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Make the right choice! Take your fleet into a new direction where the road is much safer, your drivers and cargo better protected, while you're saving green in your wallet and in our environment!   Welcome to HTS Systems Lock N Roll, LLC.  Hand Truck Transport Solutions   After years of refinement,  the new HTS Ultra-Rack is finally here!!   The Hand Truck Sentry System streamlines the process of loading, unloading and storing a hand truck aboard commercial delivery vehicles.   Saving a driver a minute or more during each delivery stop X 30 stops per day = a labor cost savings of 2.5 hours per week!  Any delivery driver who rushes back off-route in a hurry to retrieve their forgotten hand truck is no longer a safe driver, they instantly become a liability!  Unmatched safety, rock solid design and the latest built-in ergonomics makes the new HTS Ultra-Rack a must-have!  Remember your hand truck every time!  Save Time, Fuel and Money!  We may be new... but we have earned the approval of company owners, fleet managers and route driver from across the country!  Just call and ask any of our HTS Ultra-Rack customers!  The HTS can solve all of your hand truck problems on route. Your hand truck is always ready when you need it and out of your way when you don't.  The HTS Ultra-Rack was designed to deliver.  It's Here!... the new HTS-20S Swing Mount is designed for commercial delivery vans!  Equip your Sprinter Vans and Ford Commercial vans with the rear mounting HTS-20S Ultra-Rack. The HTS-20S is faster, easier and safer than inside storage and loading. Increase your Ford or Sprinter van payload capacity, reduce delivery time and freight damage, order today!    Start increasing your driver's route productivity, reduce delivery time and your monthly fuel expenses!  Order the powered HTS Ultra-Rack System for your route trucks today!   Please contact our HTS Systems' customer service center so we may direct you to a Hand Truck Sentry System (HTS) distributor within your local area. We apologize for any delays with your orders, the market demand for the HTS Ultra-Rack has surpassed our vendor lead times. We will process your orders as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience.   Material Handling and Truck Accessory Distributors welcome, please contact our Scranton facility for HTS volume pricing and marketing material available to qualified distributors.  Limited distributorships available,  for more information call toll free:  1-866 388-2102.   THE HAND TRUCK SENTRY SYSTEM IS THE ROUTE DISTRIBUTION HAND TRUCK TRANSPORT SOLUTION!!

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 For more than 50 years the hand truck has been carried aboard delivery vehicles to move product from the 

 truck to the customer. During all this time however, the transportation of the hand truck itself has been 

 virtually left to chance. This has resulted in the loss of valuable time, merchandise and driver safety, which 

 translates into lost profits for the delivery company! The HTS Ultra-Rack is the ultimate Aftermarket solution!











Industry Overview - hand trucks on route

    We interviewed hundreds of drivers, supervisors and company owners about their concerns of safety, delivery time and the limitations of hand truck retaining methods.

  The beverage distributors and parcel companies, although different industries, share many of the same problems as drivers use hand trucks on route. Drivers may use a

  hand truck more than 30-40 stops per day. The hand truck sustains being stowed and unloaded or attached and removed from the delivery vehicle an estimated 15,000-

  26,000 times per year! A driver spending just one minute longer per stop can lose more than 2.5 hours per week! Time lost per driver may exceed $ 2,500 dollars



  Today's conventional hand truck carriers have many limitations and provide zero safety and productivity benefits. OEM designs, Retro-fit concepts and Aftermarket hand

  truck carrier frames can't offer what the HTS Ultra-Rack was designed to deliver!


  Delivery companies direct their attention and efforts to customer service and worker productivity. We learned that most companies considered liability and delivery time

  as their number one logistics priority. The food service industry had additional concerns which included lost cargo space, product damage and driver injury.

  Many businesses have reluctantly accepted these problems, while others continue to look for solutions or attempt to create their own methods.

  Companies that overlook route productivity, safety issues and worker ergonomics are unable to contemplate the potential risks and the weekly financial losses!

  Delivery time, fuel loss, insurance claims, equipment replacement and property damage is your MONEY!


                                                                                   HTS Systems Lock N Roll, LLC.

 The patented HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System is the safest, fastest and easiest hand truck locking rack in the world!

 We have the ultimate locking transport carrier system for commercial hand trucks, allowing your route drivers to safely access and securely load a hand truck aboard

 your delivery vehicles in only 3-4 seconds. Most conventional hand truck securing and locking methods require 20-60 seconds or longer when detaching/removing and

 stowing/securing a hand truck aboard commercial delivery vehicles. That’s more than a minute of route time (labor costs) or productivity loss per delivery stop! 






















































   Did You Know? hand trucks


 n The total US. consumption of new hand trucks in 2003 was 2,879,565 units!


 n Finished hand trucks sold in United States in 2004 was valued over $80 million dollars!


 n Modular hand trucks, including replacement parts brings this total to over $100 million dollars!


 n Hand trucks that fall from a moving vehicle can cause accidents, injuries, liability, fines, lawsuits, legal fees and settlements!!


    n A delivery driver can lose over two minutes of route time when unloading (lowering) and reloading (lifting) their hand truck

        into the rear of a box van commercial truck! After the delivery the driver completes his delivery, he must walk back to the

        rear of the vehicle, unlock and reopen the rear door, lift the hand truck inside, close the door and latch it safely closed.


 n Rubber straps often slip or break; bungee cords are not DOT approved.


 n It is dangerous and a DOT safety violation to transport a loose hand truck within the cab area.


 n Drivers have been injured from impact and falls when the hand truck is not secured properly!


 n Hundreds of hand trucks are lost, stolen and damaged every day; worldwide!


 n Flimsy or loose restraints can cause expensive truck body damage to grills, body panels and decals.


 n Most common hand truck retaining methods require the use of both hands and have caused hand injuries.


    n Hasp systems and twist bars usually require rubber straps or cords to reduce vibration and wear.


 n Aftermarket bar hasp systems, pin restraints and chains all require padlocks to stop theft.


 n Padlocks require keys, additional time to open and close and often freeze-up in adverse weather.


 n Securing the hand truck safely to the delivery vehicle can save a minute or more per stop; than climbing,

        unlocking, reopening the cargo doors, lifting, closing and relocking the cargo doors.


 n Hand trucks that are stored and transported in the cargo bays can cause early wear to doors and rollers.


 n Drivers will back-track off and drive several miles off route to retrieve their forgotten hand trucks.


 n The average delivery driver will forget their hand truck 6 - 8 times per year.


    n Many drivers become distracted and sometimes run over their hand truck.


 n Hand trucks can take up valuable floor and cargo space and block access to storage shelves.


 n A hand truck transported inside is delivery vehicle is a payload loss of 240-300 cubic feet per month.


 n Parcel delivery drivers constantly shuffle their hand trucks side to side to reach parcel shelves.


 n UPS purchases an average of 13,000 new hand trucks every year. Most are not old or worn and many

        are stolen, forgotten, lost or damaged.


 n An unsecured commercial hand truck will constantly damage fragile parcels and beverage products.


 n Mud and snow covered hand truck tires can contaminate food products, medical supplies and paper

       products, causing thousands of dollars in insurance claims.


 n The Frozen Food Distributors waste valuable cargo temperature, fuel and route time when having to reload the hand truck

        back into the refrigerated cargo area before departure.


 n Warm metal hand trucks stored with cargo can act as a heating element and trigger thermostat controls to turn on reefers?


 n Frozen Food Service companies storing hand trucks in the freezer area causes the aluminum load plate to become brittle,

       fatigued and breakable! Hand truck nose plates become broken or cracked when bouncing from the freezer to the ground.


   n When a box truck backs up to a loading dock and the driver places the hand truck outside the cargo area to allow a forklift or

       pallet jack to move a pallet, 45% of the time the driver will forget to reload the hand truck aboard, leaving it miles behind.


   n Medical waste removal companies have contaminated physician waiting room floors by transferring hazardous bacteria from

         the hand truck tires! Medical waste bags contact the sharp edges of the hand truck during travel and tear open.


 n Armored guards experience security breach problems when unloading and reloading their hand trucks.

       Their line of sight is obstructed, both hands are required to load the hand truck and their back is turned and facing outward.


 n Armored Car companies unnecessarily open their vehicle's vault door thousands of  times per day just to access their

        hand truck before making a pick-up. The HTS Ultra-Rack can reduce Armored Car open door time by 50% percent.


 n Snow melts from the hand truck tires causing wet and slippery floor surfaces and corrodes metal interior floors.


 n The HTS Ultra-Rack / Hand Truck Sentry System can solve all of the above and is guaranteed to substantially enhance the  

        efficiency, safety and every day it increases the profitability of your delivery operations!

    Liberty Mutual Insurance Company surveyed many companies for their views on workplace safety. Ninety five percent of businesses report that

    workplace safety has a very positive impact on a company's financial performance. Sixty one percent of these companies indicated their companies

    received $3 or more for each $1 spent improving workplace safety. View the Liberty Mutual Safety Index report by clicking Adobe PDF link below.

       Liberty Mutual Insurance Company - Boston, MA.      


Liberty Mutual Safety Index PDF                                                                                                               

Overexerting the body by manually lifting, lowering and throwing hand trucks from the vehicle can often lead to MSD (Musculoskeletal

   Disorders). When ergonomic methods are applied in the workplace the risk of an overexertion injury is reduced, which can reduce workman’s

   compensation, insurance claims and increase company profits.

     The HTS Ultra-Rack Hand Truck Sentry System quickly pays for itself while it increases the efficiency, the safety and the profitability of your delivery system by:

  Reducing the time of each and every delivery stop by increasing the ease of access, storage and retrieval of the hand truck, consistently reducing labor costs.

  Reducing the liability of the company resulting from hand trucks falling from delivery vehicles during transportation, reducing insurance costs and protecting brand image.

  Reducing the likelihood of injuries to the route driver due to insecure or unsafe handling and retrieval actions, thereby preventing workmen’s compensation claims.

  Reducing the time lost by having to return to the previous delivery stop to retrieve the lost or forgotten hand truck, thereby lowering fuel expenses and labor costs.

  Reducing the damage to packages and other fragile merchandise due to loose hand trucks bouncing around within the cargo area, thereby lowering freight claims.

  Reducing bacterial or hazmat cross-contamination contact of product cargo, customer delivery locations thereby preventing illness, liability and insurance costs.

  Reducing costly temperature loss and fuel expenses by reducing open door time and total number of entries within refrigerated or cold plate food service truck bodies.

  Reducing the chance of hand truck theft or damage and merchandise theft from unattended or unlocked delivery vehicles, while providing a superior theft deterrent.

  Reducing the loss of valuable cargo space when transporting a hand truck within the vehicle interior, thereby increasing the vehicle's payload and storage efficiency.

 HTS Systems safety and ergonomic design

 Ergonomics and Safety is the key to higher worker productivity, reduced labor costs and liability.

The HTS Ultra-Rack is designed to increase worker safety, by using an ergonomic concept.

Use less physical effort and time to accomplish the same job task, via a newer and safer technology.


Double Trouble  Magliner hand trucks not secured safely

  Many delivery companies believe rubber straps, bungee cords or loose chains will do the job! We discovered years ago that this was not true and using

  these types of methods was expensive and very dangerous. Our HTS method is easier, faster, safer and it pays for itself in 10-12 months, guaranteed!

  The HTS will also save you fuel, reduce freight claims and increase worker productivity! We titled this beverage truck photo "Double Trouble", with

  every braking, acceleration and turning action of this beer truck, both hand trucks constantly sway back and forward, ready to fall off the vehicle.


  hand truck safety  Mack Truck  HTS Systems Hand Truck Sentry System  Tilt Mount model

   A hand truck secured to the front or rear of a delivery vehicle with a rubber strap or bungee cord is an accident just waiting to happen!

  The losses can be disastrous at highway speeds! A hand truck weighing 15- 45 lbs. sailing through the air at highway speeds becomes a deadly

  projectile when it impacts a car windshield or pedestrian! The HTS Ultra-Rack - Hand Truck Sentry System transports your hand truck safely.


  Interstate Batteries Navistar delivery truck

   Before the HTS Ultra-Rack using a swing hasp and padlock.

  Interstate Batteries  HTS-10T Ultra-Rack

    After the HTS Ultra-Rack installation and with no padlocks.

 Schwan Food Service  4300 Navistar

  Before and after HTS Ultra-Rack installation, hand truck transported safe and secure.



















































































































































































      Coca Cola  Hackney VT SVC beverage truck FREIGHTLINER GENNY LIGHT BEER TRUCK Johnson's Refrigerated Truck Bodies  Huff Ice Cream Culligan Water  Mickey Beverage Bodies

      Pepsi Cola Bottling Company  Hackney Beverage Body Hackney SVC beverage truck  Coca Cola Schwan's Commercial Food Service  Navistar Mickey Beverage Bodies

      Miller MGD Beer  UD Nissan beverage truck Yuengling Beer beverage truck MICKEY BEVERAGE TRUCK BODY  MAGLINER HAND TRUCK Miller Lite beverage truck

                                                                                    Coors Light beverage truck Interstate Batteries delivery truck

    A delivery route driver may perform more than 40 stops per day, which can result in losing more than 40 minutes of labor, more than 3 hours of route time per week! 

    When a driver must back-track (6-8 times a year) to an early delivery stop and retrieve the forgotten hand truck, worker (driver) productivity levels drop and your

    company profits diminish!  With today's fuel prices, labor expenses and the scheduled appointment delivery this driver error usually exceeds $30 dollars per incident!

    The Hand Truck Sentry System eliminates all of these company expense problems forever!


    If your company uses cords or straps to secure your hand trucks to the exterior of your fleet vehicles you’re gambling with liability issues every day!

    Check out our Press Release Page and see what can happen when a single hand truck falls from a delivery truck!


    Rubber Straps can break without warning and their metal hook ends easily bend and slip. Bungee Cords weaken and lose tension strength over time, thus weakening

    their holding power; because of this, they are not DOT approved. Both restraints are unreliable, a safety hazard and can be extremely dangerous when transporting

    a hand truck on the exterior of a vehicle! The HTS hand truck lock eliminates cords and straps forever!


    The HTS Ultra-Rack - Hand Truck Sentry System can replace all of the conventional retaining methods above. The HTS is also the world's safest and most

    efficient method for securing hand trucks on delivery trucks!! Guaranteed!!


              If you would like to learn more about hand truck safety, beverage delivery and ergonomic delivery methods, we recommend visiting the

                                                                         US. Department of Labor web site by clicking the OSHA link below.


                                                                      OSHA WEB SITE  US. DEPT OF LABOR


              The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides safety regulations and important safety information pertaining to cargo and

               loading equipment securement. You can visit The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration web site, by clicking on their link below.


                                                                      Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration


          The Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration provide educational literature and training programs to the general

             public to help promote safety on our nations streets and highways. We encourage driving instructors and company safety managers to take

          advantage of these valuable programs. For more information please visit the U.S. Department of Transportation by clicking on the link below.

          Visit the CDC NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, they provide national and world leadership to prevent workplace

            illness and injuries. Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Material Handling:


                                                                                      US. Department of Transportation        Be Safe! Visit

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