact our Scranton facility for HTS volume pricing and marketing material available to qualified distributors.  Limited distributorships available,  for more information call toll free:  1-866 388-2102.   THE HAND TRUCK SENTRY SYSTEM IS THE ROUTE DISTRIBUTION HAND TRUCK TRANSPORT SOLUTION!!

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 HTS Systems manufactures (6) six different HTS Ultra-Rack models; each model designed for a different mounting application on the

 exterior of the delivery vehicle or for a specific type of route delivery vehicle. The HTS-10T Tilt Mount unit is our most popular model

 and is designed for the front of most vehicles and it has the ability to pivot and tilt outward to clear the engine hood or cab-over body.  

 The HTS-30D Direct Mount unit is designed for the rear of most beverage and battery side-loader truck bodies. The HTS-20S Swing

 Mount unit is a delivery van application, designed for most commercial cargo delivery vans. The HTS-30DTF unit attaches to semi

 tractor frames on large rigs with zero equipment space, required to drop-hook or must travel bobtail. The HTS-20S-TD is exclusively

 for Taylor-Dunn electric electric vehicles. The HTS-30DI Ultra-Rack unit is designed exclusively for the interior of armored car vehicles,

 large cube vans or box van trucks. Most HTS-10T Tilt Mount applications do require an HTS adapter plate kit to create a vertical

 mounting surface on front bumpers. Our engineering and fabrication department can custom design a mounting application for your

 vehicles. For more information about our Hand Truck Sentry System safety and productivity products, please contact your regional

 HTS Systems distributor, truck body manufacturer, commercial truck leasing company or your local truck body refurbishing facility.


 HTS-10T Tilt Mount unit

HTS Systems' Hand Truck Sentry System

 Image courtesy of LT Verrastro MillerCoors Distributing and Keystone Truck & Trailer of Old Forge, Pennsylvania - Freightliner M2 - GMC 6500 - International Navistar 4300 DuraStar series.

 HTS Systems most popular HTS Ultra-Rack model is the HTS-10T Tilt Mount (front mount) unit, which installs to the front of most truck chassis models.

  Where and how a route driver transports a hand truck aboard a vehicle makes a huge impact on worker safety, route productivity and profitability.

  Order the HTS with a customized B&P Liberator hand truck as apart of your new vehicle options list; incorporating both into your truck lease plan.

 Utilimaster Truck Body - Hand Truck Sentry System  Hand Truck Sentry System - Ford F350

 Image of StrongPak Stericycle Navistar DuraStar MaxxForce series with HTS-10T Ultra-Rack.    Ford F350 Super Duty pick-up trucks - HTS-10T Hand Truck Sentry System securing hand trucks.


 Mitsubishi Fuso F180 Canter with HTS-10T Ultra-Rack HTS Systems HTS-10T Ultra-Rack / Mitsubishi Fuso F180 Canter B&P Liberator hand truck aboard Mitsubishi Fuso F180

  Images courtesy of Stadium International Truck - 2014 Mitsubishi Fuso F180 Canter.  HTS-10T Tilt Mount tilts in seconds to access.    B&P Liberator hand truck locked safely aboard Fuso F180.


 Hand Truck Sentry System - Navistar 5700 series  LT Verrastro Woodchuck Hard Cider Navistar

  Images of Keystone Truck & Trailer and LT Verrastro MillerCoors Distributor  11-2012   Woodchuck Hard Cider Navistar with VT Hackney side-loader beverage body and HTS-10T Ultra-Rack.


 HTS Systems HTS Ultra-Rack - Ryder Freightliner M2 B&P Liberator hand truck - Hino 338 series

 Image courtesy of Ryder Truck - Conklin, New York - Huff Ice Cream - Sidney, NY. Images courtesy of TransEdge Truck Centers and Hawk Transport Courier Service Avoca, Pennsylvania  2009

 "An example of functional engineering at its best!  John Huff - OWNER - Huff ICE Cream - Sidney, New York

 "A safe, secure, always accessible solution!  ROBERT HAWK - Hawk Transport Courier Service LLC. - Dupont, PENNSYLVANIA - HTS Customer 4 years

  Hino Truck 338 series and HTS Ultra-Rack professionally installed by TransEdge Truck Center Allentown PA. B&P Manufacturing's Liberator commercial

  hand truck locked securely aboard the HTS-10T Ultra-Rack. This Hino 338 is equipped with Morgan body and many different accessories for the driver.

  HTS-10T shown with the new high position adapter plate for low bumpers or trucks equipped with low profile tires. This new Freightliner M2 is equipped

 with the Clean Idle Emissions diesel, recessed front axle for a sharper turning radius and low profile design for reduced air flow and increased fuel

 mileage. This delivery truck is also equipped with a Johnson Refrigerated Truck Body and Thermo King freezer unit.


 HTS Systems IDEC LED indicator light  HTS Systems LED hand truck release switch  HTS Systems switches and Brigade camera systems

 The HTS LED hand truck release switch is designed for under-dash installations or in-dash installations. The switch quickly and easily plugs directly into the fuse port, no cutting or splicing required

 The HTS LED switch prevents the route driver from leaving their hand truck behind, saves route time, fuel, labor and prevents dangerous detachment.

 When the driver completes the delivery and returns back to the vehicle there is no need to re-open the refrigerated area to stow the hand truck,

 lose temperature, fuel and time. The driver secures the hand truck using less effort and can save a minute or more per stop or 30 minutes per day!

 Eliminating the need to reload the hand truck within the temperature controlled refrigerated truck body in ambient 75°-80° degrees weather can save

 fleets $$$ thousands in reefer fuel! The final trip back to the vehicle, before departing can be the most important! Checking in orders, rotating stock,

 signing bill and check can take up to 15 minutes to complete. This is ample time for most refrigerated truck bodies to recover operating temperature.

 Then route driver must reopen the rear cargo door to reload the hand truck. Opening the door draws the colder air outward and down and closing

 the door pushes the warmer air up and inward. In warmer climates this action causes major temperature loss and will normally cause the reefer units

 to recover cargo temperature and run for approximately 5-8 minutes. Five minutes X 20 stops = 100 minutes per day or 1.5 gallons of fuel per truck.

 The HTS Ultra-Rack installed on refrigerated trucks in warmer climates can save fleets $6 dollars per day, $120 per month, per delivery truck!


 Interstate Battery - Hand Truck Sentry System Hand Truck Sentry System - UD Nissan Diesel

 Images courtesy of Richard Mummey - Interstate Battery of Allentown. Route drivers Rick Smith and Jeff Jones. Images courtesy of General Truck Body - Los Angeles, CA. - Rush Truck Centers

 "I encourage you to take a good look at it. These units save us time and effort daily. The nice part is the unit comes with a key remote the RSM can

   activate while approaching the vehicle." RICHARD MUMMEY - Interstate Battery of Allentown - Walnutport, Pennsylvania - CUSTOMER 4 YEARS - FEBRUARY 2012


 Peterbilt 335 Interstate Battery delivery truck  Peterbilt 335 Interstate Batteries truck

  Interstate Batteries of Pocono Mountains 335 Peterbilt route delivery truck w/ HTS-10T.  Magliner hand truck locked securely aboard Interstate Batteries Peterbilt delivery truck.       02-2013

  “Your hand truck rack is a time saver and a space saver; love it”

    Tom GENERY - interstate batteries ROUTE DELIVERY DRIVER - IBS of POCONO MOUNTAINS - Scranton, Pennsylvania  - FEBRUARY 2013

 HTS-30D Direct Mount unit

HTS Systems - beverage trucks

 Images courtesy of Durdach Bros. MillerCoors Distributors of Paxinos, Pennsylvania - HTS customer over 5 years - Mickey Beverage Bodies - Hessco Truck Bodies - VT Hackney Beverage Body.

 HTS Systems' HTS-30D Direct Mount (rear mount) Ultra-Rack units designed for most beverage and battery side-loader delivery truck bodies.

 "The HTS hand truck rack works great! It's tough enough to survive a forklift collision! We've ordered more HTS-30D units and rear camera systems.

   Doug Billig - Fleet Supervisor 14 years - Durdach Bros. MILLerCOORS distributors - PAXINOS, Pennsylvania - customer 5 years - JUNE 2010


 Hand Truck Sentry System - HTS Systems  Mickey Beverage Body - B&P Liberator hand truck

 Images courtesy of T. Verrastro Distributors - HTS-30D Direct Mount Ultra-Rack units - Group Hesse Beverage Body.  Images courtesy of Durdach Bros. MillerCoors - Mickey Beverage Bodies.

 "Your HTS hand truck carrier racks are the best thing out there, when we bought them; we knew it would take-off around the country!"  

   Thom Verrastro JR. - T Verrastro Distributing, Incorporated - West Hazelton Pennsylvania - CUSTOMER 5 YEARS - July 2012


 HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System Magliner hand truck - Red Bull Energy Drink

 HTS Ultra-Rack IDEC LED dash release switch with indicator light and alarm.    Navistar chassis and Mickey Beverage Body with Magliner hand truck secured by HTS-30D Direct Mount Ultra-Rack.


 Mickey Beverage Bodies - HTS-30D Ultra-Rack B&P Liberator hand truck - Hand Truck Sentry System

 Keystone Light (Coors Brewing) Freightliner M2 Mickey Beverage Body with HTS-30D Ultra-Rack.    B&P Liberator beverage hand truck locked safely aboard Seagram's Escapes delivery truck.


 Damian's Ice Cream - Pensacola, Florida  HTS Systems' HTS-VDM mounting bracket  Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream truck

  Images courtesy of Damian's Ice Cream and Morgan Corporation. HTS-VDM vertical deck mount bracket for rear landing platforms.  Häagen-Dazs Magnum Ice Cream truck with HTS-30D unit.

 HTS-30DTF Tractor Frame unit

HTS Systems Hand Truck Sentry System Hand Truck Sentry System - B&P hand trucks Ryder Truck Freightliner Columbia interior

 The HTS-30DTF Ultra-Rack allows food service fleets to transport hand trucks quickly and safely behind the semi-tractor chassis. Freightliner Columbia tractor cab interior - HTS LED release.

 The new HTS-30DTF Tractor Frame Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System is now available for larger commercial semi-tractor trailer chassis models.

 This new HTS tractor chassis application allows one or two of our HTS-30D Direct Mount Ultra-Rack units to install on big rigs, without drilling or welding.

 The HTS-30DTF (tractor frame) attaches to the tractor chassis frame C channel quickly and easily; it can also be removed and re-installed on new leased fleet equipment.

 This tractor chassis design is for both day or sleeper cabs; allows full tolerance for any turning radius and user standing clearance between reefer trailers and tractor cab.

 Excellent application for delivery companies backhauling sealed loads, full trailers with zero equipment space and/or semi tractors that must drop-hook or travel bobtail.


 HTS-30DTF Ultra-Rack - Ryder Truck Willow Run Foods Ryder Freightliner HTS-30DTF allows full turning radius

 The HTS-30DTF Ultra-Rack allows food service fleets to transport hand trucks quickly and safely behind the semi-tractor chassis. B&P Liberator hand trucks locked safely aboard tractor frame.


 McLane Distribution Services - HTS Systems  Hand Truck Sentry System by HTS Systems

  Photos courtesy of McLane Distribution Services and Ryder System of New York - HTS-30DTF-2 units.       Freightliner Cascadia day cab tractor w/ 30DTF-2 Hand Truck Sentry System.  9-2013


 Ryder Truck Volvo with HTS-30DTF-2 unit.  HTS-30DTF-2 Ultra-Rack - Magliner curb ramp - Kinedyne load lock bars

  McLane Food Service Ryder Volvo with hand trucks, curb ramp and load lock bars safely aboard.  Volvo Ryder Truck with HTS-30DTF-2 Ultra-Rack unit securing (2) B&P Liberator hand trucks.


 HTS-30DTF-2 Ultra-Rack units - Kinedyne load lock bars  B&P Liberator hand trucks locked safely aboard Freightliner.

  McLane Food Service Ryder Volvo with hand trucks, curb ramp and load lock bars safely aboard.    B&P hand trucks, Magliner curb ramp and Kinedyne load lock bars secured aboard HTS-30DTF.

 HTS-20S Swing Mount unit


 Images courtesy of Interstate Battery of Allentown - Ford E250 heavy duty cargo van with HTS-20SFE Ultra-Rack.      B&P Liberator battery hand truck locked safely aboard HTS-20SFE unit.


delivery van rack Save Time!  Save Cargo Space!  Save Fuel!  Increase Safety! Ryder Ford E350 delivery van - HTS-20 Ultra-Rack


 HTS-20S Swing Mount Ultra-Rack designed exclusively for Ford E250 E350 commercial delivery vans and Sprinter parcel delivery vans.

 In the commercial van market for companies that deliver parcels, documents, paper and janitorial products, food vending and medical supplies there are no ideal methods to safely transport a hand

 truck, without tossing it into the vehicle. Current methods take-up valuable cargo space and decrease payload storage, damage product and require greater physical effort to stow the hand truck. 

 Parcel drivers constantly handle and shuffle their hand trucks within the van to gain access and to reach their cargo shelves and packages. A standard aluminum commercial hand truck transported

 inside the delivery van will  use up approximately 12' -15' cubic feet of valuable cargo space.  When a hand truck is transported inside a delivery van 5 days a week it translates to a payload loss of 

 240-300 cubic feet per month. Most parcel drivers move their hand truck out of their way continuously, actually handling it more than they use it for customer deliveries! It is dangerous and a DOT

 safety violation to transport a loose hand truck within the cab or cargo area, all equipment must be secured. The HTS Ultra-Rack is the most advanced hand truck retaining system for commercial

 delivery vehicles in transit. The HTS-20S Swing Mount unit is designed for the rear of most delivery vans. The HTS-20S Swing Mount can solve nearly every issue associated with smaller delivery

 vans that transport hand trucks, saving our customers time, fuel, cargo space and profits! Maximize your cargo capacity and route productivity, reduce freight damage and prevent floor corrosion.


 HTS Systems HTS-20S Ultra-Rack - Ford E350 van  HTS Systems Hand Truck Sentry System  B&P Liberator hand truck - HTS-20S Swing Mount Ultra-Rack

 The HTS-20S Swing Mount Ultra-Rack - Hand Truck Sentry System saves 12'-15' cubic feet of cargo space every day or 240 -300 cubic feet per month and reduces delivery time and damages!


 HTS-20SFT Swing Mount Ultra-Rack unit is designed exclusively for the Ford Transit Connect mini cargo and parcel delivery vans.


  Ford Transit Connect commercial min cargo van equipped with HTS Systems' HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack holding B&P hand truck.   B&P Liberator hand truck locked safe and secure aboard Transit.

 The HTS-20SFT unit offers numerous advantages for food service companies looking to reduce operating costs such as; route delivery time, fuel expenses, injuries,

 product damage and freight claims. Food service companies using refrigerated vans in warmer southern climates and during the hot summer months will receive a super 

 payback benefit savings! Reducing cargo temperature loss means less fuel usage, less wear and tear and less maintenance. Fleets can save $25-$35 dollars of fuel per

 week, per van! The HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack application is a smart, safe and productive method and also looks great on the van! Route drivers can now stop shuffling and

 cross-handling their hand trucks above and around their cargo to access the vehicle or products. No more extracting the hand trucks to the ground to access a single

 box, no wasted route time, reduce labor costs, less physical effort, also prevent work related injuries. Our Hand Truck Sentry System models can pay for themselves in

 6-8 months and save fleets thousands! Route delivery time, cargo space, labor costs, freight claims, vehicle maintenance and equipment loss is Money!


  HTS-20SFT maximizes cargo space in cargo vans, reduces product damage and decreases delivery time.  HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack is compatible with most commercial hand trucks models.



  Dodge RAM ProMaster cargo parcel delivery van with HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack unit securing B&P Liberator junior.  B&P Manufacturing's B&P Liberator junior convertible hand truck aboard van.


  Ford Transit parcel delivery van equipped with HTS Systems' cargo van equipment hand truck carrier rack.    HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack hand truck carrier rack equipped on Ford Transit mini van.


Hand Truck Sentry System - Ford Transit Connect cargo van  Ford Tranist cargo van with HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack

  Images courtesy of Gibbons Ford Dickson City, PA. and Ford Motor Company - Ford Transit     HTS-20SFT Ultra-Rack units swing open beyond 90° and to 180° to allow full open door access.

  No matter how or where you store a hand truck inside a cargo van, it takes up valuable cargo space, damages product, requires physical effort and can cause work related injuries. Not Anymore!


 HTS-20SFT Ford Transit Ultra-Rack Ford Transit safely transporting B&P Liberator hand truck Ford Transit mini cargo van with HTS-20SFT

  HTS-20SFT Swing Mount Ultra-Rack install kit for Transit.     HTS-20SFT allows single door access with out swinging.    HTS-20S saves 12'-15' cubic feet of interior cargo space per route day.



  Images courtesy of UMH University of Missouri Health Care in Columbia, MO. - Ford Transit Connect mini parcel delivery vans equipped HTS-20SFT Ford Transit Ultra-Rack units.           11-2014



  Ford Transit 250 commercial parcel cargo delivery van with HTS-20SFT unit.  HTS Systems new trailer hitch receiver unit mounts to any standard class 3, 2" inch trailer hitch in just minutes.


 HTS-20SF350 Tow Hitch Receiver Swing Mount HTS Ultra-Rack unit is designed food service pick-up trucks with refrigerated truck bodies.

 Ford F350 refrigerated pickup truck with HTS-20SF350  HTS Systems' HTS-20SF350 Swing Mount Ultra-Rack  Ford F350 Hand Truck Sentry System

  Images courtesy of South Side Seafood - Ford F350 commercial food truck.   HTS-20SF350 Swing Mount Ultra-Rack.              B&P Liberator commercial hand truck locked safely aboard F350.

  HTS-20SF350 tow hitch receiver swing mount is designed for the rear of commercial pickup trucks using refrigerated truck bodies. Designed for the rear of refrigerated

  food service delivery vehicles, this new HTS application saves cargo temperature, route time, valuable cargo space, prevents worker injuries, product damage and

  bacterial cross-contamination. The new HTS-20SF350 unit reduces reefer recovery run time, physical effort, thereby saving thousands in fuel and labor costs annually!


 HTS-20S Hand Truck Sentry System - Magliner hand truck HTS-20S Swing Mount HTS Ultra-Rack unit HTS-20S Ultra-Rack Sprinter van - B&P Liberator hand truck

 The HTS-20S Swing Mount Ultra-Rack is available for Mercedes, Chrysler and Freightliner Sprinter commercial delivery vans. The HTS-20S swings outward quickly to access both rear doors.

 HTS-20S-TD Swing Mount unit

Taylor-Dunn B-248 48V GT mail delivery vehicle  HTS Systems - Hand Truck Sentry System  HTS Systems - HTS-20S-TD Ultra-Rack

 Taylor-Dunn B-248 48V GT electric mail delivery vehicle with HTS-20S-TD professionally installed by TMH Toyota Material Handling of Hayward, California. HTS switch in cab interior. 07-2011


 HTS-20S-TD Ultra-Rack for Taylor-Dunn electric vehicles. Taylor-Dunn ET-150-74 Electruck utility truck Toyota Material Handling of Hayward, CA.

  HTS Systems' HTS-20S-TD Ultra-Rack equipped on Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing Company ET-150-74 Electruck. HTS-20S-TD is compatible with the TD B-248 GT and ET-150-74 chassis models.


 HTS Systems HTS-20S-TD Hand Truck Sentry System HTS Systems' HTS-20S-TD sub assembly HTS Systems' HTS-20S-TD Taylor-Dunn Ultra-Rack

  HTS-20S-TD Swing Mount Ultra-Racks for B-248 GT    HTS-20S-TD Taylor-Dunn sub mount assembly for ET-150-74 vehicles.         HTS-20S-TD Taylor-Dunn Ultra-Rack unit - complete kit.

 HTS-20S-TD Swing Mount Ultra-Rack is designed exclusively for Taylor-Dunn B-248 and ET-150-74 48VDC electric powered delivery vehicles.


 HTS-30DI Interior Direct Mount unit

Mercedes Sprinter van with HTS-30DI Ultra-Rack HTS Ultra-Rack - B&P Liberator hand truck HTS-30DI Ultra-Rack - Interior Direct Mount

 Mercedes Sprinter van with new HTS-30DI Interior Mount Ultra-Rack unit.  08-11  B&P Liberator hand truck safely locked for transport.  Activate and unlock hand truck by contacting push rod.

 HTS-30DI Interior Direct Mount Ultra-Rack designed exclusively for the interior of Armored Car vehicles, Sprinter vans or tall box van interiors only.

 The new HTS-30DI Interior Mount Ultra-Rack installs inside the vehicles cargo area safely secures commercial hand trucks during travel. Prevent damage to fragile cargo,

 interior damage, broken windows, tripping, falls and worker injuries. Comply with DOT safety regulations, keeping all material handling equipment secured before travel.

 The HTS-30DI unit is a vehicle cargo interior mounting application only and includes a manual release method. It does not include an electric dash kit or warning system.

 HTS-30DI is an excellent application for parcel freight companies, vending delivery vans, armored trucks, medical supply, food service routes and professional contractors.


 For Armored Service Vehicles / Armored Car Delivery Trucks

 We are confident that we have a safety and ergonomic enhancement that can reduce the amount of times the vehicle vault is opened by 45% percent! Reduce the vault

 access by hundreds of times per week and also decrease the standard delivery (open-door) time, by hours per week; thereby increasing the armored personnel safety,

 the vault security, the route productivity; while reducing risk and company liability. We have observed many guards leaning and reaching with their torso inside the vehicle.

 The guard’s visibility momentarily obstructed, their back facing towards crowded sidewalks and parking lots, while focusing on lifting and handling their hand truck. The

 hand truck tires and load plate often transfer dirt, mud and snow into the cargo area, causing currency bags and valuable items to become wet or dirty. We have also

 been informed by armored guards who had injured themselves because they slipped on wet floors within the vehicle and fell onto their hand trucks. The HTS-10T unit

 can increase armored personnel safety, vault security, route productivity, fuel economy and save armored services companies thousands of dollars per armored vehicle!

 Interstate Battery - Hand Truck Sentry System  Kenworth T300 with HTS Ultra-Rack  Kenworth Dash   HTS Systems Dash Release Switch

  Images courtesy of Interstate Batteries - Dallas, Texas - Tom Oliver - Clifford, Pennsylvania and Kenworth Trucks - Kirkland, Washington                                                                                 7-2006

  Interstate Batteries 2006 Kenworth T300 - Mickey Body route delivery truck with HTS Systems' Tilt Mount (front installations) with Magliner

  aluminum hand truck locked safely and securely aboard delivery vehicle.  HTS Ultra-Racks operate by the dash release switch or the override key. 


 Magliner hand truck locked safely aboard HTS-10T  2007 Sterling tractor with Magliner hand truck  Magliner hand truck

  Image courtesy of Keystone Paper, PA and Mitsubishi Fuso 5-06   Sterling Truck Corporation - Redford Township MI.         Image courtesy of Canada Dry-Royal Crown Company of Olyphant, PA.

 Easy & Fast Installation - Rust & Corrosion Resistant - Super Tough & Durable - Hand Truck Safety Rack

 The HTS Ultra-Rack is designed to transport the delivery industry's most popular commercial hand trucks and it can be mounted on nearly any type of

 delivery vehicle. The HTS Ultra-Rack adapter plate makes it possible for you to install your Hand Truck Sentry System Ultra-Rack unit on almost every

 medium and light truck chassis!  Contact your local Penske or Ryder service facility for professional installation and service on company leased Freightliner and Navistar trucks.

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 Pepsi Cola truck  Hesse Beverage Body Pepsi beverage truck  Magliner hand truck  Coors Light - Hand Truck Sentry System

  Image courtesy of Pepsi Cola Bottling Group - International Navistar securing Magliner Junior Gemini convertible hand truck.          Hessco Truck Body with HTS-30D Direct Mount Ultra-Rack.

  Pepsi Cola soda beverage truck with HTS Ultra-Rack securing Magliner Gemini Jr. convertible hand truck. The Hand Truck Sentry System is now ready

  to receive the hand truck and prevents the driver from accidentally leaving the hand truck behind by LED indicator and the alarm before departure.


 Heineken Beer truck - Navistar 4700 Series with HTS-30D Ultra-Rack  LT Verrastro Coors  HTS-30D Direct Mount Ultra Rack   Navistar 4400 DuraStar  Coca Cola of Eastern Great Lakes  Hackney Body   Magliner hand truck

  Images courtesy of LT Verrastro MillerCoors Distributing.     Locking Magliner hand truck HTS -30D Direct Mount Ultra-Rack.     Images courtesy of Coca Cola - HTS-30D Direct Mount    5-2006

 Pepsi Cola Bottling Group International 4700 w/ HTS and Magliner  HTS Systems cold deep freeze ice testing

 Image courtesy of Pepsi Cola Bottling Group and International Navistar. The HTS Ultra-Rack has performed over the road in ambient temperature ranges of -15°F to 101°F for more than 5 years!

 This HTS-10T Ultra-Rack Tilt Mount unit pictured above and below was placed into a refrigerated environment for deep freeze and ice testing at -10°F or 23.3°C for 6 days of adverse weather.

  Winter Climate Cold Weather and Quality Control Testing           

Hand Truck Sentry System freeze and ice testing  Gress Refrigerated Distribution





















 The HTS units are assembled with 18-8 stainless steel fasteners and super tough, high impact, glass filled nylon polymers. They will not rust or corrode like steel brackets or retaining frames. 

 For six continuous days the HTS Ultra-Rack performed extremely well in dry cold tests and layered ice testing! These conditions simulate some of the

 winter climate conditions found on customer route delivery vehicles. Operating conditions may vary, depending on severe weather environments and

 sub-zero temperatures. In steady Winter climates we recommend cleaning road dirt and grime by lubricating unit with silicone spray and then applying

 a thin layer of silicone grease to HTS Push-Bar rails every 6 months to prevent sticking.


  HTS-10T Tilt Mount $ 539.00   HTS-20S Swing Mount $ 969.00   HTS-30D Direct Mount $ 539.00   HTS-30DI Interior Mount $ 375.00


 B&P Liberator hand truck  Hand Truck Sentry System - Navistar 5700 series  Hand Truck Sentry System securing B&P Liberator hand truck.

 The Hand Truck Sentry System easily attaches to truck manufacturers curved contoured bumpers. Navistar with HTS-10T Ultra-Rack.     Sterling 360 cab-over vending delivery truck in Arizona.


 HTS-CC Cone Cradle safety unit  
 HTS-CC Cone Cradle traffic safety cone deployment system designed for most straight (box van) trucks and semi van trailers.


 HTS Systems' HTS-CC Cone Cradle has been met with an incredible amount of excitement and enthusiasm by fleet professionals, truck body manufactures and route  

 delivery drivers. The HTS-CC is a safer, easier and faster method, requiring less physical effort, zero climbing, reduce liability and reduce bacterial cross-contamination.  

 Whether it's a road side delivery, parking lot delivery or loading dock delivery, the new HTS-CC Cone Cradle reduces accidents, collisions, worker injuries, property

 damage, corporate liability and insurance costs! Using the new HTS Cone Cradle with the Three Cone Safety Policy allows route drivers to get it done safer, faster and

 easier, especially in bad weather! The easier it is to accomplish the task, the more likely drivers will follow safety protocol. The driver can quickly-safely deploy three

 safety cones in under 12 seconds. A safe handy asset in bad weather! Travels safe and prevents bounce out from road potholes, bridge expansion joints, snow-plow spray

 force and aerodynamic vacuum. The HTS-CC is an all-weather and all-climate carrier. The HTS-CC makes safety cone deployment easier, faster and much safer!


  HTS Systems' new HTS-CC Cone Cradle traffic safety cone deployment system allows route delivery drivers to access and stow safety cones faster, easier and safer. Deploy cones in just seconds!


 YouTube Player YouTube demo video: HTS Systems’ new HTS-CC Cone Cradle traffic safety cone deployment system is world's safest, fastest and easiest!

 HTS-CC Cone Cradle traffic safety cone deployment system $ 249.00 each. Distributor and fleet pricing available, please contact our customer service for more information.

 HTS-CC Cone Cradle product brochure  Many food service, freight and delivery companies are implemeting new standard operating procedures (SOP's) using the HTS-CC 

 Cone Cradle traffic safety cone deployment  system, to reduce accidents, worker injuries, vehicle damage, liability, insurance claims and law suits. Three Traffic Cone Safety 

 SOP 6.4.4 Three Traffic Safety Cones Policy PDF (Delivery and pick-up safety protocols - for all box trucks and semi trailer route drivers) courtesy of JCM Manufacturing. 

 Available for safety and risk managers and free to safety teams for download, recopy, modification or redistribution. SOP 6.4.4 Three Safety Cone Policy is public material.

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 United States Patent Number: 5,522,530



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  Performance Maximum Load Capacity      50 lbs. (22.7 kg)
  Operating Temperature Range       -20°F to 120°F
     (-28°C to 49°
  Stationary Bumper Testing Load Capacity 250 lbs. (113.4 kg)
  Estimated Shipping Weight     30 lbs. (11.3 kg)
  Dimensions Total Main Frame Height  33 1/2”  (851mm)
  Total Main Frame Width  23 3/8”  (594mm)
  Maximum Depth (from bumper)    5 1/4”  (133mm)
  Max. Hand Truck Side Rail Width     17½”  (444mm)
  Max. Hand Truck Side Rail Thickness       1¾”    (44mm)
  Max. Hand Truck Load (Nose) Plate Width     18½”  (470mm)
 Standard Features Universal Hand Truck Side Rail Retaining Design   (Locks Most Hand Trucks)
  Easy-Glide Super Tough High Impact Nylon Polymer Interface (Slides Easily)
  Manual Override Key Release Feature - All Weather Design (Salt Shield)
  Anti-Corrosion / High Vibration - High Impact Design  (Tough Polymer)
  Dash Control Release Switch with Red LED Indicator Light w/ Audio Alarm
  Micro-cable 20 ft. Electrical Wiring Harness (Dash to Front)  
  DOT FMVSS 206 Compliance Latch System  (Force Test Rating to 2,000 lbs.)
  DOT approved Red and Yellow Safety Reflectors  (Red-Rear) (Yellow-Front)
  Rust Resistant Super Tough High Impact Glass Filled Nylon 66 Frame
  Installation-Mounting Hardware Kit w/ Hole Target Template (Easy Install)
  Stainless Steel Assembly Fasteners w/(4) Stainless Grade-5 Mounting Bolts
  Super Tough High Impact Design  
Options/Accessories HTS T-Series Tilt Mount - Front Installations    (Pivots Beyond 90°)
  HTS D-Series Direct Mount - Rear or Front Installation  
  HTS S-Series Swing Mount - Rear Van Installations   (Full Size Vans)
  Micro-cable 20’-40' ft. Extension Cables - Rear Installations  
  Keyless Remote Access (KRA) / Key Chain Remote Control  
  Vehicle Ignition Interrupt Circuit Kit - Vehicle Shutdown Kit  
  Tilt Mount Latch Conversion Kit  (Converts 30D to 10T)  



                                                                      SAFETY SECURITY PRODUCTIVITY PERFORMANCE                         

                                                       The World’s Ultimate Logistics Advantage for Hand Trucks!




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